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Saturn-Ketu JI on Gemini, 2019

Now, let's try to understand upcoming Saturn-Ketu transit (https://www.astrosaxena.com/skpsagi19) in Sagittarius for Gemini ascendant people and how they can handle it in a better way -

1. This conjunction will take place in their 7th house/Sagittarius of spouse/partner, relation, business and masses. As 2 strong malefic planets are coming together in 7th house, it is going to create some problems in these matters. Saturn will limit and Ketu will separate, so end result is that person can get very limited good results of 7th house related things.

2. It shows that they can have stressful time in relationship matters and with their partner/spouse. It is advisable to maintain a long distance relationship in this time. If they get any chance of staying away from their partner then they must take it.

3. Both together in 7th house can either create stress in relationship or frustration. If they stay with partner then stress can be there and if they stay away then frustration can be there. Overall, not a good time in relationship, one way or the other. It is certainly not a good time to start a new relationship.

4. To sustain a relationship, they may need to show extreme level of adjustment and accommodation with each other and at times, they may need to do big sacrifices of their desires. This transit is going to test the genuineness of their relationship. If they are truly emotionally attached with each other, they will be ready to do all compromises and sustain the relationship. Again, compromises and adjustments can never be one-sided. Both sides would have to be flexible. It is best to keep minimum expectations from relationship or partner.

5. At the same time, they can focus on business side of life and try to make their career in business setup but even there, results will come after immense hard work, delay and perseverance because in the end you have to deal with masses only through business also.

6. Then Saturn's transit into 8th house/Capricorn of relationship after Jan, 2020 and PKY for 7th house with Ketu in 6th house/Scorpio of disputes/conflicts after Sep, 2020 again shows that relationship will remain a hard task for them. It again shows that lots of compromises are required to sustain a relation. .

7. Overall, time from now till 2022 doesn't look very good in terms of relationship matters. They must keep expectations to minimum in matters of relationship. Then they can sail through this time.

8. As discussed, this time can still be good for focus on matters of higher education, knowledge and research on all Sagittarius related stuff. They can connect with other people and masses through their higher education. It is advisable not to do business in partnership else their can be similar stress or frustration with business partners as it can be with relationship partners.

Along with the above results, we can understand that strong malefics like Saturn-Ketu in 7th house can also bring negative events like complete loss or separation due to various reasons from spouse/partner as it is house of these relatives. But as always, final event is accumulated result of Chart + Dasha + Transits. So, such an event can happen only if chart and dasha of person or the other person involved is indicating towards illness or death. Again, it only means that person needs to take extra careful of his health and relations during this dasha + transit.

Next, we will see the Saturn-Ketu transit for Taurus ascendant.



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