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Understanding The Metaphor – Churning of Ocean.

Mythological Story – Churning of Ocean began in search of Nectar of Immortality. Churning was done by Gods and Demons on either side and using Mount Mandara as churning rod plus Vasuki as churning rope. Demons took hold of the head of Vasuki whereas Gods took hold of the tail. As Demons were near the head of Vasuki, poison coming out of Vasuki weakened them. After many other things, the Nectar of Immortality finally came out of the Ocean.

My understanding

Churning of Ocean is always going on inside all of us. We are churning one thought or the other at every time. Gods and Demons are actually the Positives and Negatives sides of the thought which help in churning of the thought.

Nectar of Immortality is like finally reaching the stage of No-Thought, Thoughtlessness or No Thoughts. This is also what Seers have called as Enlightenment. Reaching at No-Thought from Thought and at No-Mind from Mind.

Demons wanted to hold the head of Vasuki Snake as they thought it is ego-hurting to hold the tail of Snake.

This is something we have seen in Mahabharat too and I loved Osho’s interpretation on it. It was the time when Pandavs and Kauravs were preparing their respective Armies for the War and to seek support of Lord Krishna, Arjun and Duryodhan reached at same time. Krishna was sleeping. Duryodhan chose to sit near the head of Krishna while Arjun was happy standing near the feet of Krishna. When Krishna woke-up obviously he saw Arjun first. Then Duryodhan announced himself that he is also in the same room. Then when it came to choose between Krishna and his Narayani Sena, Arjun chose Krishna whereas Duryodhan was happy with Narayani.

Osho’s Interpretation of this incident in his preaching Geeta Darshan

When the mind is unconscious (Krishna was sleeping), Good and Evil thoughts reach the unconscious mind at exactly same time.
Evil or Egoistic Person can’t accept himself standing near the feet of anyone. So, he prefers to sit near the head. Good Person is ready to wait near the feet.

When mind becomes conscious (Krishna woke-up), IT can only see and recognize the Good first.

Good doesn’t need to announce itself. Its presence is enough. Evil has to announce himself (Duryodhan announced).

A liar has to say again and again that he is truthful. A truthful person has no need to say that he is truthful.

Good is happy with company of another good person. Good is all about quality of association or company. Evil is all about quantity (Duryodhan choosing the army and not Krishna).

Then during the war, Duryodhan made plan for everything and everyone but he never made any plan for Krishna because what plans anyone can make for someone who is not going to pick-up weapons in War. Krishna was like an invisible warrior of Mahabharat. Duryodhan didn’t make any plan for Krishna. Likewise, we also make all our plans but we never make any plan for that invisible God factor who can come in between and spoil all our plans. That’s why, all our plans just begin as per our wishes but never get completed as planned. We all are Duryodhan.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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