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Effect of Combust or Retrograde Exalted Planet.

This article is based on one of the requests I received from my client/friend regarding what kind of results we can expect from an exalted planet which is either retrograde or combust. It seems there is a lot of confusion regarding this and different Astrologers have given different views, for which they are well within their rights. Different interpretation only show freedom of thoughts and I am all for free thoughts. Throughout this analysis, I feel lucky that I myself have 1 exalted retrograde planet and 1 exalted combust planet in my birth chart and I have gone through their dashas. So, I have experienced what I am going to write here. One thing to keep in mind, while understanding this article, is the golden rule of Astrology, i.e. "Everything is in addition, nothing cancels anything". Let's understand on the basis of following points as to how to interpret this little complex topic - 

Exalted Planet. 
Combust Planet. 
Retrograde Planet. 
Exalted + Combust Planet or Exalted + Retrograde Planet. 

Let's deal with all points one after the other - 

Exalted Planet - An exalted planet is considered at its highest dignity. It is at its peak. It is considered that when a person goes through Dasha of an exalted planet, his life standard suddenly shoots up. But I think we still need to consider if exalted planet is a natural benefic or natural malefic planet. A malefic planet will still have some hardship attached with it, even if exalted. Like, Saturn in Libra will still give some hardship in relations. So, exalted planet in itself is not the door to heaven during its dasha, there are other factors still involved but having an exalted planet still makes chart very powerful especially under its dasha. 

Combust Planet - A planet is combust when it is near to Sun at the time of birth of native. Combust means Burnt-off. So, due to the closeness with Sun, the other planet gets burnt-off and it is considered that it loses its significance. But in my experience, it never happens that a planet completely loses its significance. Even if it is at the same degree as Sun, it will still give results, howsoever little, at least of things which it is karaka of. So, combustion may reduce the result of planet thus combusted but it will never get wiped out. With age, every planet gets strength and as such, combust planets may show up results in later half of life. 

Retrograde Planet - Retrograde planet is the one which is closest to Earth at the time of birth of person. Always understand a planet as a person. So, a planet close to Earth is like a person standing right in front of you. What will it do? You will certainly get impacted by the presence of person as he is right in front of your nose. Likewise, intensity increases when a planet is retrograde in chart. Of course, it also makes us confused about things related to the planet or makes us re-think or re-do things related with that planet but it is also sure that retrograde planet under its dasha will give its intensified results. 

