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Important Astrological Events of 2020.

So, we are at New Year time again. About 24 hours to enter in the New Year which will again fly away just like that. It is the right time to see what planets have in store for us in 2020. During 2019, we have seen how annual transits make a long term impact in our lives. So, it is worthy to see some of the major astrological events of 2020.Of course, I can’t cover all these events ascendant wise but I will try to give introduction of how different planets may behave in different positions for the major part of year. We will see the results ascendant-wise when these events actually happen during the year. Also, lots depend on the dasha you are going through. Dasha planets results can be more visible than other planets. So, here are some important astrological events of 2020 –

Eclipse Seasons.

Saturn Transit.

Rahu-Saturn joint impact on Libra

Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn.

Rahu in Taurus.

Rahu-Jupiter-Saturn impact on Capricorn.

Ketu in Scorpio.

Joint Impact on Pisces and Cancer.

Year of Retrogrades.


Let’s cover all events one after the other –

Eclipse Seasons – So, we are starting the year with Eclipse Season and this Stellium in Sagittarius - https://www.astrosaxena.com/SagStellium. Let’s see what various eclipses have in store for us - 

  • We have Lunar Eclipse on 11th Jan, 2020. Due to eclipse season and Stellium in Sagittarius things will remain stuck at one place and we may have to put an extra hard work for moving things in desired direction. We can expect a movement around Jan-end when Stellium won’t be there and things will be far more settled and calm.
  • Next Solar Eclipse will be on 21st June, 2020 in Gemini. It is Rahu-end of eclipse, hence it is about making new beginnings in life related with Sun or the house/planets where Gemini falls in your chart.
  • Then we have another Solar Eclipse on 14th Dec, 2020 in Scorpio. It is Ketu-end of eclipse, hence it is about letting-go or leaving/quitting something related with Sun or the house/planets where Scorpio falls in your chart.
  • Along with these solar eclipses, we will have 2 respective lunar eclipses. Solar Eclipse shows the events of our lives which are very external or visible to outer world. Lunar Eclipse can relate more to our internal feelings or emotions to the same events. 
  • As I said in this article - http://astrosaxena.com/eclipses, eclipse seasons always bring confusions in life. As both luminary planets go into the shadows of Rahu and Ketu, our sense of properly seeing and understanding things get affected. It brings problems in jobs, career and especially with authority figures. This is also the time to pay special attention to your parent’s health and your own health. At global level, we can see some governments seeing tough timing or world leaders facing issues in their personal/professional life. At times, it indicates falling of a Govt or death of a world leader. Effects can be seen with things related to the house where these eclipse fall in your chart.

Saturn Transit – Then the biggest transit for next 2.5 years will take place when Saturn would turn in Capricorn in Jan, 2020 - https://www.astrosaxena.com/sat20 . This is the transit which can bring good authority, recognition and fame to people in matters related with the house where Capricorn falls in person’s chart. But such results can only come through Saturnian practices like delay, hard work and perseverance. Whoever puts the best efforts over the longest period of time would get good results during this transit. People in Govt and high authority position can feel the pinch during this transit. During the whole year of 2020, Saturn will remain in initial degrees of Capricorn, i.e. in nakshatra of Uttar Ashadha ruled by Sun. This is what making things more troublesome for people in authority and government as Saturn-Sun enmity remains the biggest.

Rahu-Saturn joint impact on Libra – Rahu from Gemini and Saturn from Capricorn will aspect Libra sign from Jan, 2020 to Sep, 2020. We are already going through with interpretation of this joint impact ascendant wise through weekly Facebook Posts.

Jupiter in Sagittarius – For the best part of the year, Jupiter will be in Sagittarius during 2020 - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jupsag1920. We can say that this transit will be helpful in matters of higher education, religious pursuits and knowledge because Jupiter will be in own/mool trikon sign. This will also bring an expansion in the things represented by the house where Sagittarius falls in person’s chart.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn – Then probably the biggest joint impact of 2020 will happen when Jupiter-Saturn would come together in Capricorn from April, 2020 to June, 2020 and then from Nov, 2020 to April, 2021. Jupiter-Saturn coming together in any house during transits pushes us for making some new beginnings in the things related with house where transit takes place. Even sign-wise, we can expect new beginnings for things related to the sign where such transit takes place. Like, right now Jupiter-Saturn are together in Sagittarius, a sign of belief system, and we can see what is happening in India and world-over where people are very assertive about their own belief system. Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn can show some new beginnings in matters of Law, Govt and Authorities. Needless to say that as Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn and receives Neech Bhang Raaj Yoga due to Saturn in same sign, it is Saturn which has higher say in this conjunction. It again means that good results of this conjunction will be for those who do hard work and show perseverance.

