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Chart of a Professional in Financial Field as per Astrology.

Today, let’s see what planetary placements can create someone a Financial Professional. It can be any work related with financial nature like financial analyst/consultant, banking, stock broker, share market expert, accountant, auditor or anyone even keeping the book of accounts etc.

I think we can cover this series by theory and one practical example of chart. Like, 1st I will tell what can make a person enter a particular profession and then we can see a chart of a person in same profession to see theory working in practicality.

So, let's begin with chart of a Financial Professional -

Important Houses.

Important Signs.

Important Planets.

Important Nakshatras

Various Combinations.

Atma Karaka or Amatya Karaka


Example Chart.

Let's cover all points one after the other -

Important Houses - Following are important houses -

  • 1st house - 1st house is always the most important house of any chart as it represents the person and his life path. Wherever 1st house lord is placed, it gives an indication related with life path the person is supposed to follow.
  • 2nd house – It is the main house of wealth, hence it is obviously important.  
  • 5th house – 5th house is the main house of Stocks, Shares and other Financial Markets. 
  • 6th house – 6th house is the house of analysis and details being the natural house of Virgo.  
  • 7th house – If someone is in business of financial nature then 7th house is important for being the house of business, other people or masses.
  • 8th house – It is another house of stock market as it is house of sudden ups/downs. It is also house of other people wealth.
  • 10th house – 10th house is main house of work or career. Its association with above houses can lead someone into sports as Career.
  • 11th house – As it is also a money oriented house, it becomes important house here.

Important Signs - Following are important signs -

  • Earth Signs – All Earth Signs, especially the sign of Taurus & Virgo become important here as they are related with wealth and analysis respectively.
  • Leo – Being the natural 5th sign, it has energy of 5th house of stocks and financial markets.  

Important Planets - Following are important planets -

  • Venus – Venus is the main planet here as it represents wealth.
  • Mercury – Mercury represents intellect. While dealing with money matters, you need to be very smart and intellectual regarding your right investments. Mercury is actually karaka of stocks/shares.
  • Venus-Mercury combination creates a natural finance person. It can be through conjunction, exchange, aspect etc. Venus in Virgo is considered weakest but as Virgo is ruled by Mercury, it is considered as one of the most prominent placement for Chartered Accountants. Even if these people are not working in financial sector, but they will still be street smart with wealth matters.
  • Jupiter – As it is another karaka of wealth, it is an important planet here. It also becomes important for someone working as wealth manager or wealth consultant.
  • Rahu – Rahu represents our materialistic desires or material wealth. So, Rahu also indicates working in stocks or shares and gaining huge money from there.
  • Ketu – Ketu’s association with Mercury or Venus can give someone a research ability in financial things.

Important Nakshatras - Following are important nakshatras -

  • Venus ruled nakshatras – All Venus ruled nakshatras become important here as they all represent wealth.
  • Mercury ruled nakshatras – Likewise, all Mercury ruled nakshatras become important as Mercury is karaka of financial markets or dealings.
  • Rohini – As it represents wealth and abundance.
  • Uttara Phalguni – As it represents analysis and dealing with details.
  • Moola –For its research oriented nature.

Various Combinations - Now, any combination between these houses, planets, signs and nakshatras can someone go into financial field. Any combination between these planets, houses, signs & nakshatras where energy exchanges between them will be enough to make a Finance Professional in proper dasha time.

Atma Karaka or Amatya Karaka - If Venus-Mercury become person's Atma Karaka or Amatya Karaka, then things can be more prominent to become a Finance Professional.

Mahadashas - But as always, dashas will activate houses or planets and person will have realization at that time to take up Finance as Career.

Example Chart – It is a chart of someone I know who is working as stock broker for a long time now -

  • Aries Ascendant and ascendant lord Mars is in 3rd house/Gemini. It is indicating life path of a business person.
  • Jupiter-Mercury-Venus-Sun all coming together in 4th house/Cancer of private offices. This conjunction itself is enough to take someone in financial field. 4th house lord Moon in 10th house/Capricorn of Career making it more prominent.
  • Rahu with Saturn in 5th house/Leo in Purva-Phalguni Nakshatra, ruled by Venus, is another indication of someone good in finance or stocks.
  • Jupiter-Sun become Atma Karaka & Amatya Karaka and their conjunction with Mercury-Venus is enough to indicate his soul destination.
  • He got into business of stocks on his own just before start of Jupiter MD. As Rahu is with Saturn, throughout Rahu MD, Saturn kept the block of delay on and he could not start full-time work on his own. 
Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

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6 Comments on this post

  • A - Thanks for appreciation. Means a lot.

  • A - Anything is good karma or bad karma when u r the doer. if u remain a non-doer then nothing is bad karma. Everything has its positives and negatives. Stock trading has transformed people from rags to riches and of course, they would have done at least one good work in their life with that money. So, life remains grey. Nothing is completely black or completely white.

  • Hello! Thank you for the articles, they’re priceless! I was wondering what’s your opinion on stock market trade? Does it mean just accumulating bad karma? As this job doesn’t really serve humanity in any way and considered to be a type of gambling? I love trading but been wondering about this issue lately. Thank you!

  • Hello! Thank you for the articles, they’re priceless! I was wondering what’s your opinion in stock market trade? Do you think it just means accumulating bad karma? As it doesn’t exactly serve humanity in any way and considered to be a kind of gambling. I love trading but lately been wondering about this issue. Thank you

  • @ VG - yes we can say that.

  • sir with due respect( venus and mercury conjuction in 3rd house and jupiter in 8th house in capricorn asendent) can we say he or she make his career in stock marker ?

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