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Basic Horoscope Introduction

So, this is what a normal horoscope looks like. There is one circular shape (Western/Greek) and there is another way of representing through square (South Indian). This one is North Indian, with which I am most comfortable. Any ways, they all show and represent the same thing.

So, a horoscope has these blocks, 12 in total. They are called houses. The house where 1 is written remains the most important house. It is called Ascendant or 1st house. Counting of houses start from Ascendant only. This house represents the east direction, hence it is also called Rising House because Sun rises in the east and our life begins every morning with rising of Sun, so everything begins with Ascendant house in Astrology.

So, there are total 12 houses in a horoscope, as shown here in picture. Each house is 30* long. Use simple mathematics, 30* X 12 = 360*. What is 360*? It is sky over our head. So, a horoscope is nothing but the division of sky over head in 12 parts. This is how a basic horoscope was thought of by ancient astrologers. They divided the sky in 12 parts and called these parts as houses and then started assigning departments/portfolios to each of the houses, which included every aspect of our life, from our life path (1st house) to family (2nd house) to marriage (7th house) to work environment (10th house) etc.

So, I hope it gives an idea of what a horoscope actually is?

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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