Rahu in Taurus – From Sep, 2020, Rahu will be in Taurus. So, we can say that it is more a 2021 transit but still just to give an idea of this transit, Rahu explodes the results of the sign it sits in and Taurus is sign of Wealth, Assets and Luxuries. So, there will be rise in prosperity of people with Rahu going in Taurus. At the same time, Rahu remains a malefic planet which can make people to try wrong ways of making money. Also, it can lead to a situation where people can also spend a lot and there can be issues about saving of wealth.

Rahu-Jupiter-Saturn impact on Capricorn – Then from Sep, 2020 to April, 2021, Jupiter-Saturn will remain in Capricorn and Rahu from Taurus will aspect at Capricorn. During same time, Rahu-Jupiter from their respective positions will aspect Virgo sign. So, Capricorn and Virgo signs and their respective houses in a chart will take prominence during this time.

Ketu in Scorpio – Likewise, Ketu will move in Scorpio sign from Sep, 2020. This can be an excellent time for research and investigation in matters of occult, mysticism and spiritual matters. This transit can help in any research work overall. Some past secrets can be revealed during this time. People can feel/get separated from the things related to the house where Scorpio falls in chart.

Joint Impact on Pisces and Cancer – Ketu’s transit in Scorpio also means that Ketu-Saturn would jointly aspect on Pisces sign and Ketu-Saturn-Jupiter would have joint impact on Cancer sign. So, Pisces and Cancer signs and their respective houses would have impact of Ketu-Saturn together and we would feel very limited results out of these signs and houses, that too only after hard work and perseverance.

Year of Retrogrades – Last but not the least, this will be an year of retrograde where all 5 planets will go retrograde one after the other. This article will give you an idea of many planets going retrograde together and their impact on human life - https://www.astrosaxena.com/retroseason.

  • Mercury Retrogrades – During 2020, we will have 3 Mercury Retrograde Cycles. First will be from 17th Feb to 10th March in Aquarius, then from 18th June to 12th July in Gemini, and finally from 14th Oct to 3rd  Nov in Libra. Of course, Mercury retrograde will impact the things related with signs involved and the house where it falls in a chart, but besides this, as per my experience, it is just the most irritating time of the year when you may need to communicate repeatedly, your communications may be misunderstood by others, some mistakes somewhere in writing which can be of serious nature, you may lose your mobile or your laptop can crash down. Your travel plans can be rescheduled at last moment. We have just come out of a Mercury Retrograde Season and you may have experienced some of these things in last 1 month. Other than these results, you will also see yourself reflecting back on Mercury related things in life. That’s what all planets do when they are retrograde. They make us reflect on things related to planet and things related to the house/sign they are retrograde in.

  • Saturn Retrograde – Saturn will be retrograde in Capricorn from 11th May to 29th Sep. This will be the time when results of Saturn in Capricorn will be really intense and visible. This is also the time when we reflect back on our duties, commitments and responsibilities in life. As it is getting retrograde in Capricorn, we will reflect back on our duties and commitments towards Law, Govt and people in authority.
  • Jupiter Retrograde – Jupiter will be retrograde between 14th May to 13th Sep from Capricorn to Sagittarius. So, we will see these results of Jupiter in Capricorn/Sagittarius more intensely during those times. It will also be a time to reflect on our beliefs, morals, values, teachings and Gurus. It is about correcting the wrong teachings and beliefs. This is also the time to reflect back on all the knowledge we gained through Jupiter in Sagittarius transit and realize the lessons we learnt in Jupiter in Sagittarius.
  • Venus Retrograde – Venus will go retrograde between 13th May to 25th June in Taurus sign. As Venus represents Relationship, Wealth and Convenience aspects of life, people also reflect back on their wealth & luxuries but as relationships remain the key aspect of almost everyone’s life, Venus retrograde normally leads to the situations where person reflects back to the fact that if he/she is in right relationship? So, Venus retrograde normally leads to some uneasy situations in relations, either married or not, when couple starts reflecting back as to what is wrong or missing. Only good thing is Venus will be retrograde in own sign Taurus which can bring luxuries and conveniences
  • Mars Retrograde – Mars will go retrograde between 10th Sep to 14th Nov from Aries/Pisces sign. Mars represents actions and efforts. Mars retrograde will make us reflect back on our actions and efforts. We would also reflect back on the things related with houses ruled by Mars in a chart through Aries and Scorpio signs.

Conclusion – As we can see, this year 2020 can be an intense and one where we will reflect a lot because of all the planets going retrograde.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2020. Thanks for all the support and trust in last about 5 years. Hope to get same support as long as I am in body.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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