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Horoscope of Steve Jobs - How to do Birth Time Rectification?

Although I have already written on Steve Jobs’ Horoscope (https://www.astrosaxena.com/jobs) before but recently, some new facts have come into my knowledge which made me to have a re-look at his chart from a completely different perspective. Chart available online for Steve Jobs is a Leo ascendant chart with birth details of 24th Feb, 1955 at 7.15 pm at San Francisco, CA, USA. One of my friends has drawn my attention to the fact that his ascendant degree is 29 degrees at Leo. It means that even if there is a difference of 5 minutes in his birth time then he will become a Virgo ascendant. It gave a new reason to analyze Steve Jobs’ Chart as it makes his chart as the perfect case study to learn how to do Birth Time Rectification - https://www.astrosaxena.com/btr.

So, let’s analyze Steve Jobs’ chart to find out whether he was a Leo Ascendant or Virgo Ascendant? Let’s cover this analysis on following points –

Birth Details.
What is BTR?
Circumstances around Birth.
Visit to India to meet Neem Karoli Baba ji.
Formation of Apple.
Resignation from Apple.
Comeback at Apple.
Common Points.

Let’s cover all points one after the other -

Birth Details – Here are birth details for both ascendants -
  • Leo Ascendant Chart – For Leo ascendant chart, he was born on 24th Feb, 1955 at 7.15 pm at San Francisco, CA, USA. This makes him a Leo ascendant person, Saturn in 3rd house/Libra, Rahu-Venus in 5th house/Sagittarius, Mercury in 6th house/Capricorn, Sun in 7th house/Aquarius, Moon in 8th house/Pisces, Mars in 9th house/Aries and Jupiter-Ketu in 11th house/Gemini.
  • Virgo Ascendant Chart – For Virgo ascendant chart, I will take his birth details as born on 24th Feb, 1955 at 7.20 pm at San Francisco, CA, USA. This makes him a Virgo ascendant person, Saturn in 2nd house/Libra, Rahu-Venus in 4th house/Sagittarius, Mercury in 5th house/Capricorn, Sun in 6th house/Aquarius, Moon in 7th house/Pisces, Mars in 8th house/Aries and Jupiter-Ketu in 10th house/Gemini.

What is BTR? – This article will guide people about the purpose and process of BTR - https://www.astrosaxena.com/btr. In short, if you are not sure of your correct time of birth then process of BTR can be followed to find out the closest possible time of birth. To do an effective BTR, we need some very important events of person’s life and timings of those event, so that we can analyze as to which chart showing events more clearly. Like, here we will try to see Steve Jobs’ life events through both the charts; i.e. Leo ascendant and Virgo ascendant, and then we will try to make a conclusion. Also, events can be either good or bad but they should be of such nature that they had impact on whole life of person. Hence, I have chosen these 5-6 events of highest magnitude from Steve Jobs’ life.

Circumstances around Birth – First of all, let’s understand why going through this analysis makes much more sense, by looking at circumstances around his birth - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Jobs#Birth. From this link, we can see that Steve Jobs’ mother was almost desperate to give him into adoption as soon as he took birth. Now, my common sense says that her last concern at that time would be to note down the exact time of birth of the child born and then hand him over to his foster parents along with exact birth details. It just doesn’t seem logical. It gives a great reason for me to check if the birth details or chart which is floating around online is even correct one or not.

Adoption – Now, this is the first major event as soon as this kid took birth. He was given in adoption. He had foster parents. Let’s see which chart shows it more appropriately. 4th house represents Mother and 10th house represents Father.
  • Leo – 4th house/Scorpio and 10th house/Taurus has no planets. There is a Paap Kartari Yoga involved for both houses which shows difficulties in relation with parents but it is not direct indication of Foster Parenting.
  • Virgo – But if we switch it to Virgo ascendant then we get first major indication. Rahu comes into 4th house/Sagittarius of Mother and Ketu comes into 10th house/Gemini along with Jupiter. As we know that Rahu-Ketu represent illusion and unconventional ways of anything, this shows illusion around his biological parents and foster parenting for him. This makes even more sense if we see that he was born in Saturn-Rahu dasha. Saturn is in 2nd house/Libra of Family and Rahu-Venus are in 4th house/Sagittarius. It shows impact on family life and home life as soon as he took birth.
This is first major point in favor of Virgo as ascendant.

Visit to India to meet Neem Karoli Baba ji – His Ketu MD was about to start from 1975. Ketu-Jupiter together indicates that person can be interested in spiritual pursuits and during the Sandhi dasha in 1974 just before start of Ketu MD, Steve Jobs happened to travel to India in order to meet Neem Karoli Baba ji - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neem_Karoli_Baba at Kainchi Dham. After reaching India, Steve Jobs came to know that Neem Karoli Baba ji had already left his body the previous year. Even then he stayed in India for about 7 months and met other Gurus. This time made him go towards spiritual evolution and even after returning to US, he remained for many years in Indian traditional attire.

As he was under Ketu MD and Ketu is with Jupiter, this event can be seen from any ascendant but there is a possibility of making a slight distinction between these two ascendants. 9th house is house of Guru.

For Leo ascendant, 9th house/Aries lord is sitting there only but for Virgo ascendant, lord of 9th house/Taurus is Venus which is with Rahu in 4th house/Sagittarius. As Rahu and Sagittarius represent foreign or different culture things/people, it shows someone is finding Guru of different culture in foreign lands.

So, this is slight indication in favor of Virgo ascendant again.

