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Friends as per Astrology

Someone asked about how to see Friends as per Native’s birth chart. So, here are important houses and planets when it relates to friends –

2nd house – Although this is house of Family but it also represents our very close friends like best friends etc because our close friends are like our family members. We can visit their home like ours and vice-versa.

3rd house – This is house of our neighbours and people with whom we daily communicate.

4th house – This is house of home land. It represents our childhood friends as normally they are from our home town or home land.

11th house – 11th house represents our friends from our professional circle. It means that people we meet through our work, either in job setup or business setup.

Planet-wise, Mercury is the most important planet. It is because it represents communication, youthfulness, childishness and playfulness. Whenever we are with our good friends, all these traits come on fore.

Now, impacts of planets on these houses –

Benefic Planets in good dignity can give good number of friends and also good benefits from those friends.

Benefit Planets in weak dignity will still give friends but they may not be so beneficial here and there can be certain frustration around regarding them.

Malefic Planets in any dignity, especially Saturn and Ketu, impacting these houses related with friends can minimize the number of friends and obviously benefits too.

Planets like Sun and Mars in these houses can bring ego clashes and dominance struggle with friends.

Rahu can bring lots of friends, if it is not in Saturn’s sign or with Saturn, but it can also bring possibilities of cheating through friends. Rahu can also bring friends from foreign lands or through social media.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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