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Horoscope of Sushmita Sen – Possibility of adoption of children.

So, I am in mood of clearing-off the pending requests of articles, hence another celebrity horoscope. Horoscope of Sushmita Sen - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sushmita_Sen. Again, I will cover this chart on a concept of astrology and the chosen concept for her is to see the possibility of adoption of children from chart. So, here we go with chart of this another very independent lady.


Introduction of chart – As per available information online, Sushmita Sen is born on 19th Nov, 1975 at 6 am at Hyderabad, India. It makes her a Libra ascendant person with Rahu-Mercury in 1st house/Libra, Sun in 2nd house/Scorpio, Jupiter in 6th house/Pisces, Ketu in 7th house/Aries, Moon in 8th house/Taurus, Mars in 9th house/Gemini, Saturn in 10th house/Cancer and Venus in 12th house/Virgo.

Discrepancy in birth details – Actually, there is one more chart of her available online which shows her birth details as 19th Nov, 1975 at 7 am at Hyderabad, India. This makes her Scorpio ascendant. I am inclined to take her as Libra ascendant person because of a few reasons like her life doesn’t show the usual chaos which a Scorpio ascendant person goes through, Rahu in 1st house/Libra is closer to her profession in media industry rather than Rahu in 12th house/Libra, Ketu in 7th house/Aries is closer to her single relationship status rather than Ketu in 6th house/Aries and other reasons we will come to know through this analysis.

So, let’s look at important houses, planets and nakshatras related with child birth and what combinations made her go for adoption of kids. First of all, I prefer looking at girl’s child for child birth.

Houses – Following are the important houses for child birth –

  • 5th house – It is the main house of child birth and 1st child or 1st pregnancy.
  • 7th house/9th house/11th house etc – After that, if someone is planning for 2nd child or so on then we need to consider every alternate house after 5th house. Like, 2nd child is 7th house, 3rd child is 9th house and so on. In that case, we need to consider 5th house along with the relevant house for particular number of child birth. 5th house will always be considered as it represents Uterus area of body.

Planets – Then when it comes to adoption, few planets become important along with usual karaka of child birth or parenting like Putrakaraka, Jupiter, Sun and Moon. These are –

  • Saturn – Saturn or Shani himself was taken care by his step-mother. So, when it comes to accepting someone else child, Saturn’s position becomes important. It is also an important planet to see step-relations.
  • Rahu-Ketu – Nodes represent unusual or rare things. So, when it comes to child birth through unusual or rare ways like adoption, test-tube baby, surrogacy, adoption or just accepting someone else child in your own custody for sometime.

Nakshatra – I feel certain nakshatras can play a very vital role in this matter of adopting a child or in having a child through unusual means. These are –

  • Pushya – Due to the mythological story - https://www.astrosaxena.com/pushnaksh where Jupiter adopts Mercury as his own child, Pushya is important for adoption.
  • Krittita – Due to the mythological story - https://www.astrosaxena.com/kritnaksh where Kartikeya was given in custody of Krittikas to  be taken-care off, Krittika is also an important nakshatra here.
  • Shatabhishak – As Shatabhishak & Aquarius represent all the scientific, medical and technological developments/advancements, they became important for test-tube baby or surrogacy like matters.

Planetary Placements in Sushmita’s chart – Now, let’s see the planetary placements which Sushmita has in her chart which made it possible for her to adopt two girls. This will also be crucial in concluding that she is actually a Libra ascendant rather than a Scorpio ascendant –

  • Her 5th house (1st child) co-ruler Rahu is at 1st house/Libra which shows that her unusual way of having a child became her identity in this life.
  • But what is more striking is position of main lord of 5th house, i.e. Saturn. It is in Pushya nakshatra. Saturn itself represents adopting kids and it is also in nakshatra which represents adoption.
  • Then Ketu is in 7th house of 2nd child also shows the 2nd child through unusual ways.
  • Moreover, Ketu and Moon are although in different houses/signs but they are only within 5 degrees to each other and creating a sandhi conjunction for her. As Moon represents Motherhood, it again shows that she can gain motherhood through unusual ways.
  • Ketu-Moon conjunction can also bring a situation where person may not like to have own children but yet ready to be universal mother.
  • But again, even bigger factor is nakshatra positions of Ketu-Moon. They both are in Krittika Nakshatra. So again, adoption related nakshatra is becoming prominent for her.


Now, we have seen possibility of adoption in Sushmita’s chart. Let’s see when this possibility was manifested –

Mahadasha/Antardasha – Is it just a coincidence that she adopted both her daughters during Rahu MD? Well, nothing is coincidence.

  • Rahu MD activated 5th house, it also activated main lord of 5th house Saturn which is in Pushya nakshatra and gave her children through unusual ways of adoption.
  • 1st adoption was in Rahu-Jupiter dasha and as we know that Jupiter represents children which helped this adoption.
  • 2nd adoption was in Rahu-Sun dasha where Sun also represents parenting and as they both are again in same nakshatra & in sandhi conjunction which gave her parenting through unusual ways.

Annual Transits – As we are not sure about exact date of adoption of kids, we can’t see transits to finalize the events but chart + dasha are certainly indicating towards events of adoption. This analysis also confirms herself as Libra ascendant because for Scorpio ascendant, house lords will completely change.

Conclusion – I heard this in one of her interviews I guess that when she applied for her 1st adoption through legal ways, her Father was also present in court. Judge happened to ask her Father if he is not worried that after adopting this girl, Sushmita may not find the right guy for herself? Her Father replied, now I am 100% sure that only the most right guy will marry her. 

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