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Guru-Chandaal Yoga

Guru-Chandaal Yoga -

Although there are at least 300 different types of Yogas, but as far as my little knowledge on the subject is concerned, this is the last commonly used yoga in Vedic Astrology. If, during the passage of time, I come to know about any new yoga, worth sharing, I will certainly do so.

So, this one is called Guru-Chandaal yoga. SCARY?? RIGHT. tongue emoticon

Apart from the usual impact of yoga, this yoga also tells us how Astrology changes with time & age and how a negative yoga of ancient times become a very positive yoga in present day and age.

First lets see how is it formed?

So, Guru-Chandaal Yoga happens when Jupiter (Guru) and Rahu either sit with each other in conjunction (as given in picture) or they aspect each other in a horoscope.

Impact - Jupiter represents our faith, religious beliefs, rules and regulation of religion and like things. Rahu represents Obsessiveness. So, if someone is obsessive about getting something, then what he will do? He will break the rules and regulations to get it as he can't wait for it due to his obsession. So, that's what this yoga does. Person with this yoga breaks the rules of their religion, they go against the established principles of society. What this yoga also does is that these people try to learn about different religions and then do a comparison. It also makes someone gutsy enough to challenge a religious Guru about his teachings and preachings. Basically, they go against the norms of society and set traditions.

Difference between ancient times and now - So, this kind of behaviour in ancient times was like a stigma and person used to get outcast. But as times have changed and our society has accepted many actions of going against the set traditions, like inter-caste and inter-religious marriages and even religious conversions, this is not such a bad yoga now. Another way of looking at this yoga is that these people break the set traditions, hence it is a yoga of people who have out of box thinking, which is very useful in today's competitive business world where you need new ideas almost every minute. So, with the change of time, this yoga has turned from a bad to good one.

From tomorrow, lets see in detail what different planets do when they are retrograde. Sun and Moon are always direct, Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde. So, we will see about retrograde effect of rest of 5 planets, i.e. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • What happens if rahu and Jupiter are conjected in Gemini sign for dhanu lagna and 1st lord and 4 th lord in 7 th and rahu is in 7 th house is it indicates foreign travels??

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