Exalted + Combust Planet or Exalted + Retrograde Planet - Now, the topic on hand. Let's break it in 2 parts - 
  • Exalted + Combust Planet - Now, what if a planet is exalted but it is also very close to Sun, hence Combust. Popular view is that all good results of exalted planet will get burnt off and it will be like a dead duck during its dasha. I humbly decline to accept this interpretation. 1st of all, it depends on which is the planet getting combust? If it is gentle planet like Moon and Venus then I will say that combustion can have serious impact on those planets. Powerful planets like Jupiter & Mars can handle the heat of Sun to an extent. Mercury never gets combust as it is always the nearest planet to Sun, so it is used to the heat of Sun. Saturn coming close to Sun is always a stressful conjunction. It doesn't matter if Saturn is getting combust or not. Saturn-Sun together is enough to create stress in the house no matter how far they are by degrees. This is how much they love each other :). But when these combust planets are also exalted then in my view, the exalted planet will give its results and will have an upper hand over combustion during its dasha. As I said, I have Mars exalted with Sun within 5 degrees. So, as per popular views, courage & will power should be burnt-off, right? Well here I am, starting my own work after quitting a set job in corporate world. Lack of Courage & Will-Power? Doesn't look like so, Right? And I am not even under Mars Dasha. So, this is what I am trying to say. An exalted planet will always give its good results, no matter it is combust or not. It will surely give results in its dasha. Here, we have to remember that if planet is in Upachaya Houses, then results may be delayed but will never be denied. Even gentle planets like Venus and Moon will give their good results during their dasha. So again, everything is in addition. Sun may burn off results to a little extent or up to certain time but during planets dasha or after its maturity age, it will give results of exalted planet.
  • Exalted + Retrograde Planet - Similarly, what if an Exalted Planet is Retrograde? Again, most popular view (and I was surprised to know this) is that Exalted Planet's exaltation will be cancelled and it will become like a debilitated planet. Now, please apply some common sense. A planet is retrograde when it is closest to Earth. It means that its energy is reaching to Earth more intensely. So, if that planet is exalted, then it is more intensely exalted. Again, nothing cancels anything. There is no way an exalted planet can lose its exaltation just because it is retrograde. Everything is in addition. So the real impact would be that planet will remain exalted but there will be some confusion regarding things that planet is karaka of. Again, best example is through experience. I have an exalted + retrograde Jupiter. I am under Jupiter MD. My life has certainly improved from the day Jupiter MD started but where I found confusion because Jupiter being retrograde is in my belief system. I tried my best to read different Religions, Philosophies and Beliefs in last 5-6 years to conclude like a fool as to which Religion is best, until I read Osho Rajneesh and realized that no religion can be perfect as all are made by humans and humans can't make anything perfect. So, exalted Jupiter raised my life standard but retrograde Jupiter gave the confusion regarding the things Jupiter is karaka of. Likewise, any planet that is exalted will give good results in its dasha plus it will cause confusion regarding things it is karaka of. 
Conclusion - So, I would like to conclude where I started, i.e. everything is in addition, nothing cancels anything. Things are never black or white. Things are always grey. 

Hope this helps. Please post your comments or queries, if any. 


Vishal S Saxena, Astrologer

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36 Comments on this post

  • @ AK - It is going to be troublesome. especially in job setup and relationship.

  • What about a retrograde and a deblitated planet? For example, Retrograde and deblitated mars in 10th house?

  • great information. Explained same by some great astrologers.

  • @ GTR - please apply for specific consultation. Thanks,

  • Sir, I am Taurus ascendant. I have exalted retrograde Saturn in Libra. I wanted to how will be Saturn maha dasha for me in terms of career and relationsip wise. Please clear my doubt.

  • @ Santhosh - it will need a detailed analysis, cant be covered in a comment.

  • I am santhosh sir . I have exalted Jupiter in 8th house of cancer 8n my birth chart. My Jupiter Dasha is already over am 28 year old. Running through Saturn dasha . ( Sagittarius ascendent )What would be the impact in future ?

  • Good...l have Mercury in virgo retrograde in my 4th house, conjunct Jupiter,. Moon and Saturn, I am in rahu Dasha and will enter Jupiter Dasha next year, what you say about it? I am 37 and still single, and of course many efforts in every aspects of my life, but not satisfactory results.

  • @ Ram -Saturn works identically for all. in every position, it is challenge. so u will have challenge in career and relationship.

  • Sir, I am having retrograde and exalted (22:17:44) Saturn in my 10th house Libra, whereas the venus is in my 2nd house creating parivartana. could you please help how saturn works?

  • I have exalted (22:17:44) and retrograde saturn in 10th House libra. Saturn is my lagna lord 2nd lord . The 10 th lord venus is in 2nd house. Can you help in understanding how saturn works?

  • @ RP - even if it reduces as u mentioned, it may be too negligible to make any prminent difference in results. I may not consider it. Thanks,

  • if sun is a Functional benefic, effects of its Natural malefic nature afflicting the combusted planet should reduce.(only weakness due to combustion may remain,if not compensated by other strengths). is this correct? pl clarify. thanks. regards.

  • @ Ehtisham - he wil be knowledgeable and learned. Give him some time. take care against obesity.

  • My son Cancer Ascendant, having Jupiter exalted+retrogade in first house at 26:52:31 degree. What is the good news and what if any bad effect? Will he remain confused in studies, relationships, decision making etc? Thanks

  • @ Varun - Self doubt to begin with and courageous later on. lots depend on moon position.

