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Infidelity seen through Astrology

This is one of the final requests I have taken for this year to write an Article about. This article will tell you the ways by which you can find out if someone can cheat his/her spouse or can be cheated by his/her spouse. So, it is always both ways. Planets, Houses and Signs in your horoscope are part of your life one way or the other. Even if some planet is in 7th house of marriage and spouse, it is still in your chart. So, it indicates towards your spouse as much as it indicates towards you yourself. I have written a detailed article on this concept here - http://astrosaxena.com/relatinsight, please go through it. 

Another thing is that don’t jump into any conclusion after reading this article about infidelity of yourself and spouse as per your horoscope. The rules I am going to state here are just the basic rules. Real case of infidelity would require planetary positions, dashas and transits coming altogether in all the parties involved. One planet in bad dignity doesn’t mean that person is going to cheat his/her spouse as that planet may be receiving some benefic aspect or benefic yoga to improve that bad dignity. Also, the social circumstances and upbringing of individual must be taken into consideration as person may have the worst of planets in chart but his/her society doesn’t allow any significant interactions with other people, then where is the opportunity of infidelity?

So keeping all these factors in mind, let’s look at the planets, houses & signs involved which may lead to infidelity – 

Planets – Planets that may cause infidelity in certain situations are as follows - 

  • Moon – I know that most people talk about Rahu as the karaka of cheating but for me, Moon is always the biggest karaka of anything good/bad happening in life. Moon represents Mind. So, if Moon is well placed in chart then no matter how other planetary positions are in chart, person will always be able to keep a balanced mind and would be able to control any desire of cheating. If Moon is not so well placed or impacted by malefics then person takes the other route. Actually, I have come across few charts where married life is not giving to individual anything but Moon is either exalted or in friendly sign and person remains committed to marriage and spouse. So, Moon’s position is of utmost importance. 
  • Jupiter – Jupiter represents Morality and High Values in Life. If someone has Jupiter in bad dignity, then that person may not have high moral values in life to follow. In such circumstances, person always finds excuses to justify his immoral acts. As Jupiter represents Husband, if a girl has Jupiter in completely trashed position then it shows low morals of husband. Jupiter in bad dignity also mean that person can lie easily and that may lead to cheating.
  • Rahu – Rahu remains the basic significator of Cheating. As Rahu represents illusion, it creates illusion around spouse when it gets linked with relationship related planets (Venus & Jupiter) and houses (5th house, 7th house and their lords). Now, this can create a unique situation too and that’s why it is not safe to jump on any conclusion so quickly. That unique situation is that either you or your spouse may be cheating, Or you or your spouse has an illusion that someone is cheating. So with Rahu, it is not necessary that actual act of cheating is on but it can be a doubt or illusion of cheating too. Actually, I came across a couple who took divorce on this illusion of cheating and after one year, when confusion got cleared, they decided to re-marry. So that’s why, I am saying that don’t jump into any conclusion about loyalty of your spouse just because of one planetary placement. At the same time, Rahu remains that demon who is never filled up, so here person feels dissatisfied with relation and that may lead to infidelity.
  • Ketu – When Ketu gets involved with marriage related house or planets, it shows some kind of past-life karma with the person you got married. It doesn’t necessarily show infidelity but it certainly shows a feeling of isolation/separation from spouse, either physically or mentally. In such circumstances, if other planetary positions, as stated above, contribute to infidelity then it can happen. Ketu on its own may not be able to do it.
  • Saturn – Saturn also doesn’t create infidelity on its own but when it impacts marriage related houses (5th house, 7th house & their lords) or planets (Venus & Jupiter), then it means that person should delay his relationship aspect of life till 30s at least. But if he/she gets into relation early in life, then it may bring a partner who can be a cheat. So, Saturn on its own doesn’t create infidelity, but if its dictate of delay is not followed then it may create such a situation due to other alignments. 
  • Mercury - Mercury represents Travelling. So, when it gets connected with relationship related houses or planets, then person won't stay with one partner. He will be on continuous search of the next best partner. Like this, person has a very flirtatious nature, either before or after marriage. 

Houses - Houses that may cause infidelity in certain situations are as follows – 
  • 7th house and/or 7th house lord – 7th house is the main house of Marriage and Spouse. So, whenever Rahu aspects/placed in 7th house or it is in conjunct/aspect with 7th house lord, it can bring situations where partners may cheat or as I said, it may create an illusion that partner is cheating. Ketu getting associated as such with 7th house or 7th house lord may bring feeling of separation where other planetary indicators may contribute towards cheating. Saturn getting connected with 7th house or 7th house lord brings frustration in relation, which may ultimately lead towards infidelity. So, Saturn & Ketu are dependent on other placements to give any such result of infidelity. 
  • 5th house and/or 5th house lord – 5th house is the house of Love/Romance. Again, same concepts with Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. Rahu brings illusion related with Love Partner, who may be dating few more people simultaneously and causing cheating, or the person himself can be a cheater. Ketu makes a person disinterested towards the current partner after sometime and may look for another partner. In early life, Saturn gives a love partner who might be too harsh and ultimately love matter may end in painful breakups. If other planetary placements are present, then breakups can be because of infidelity. 
  • 8th house and 8th house lord – 8th house is house of Sexual Relations, Defamation, Controversies and Scandals etc. If someone has too many planets in 8th house or too much of malefic impact on 8th house, then it may lead to a situation where person doesn’t get satisfied with one partner and looks for another one. Position of 8th house lord also matters.

Zodiac Sign may be involved in Infidelity - 

  • Scorpio Sign – Scorpio is 8th sign of Zodiac, hence it has the same energy as 8th house. So, similar rule applies here, where if Scorpio has too many planets in it and Scorpio’s lords Mars & Ketu are not in good dignity, then it may lead to infidelity. 

Conclusion – So, these are some basic scenarios when infidelity can take place between couple. Again, it can be from either side and it can be only an illusion of infidelity/cheating. So, no point in making a conclusion based on 1 planetary placement. Also, we need to confirm dignity, dashas and transits of planets to say anything with conformity on such a serious issue. So, just keep this as basic info rather than Gospel Truth. 

Hope this helps. Please feel free to post comments and questions, if any. 


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer 

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  • Sr - As I said , it can be from either side. So, no point in making conclusions,

  • Sir my rahu is in the 5th house leo, and ketu is in the 11th house aspecting the 7th house. My saturn is in aries in the first house aspecting the 7th house. My 7th lord venus is in pushya nakshatra conjunct mars. And darakaraka is Jupiter in purvabhadra nakshatra in pisces. Will my spouse cheat on me.

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