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Venus-Saturn Conjunction

In relationship matters, results will be almost the same as we discussed yesterday or as we always discuss with Saturn impacting any house or planet of relationship.

Although, Venus is one of friends with Saturn but nothing matters with Saturn. Neither friendship nor enmity. It is always the same. Teaching us lessons and giving us challenges. There will be a sense of frustration involved with Saturn in whichever area of life it is impacting. That's why, I feel Saturn is the most malefic planet as its nature remains as is in any house, in any sign or with any planet. Rahu can give wealth in Taurus but there also Saturn will make it tough to accumulate or hoard wealth. Saturn is exalted in Libra but these people face biggest challenges in relationship matters. So, Saturn is never easy.

Even with the non-living significances of planets and houses it is involved with, Saturn makes life tough. Like, in Saturn-Venus conjunction, it will make difficult for person to accumulate wealth. Person's wealth will grow gradually. Likewise in matters of creativity, it will make person work hard with perseverance before it can give any result in creative pursuits. Saturn in 5th house and 9th house can make person repeat some classes in his academic pursuits.

So, short analysis of Saturn-Venus conjunction is that it will create frustration in relationship and will make person work hard over long period for gaining in matters of wealth and creativity. Relationship can sustain only when both partners are ready to be realistic, matured and practical. Dream Romance won't work with Saturn.

Now, why Saturn is like this?

Take top 10 names of any field, i.e. Movies, Sports, Politics etc. You will find one thing common that all of them picked one job for life and continued to do it till they became perfect. They all followed Saturn's terms and conditions. So, Saturn actually wants you to become perfect. Saturn wants you to do something so repetitively that you become perfect or even legend in your field. I can see that Saturn impact on my career where daily I deal with similar requests of people and end up in repeating same astrological concepts to many people daily.

So, no matter how much we may hate Saturn, it is the one which can make us legend or perfect in our field. So, you may ask Saturn-Venus conjunction or any other conjunction with Saturn or any house/sign position of Saturn, interpretation will always be the same. It will give results or benefits only after delay, hard work and perseverance. Also, expect best results of Saturn from 30s. Before that toil hard.



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