Formation of Apple – Apple and Steve Jobs are synonyms. Steve Jobs started Apple-I in April, 1976 but the process of establishing Apple-I began from 1975. He started Ketu MD for both ascendants. 10th house is main house of career or work. Let’s see which ascendant is showing this event –

  • Leo – For Leo ascendant chart, Ketu is in 11th house/Gemini with Jupiter. Although 11th house is house of income but to start something afresh in your work for the first time, activation of 10th house is very necessary.

  • Virgo – But if we just see things from Virgo ascendant chart then Ketu-Jupiter are falling in 10th house/Gemini. So, 10th house was very much active as per dashas. Now, important thing is that there is a rule that you should not start something new or ambitious in Ketu dashas. As Ketu represents separation, it shows that if you start something new in Ketu dasha then there is a high possibility that you will be separated from it. And what happened 10 years after? Steve Jobs’ had to separate himself from Apple.

This is another huge indication towards him being Virgo ascendant.

Resignation from Apple – Then he had to leave Apple in Sep, 1985. 9th house is main house of resignations as it is 12th from 10th house which represents loss of career. Although, he resigned in Sep, 1985 but the struggle started as soon as Venus MD started for him. Now, this is a big point –
  • Leo – For Leo ascendant chart, Venus rules 10th house/Taurus of career, fame and authority. Venus is in 5th house/Sagittarius with Rahu. As Venus is 8th from 10th house, it could have brought changes but beneficial changes as Venus is ruling and sitting in strong houses in neutral dignity but it brought resignation.
  • Virgo – Things are much more clear here. Venus here rules 2nd house/Libra (a maraca house) and 9th house/Taurus (resignations). Most importantly, in annual transits, Saturn-Jupiter were impacting 5th house and 9th house which are important houses for leaving current work environment and going to another different work environment.
  • If he had been a Leo ascendant, this joint impact would have been in 6th house and 10th house. That would have brought a new rise to career rather than a resignation.

This is another strong indication towards Virgo as his ascendant.

Comeback at Apple – Then the biggest event of his life when he returned to Apple as CEO in July, 1997. Let’s see what changed in sky to bring such an event. He was in Venus-Saturn dasha for both charts. Again, the important houses for change of work environment are 5th house and 9th house. Let’s see, which chart is showing this event more promptly –
  • Leo – Venus rules 10th house/Taurus and 3rd house/Libra. Venus sits in 5th house/Sagittarius. Saturn rules 6th house/Capricorn and 7th house/Aquarius. Saturn sits in 3rd house/Libra. As 9th house was not active as per dasha, this event of change of work environment can’t be seen here. Even transit wise, Jupiter-Saturn were aspecting 10th house which shows a rise in career but still doesn’t show such a huge change.
  • Virgo - Venus rules 9th house/Taurus and 2nd house/Libra. Venus sits in 4th house/Sagittarius. Saturn rules 5th house/Capricorn and 6th house/Aquarius. Saturn sits in 2nd house/Libra. As 5th house and 9th house both were active as per dasha, this event of change of work environment can be seen here. Even transit wise, Jupiter-Saturn were impacting 5th house and 9th house again which shows a change in career.
But what made him come back at his original organization?

Well, if we keep it as Virgo ascendant chart then Ketu-Jupiter fall in 10th house/Gemini. Important thing is that this Jupiter is retrograde and in Punarvasu Nakshatra. Retrograde is about reverting back and Punarvasu is about re-doing or coming back at something. As he was under Venus-Saturn dasha and as Saturn was in Jupiter ruled Vishakha Nakshatra, Jupiter was very much active to give its retrograde and Punarvasu results.

Death – Then came The Death, as we understand it. Maraka houses are 2nd house and 7th house. He passed away on 5th Oct, 2011. He was in Moon-Jupiter dasha for both ascendants. Let’s see which ascendant is showing this final event for him in this incarnation –
  • Leo – Moon rules 12th house/Cancer and sits in 8th house/Pisces. Jupiter rules 5th house/Sagittarius, 8th house/Pisces and sits in 11th house/Gemini. Quite clearly, Maraka Houses were not active for him. Many people consider 8th house as the house of death but it is actually house of longevity and major changes in life.
  • Virgo – Moon rules 11th house/Cancer and sits in 7th house/Pisces. Jupiter rules 4th house/Sagittarius, 7th house/Pisces and sits in 10th house/Gemini. 7th house, one of maraka houses, is clearly active here as Moon sits there and Jupiter rules it. Now, Jupiter AD was on and which planet is in Jupiter’s nakshatra Vishakha? Saturn. And where it is placed? Saturn is in 2nd house/Libra. So, dashas activated both Maraka houses.
This is another strong indication towards Virgo as his ascendant.

Common Points - Now, there are some points which can be seen from both charts. Like,

  • Being a business person – In Leo chart, it is because Saturn is in 3rd house/Libra and Sun is in 7th house/Aquarius. In Virgo chart, it is because Gemini is falling in 10th house ruled by Mercury and Gemini/Mercury both represent business. Also, 7th house/Pisces lord Jupiter is in 10th house/Gemini connecting his career with business.
  • Ascendant may be different in these two charts but ascendant nakshatra is same; i.e. Uttara Phalguni, which shows similar life pattern regardless of his ascendant.
  • Matters related with relation/marriage/child birth largely are society based, so I didn’t take them into consideration.

Conclusion – On the basis of points discussed above, I am of the view that Steve Jobs was a Virgo ascendant person. This analysis may also give you an idea that it is more difficult to do BTR then any other analysis.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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