  • Hi visual...Great learning for me .very good observation . Just eager to kundali looks right Now ..I mean MARS is exalted with Kethu ..wanted to know what will be person be like if the Laguna falls in Capricorn

  • @ Gouri - Good for wealth and creativity, average for relationship.

  • Dear sir, In my kundli Venus is exalted n it is tel me sir wether it will give result or not

  • @ HVD - your jupiter is fine, it will give best results in jupiter md. Saturn will make you put extra effort till 35. Thanks,

  • My jupiter is exalted in 8th house in sign of cancer of sagitarius ascendant is combust jupiter degree is 1.30 some says you will get abundance of wealth some says it is very bad always struggle I dont know but yet at 27 yrs of age i am under struggle & also saturn is in my 1st house i always get late result but sure & due to this i think i have to give extra efforts in all my works as compare to other person. Well lets see what happen I am simply obeying my own fundamental that i have learn in my rahu maha dasha that-"whatever is going in life just go with it" This is it!!!!

  • @ Ashwini - it will be good , as per my own experience,

  • Good information...even i have Jupiter exaltation plus retrogration in ninth house..and hope Jupiter md brings improvement in my life..tq sir

  • @ Baiju - planets are considered combust only when they are behind the Sun and their rays dont reach the Earth directly.

  • Excellent observation. I have one doubt regarding the combust planets. Planets like Mars, Jupiter & Saturn will be behind Sun while at combust. However, Mercury & Venus can be either behind the sun or between earth and Sun while at combust and hence these planets must be showing different results. Can you please explain your views/experience on this?

  • @ mayur - u r right on both points.

  • Thanks Vishal ji, So an exalted retro Saturn in 10th house make an individual confused about his professional work and relationships ? Hope this improves with time!

  • @ gd please apply for consultation here - Thanks,

  • My DOB 27-03-1968 23.55 hrs. Sagittarius ascendant. Rasi - Pisces. Star Poorvabadhra 4. Current dasa Venus. Venus bhukti from 01-11-2014 to 28-02-2018. How will be my career, as I am facing lot of obstacles in job and in personal life. Please predict

  • @ darshana - it will gain strength with age and will be at full strength from 30s.

  • What if exalted planet in lowest or 0°

  • @ rachit - he will reflect back on relation/wealth aspect of life in early life and will prosper on both fronts from 30s.

  • Hi Mr.Saxena. i have a baby boy born on 14 april 2017, time - 3:23 am, place - jalandhar,punjab. In his horoscope, venus is exalted but retrograde. Plz guide what will be the result of this. Thanks.

  • Hi Mr.Saxena Im from Sri Lanka. Im a leo ascendent. My saturn is in libra exalted and retrograde. Since its my 7th lord and my marriage is delayed. Could you tell me what kind of spouse i get? Most people say a past lover would rerurn. My jupiter in 6th retrograde. Sun and mars in 11th Rahu in 9th Venus in 10th Moon in 8th Jupiter in 6th retrograde Saturn and ketu in 3rd. Saturn retrograde Mercury in 12th. Thank you

  • @ Sanduni - As Saturn is in Libra and is 7th house lord, you can get a spouse who is matured, either by age or by mindset. He can be a Businessman or a lawyer. He can be from faraway places or foreign lands. Sat retro makes you think a lot about relationship.

  • Hi Mr.Saxena Im from Sri Lanka. Im a leo ascendent. My saturn is in libra exalted and retrograde. Since its my 7th lord and my marriage is delayed. Could you tell me what kind of spouse i get? Most people say a past lover would rerurn. My jupiter in 6th retrograde. Sun and mars in 11th Rahu in 9th Venus in 10th Moon in 8th Jupiter in 6th retrograde Saturn and ketu in 3rd. Saturn retrograde Mercury in 12th. Thank you

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