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Some Important Questions & My Responses.

So, I just thought of responding to couple of important questions which were sent to me by people before we resume our conjunction articles from tomorrow. As responses to these queries are lengthy and responses could be of benefit to all, I just thought of making it as article in addition to only replying to those individuals. So, here we go -

Question - It was regarding article on Rules of Horoscope Matching (http://astrosaxena.com/horoscopematch) where I said that distance between Moon Signs from proposed groom to bride should not be more than 7 signs. Likewise, Distance between Venus Signs from proposed groom to bride should not be more than 7 signs. Question asked was what if Moon Signs for couple or Venus Signs for couple are same? For ex - What if Moon for both is in Gemini or Venus for both is in Leo?

Response - In that case, we need to rely on the degrees of Moon and Venus in both charts. Like, if Moon is in Gemini is charts of both boy and girl then ensure that degree of boy's Moon is lesser than the degrees of girl's Moon. If girl's Moon is at 13 degree and Guy's Moon is at 15 degree then it is not matching but vice-versa is good match. Reasoning is that if Guy's Moon is at higher degree then his Moon has already crossed over the degrees of girl's Moon and now if Guy needs to understand girl's mind his Moon will have to travel full 360 degree again to reach girl's Moon. Likewise, it is in case of Venus. If both guy and girl have Venus in Leo then again it should be ensured that Guy's Venus is at lesser degree than Girl's Venus. For ex - Girl's Venus at 19 degree in Leo and Guy's Venus at 20 degree in Leo is not a good match but vice-versa is a good match.The theme behind rules remain the same that as girl is already doing all the sacrifices by leaving her family, parents & home and has come to Boy’s life. It is now boy’s responsibility to look after her and understand her mind (Moon) and desires (Venus). Hope this is clear.

Question - Then the age old question of which system of Astrology to be followed? Indian/Western/Parashara/Jaimini/Bhrigu/KP System etc? Which is the most accurate system?

Response - I wrote an article a few months ago about the Most Accurate System of Astrology (http://astrosaxena.com/masa) in which I concluded that whichever system works for you best over a long period of time is the most accurate system for "YOU". You should not switch to another system as switching to another system will again require lots of time and hard work to get good results and get familiar of that system. But I understand that basic question is which system is most accurate? The reason this question comes up again and again is because of the insistence of every system that they are the best and most accurate system. If you research about any system of astrology, any type of dasha in astrology or any Ayanamsha, the end result of that research is that everyone claims that their system is best.

To a certain extent it looks like an egoistic statement and it is much like the statement that "only my religion is the best". Nowadays, it is certainly an egoistic statement but if we see its origin then we will know that why such insistence comes into fore.

From here, Bhagvad Geeta takes over

If you read Bhagvad Geeta, you will see that after initial display of sorrow by Arjun, Lord Krishna starts telling him about different Yogas, i.e. Sankhya Yoga, Dhyan Yoga, Karm Yoga and Bhakti Yoga etc. And when He talks about any of these Yoga, we will see that He always stresses that Arjun, this is the best yoga. Like, when Krishna talks about Sankhya yoga, He stresses to Arjun that this is the best path. When He comes to Bhakti Yoga, He stresses again that this is the best path and it goes on.

Now, any layman listening to this will say that Krishna is contradictory. How He can say that so many different paths are all best paths? Best can be only one?

But Krishna was not contradictory at all. He was fully consistent. He only wanted Arjun to take a decision of following one path and He also knew that whichever path Arjun chooses, it will lead him to same destination. So, He was totally consistent with his aim of helping Arjun to take the final decision of following any path.

Now, most important thing here is that every yoga/path is for different type of person. We can't apply every path on everyone. Like Bhakti Yoga fits for someone like Meera. Meera may not be inclined to follow the path of Karm Yoga. Arjun, being a Kshatriya, was bound to be attracted towards Karm Yoga because how can a Kshatriya accept that something can happen without putting a great effort? So again, it all depends on the nature of person that which path suits him most? A path can be best for Meera but same can be useless for Arjun but it is incompatibility of person with path. It is neither incompetency of path nor person.

Now, apply same concept in Religion and Astrology.

Initially, the main reason behind stressing on a particular religion was that a person should at least start his religious journey. He should not remain away from religious pursuits. No matter which religion he follows because every path will lead to same destination. Here a reference of Ramakrishna Paramhansa is important who practiced all religions and reached the same destination of Enlightenment through every religion, one after the other. So, every path or religion is going to lead you to same destination. It just depends on you that which path suits you.

But with time, this approach has taken a fundamentalist approach where people push each other to prove the superiority of their respective religions.

And same egoistic and fundamentalist approach can be seen these days where people are making videos and articles against each other that this system of astrology is better than that system or this chart is more important than that chart or this ayanamsha is more accurate than that ayanamsha or this dasha system is better than that dasha system.

But again, every system will lead you to same conclusion or destination. You only need to figure-out which system has worked best for you. If Western Astrology works best for you and you have seen events in your life happening as per Western Astrology Chart and predictions done through it then follow that. Like, my example is best when people these days are almost obsessed with divisional charts but D-1 has worked well for me throughout, so I follow the simple approach of looking at D-1 exhaustively. It doesn't mean that other D-charts are useless. They can be useful for other people and they should use those. My energy is aligned with D-1 and your energy can be aligned with some other chart or system.

So, the short answer to this question is that follow whichever system has worked well for you and given you results. All systems are correct. Destination is more important, not the path.

We will resume conjunction articles from tomorrow.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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