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Concept of Shoonya Tithi Rashi

There was a request to write about concept of Shoonya Tithi Rashi. Let’s understand it –

First of all, we should understand these terms –

Shoonya – Shoonya means Zero. In most popular terms, it is understood as Nothing, Useless or Emptiness. Unfortunately, we have largely understood Zero this way only but then there is another meaning which Spiritual Gurus from times immemorial are giving to Zero. As per them, Zero is complete, full and grasps everything possible inside it. So, Zero is complete too. As Astrology remains a knowledge which makes us spiritually inclined, I think we should take meaning of Zero as complete, whole or perfect.

Tithi – To understand Tithi, we need to understand following things -
  • Lunar Month – First of all, we should know that a Lunar Month is from one new Moon day to the next new Moon day. So, a Lunar Month consists of almost 30 days. To be exact, a Lunar Month is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds long.
  • Paksha – Now, this Lunar Month is divided into two parts; i.e. Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. Shukla Paksha is time between a New Moon day to Full Moon day when it is Waxing Moon; i.e. size of Moon is growing. This is usually a time of about 14 days and a few hours. Krishna Paksha is time between a Full Moon day to New Moon day when it is Waning Moon; i.e. size of Moon is reduing. This is again a time of about 14 days and a few hours. Finally,
  • Tithi – Every single day which Moon passes during Shukla Paksha or Krishna Paksha is known as Tithi. A Tithi is usually 24 hours long period. Now, Moon transits 1 degree in 2 hours. So, we can also say that a Tithi consists of 12 degrees (12 degrees x 2 hours = 24 hours).

Rashi – Rashi means Zodiac Sign, like Aries, Taurus etc.

Concept – Now as I understood, this concept of Shoonya Tithi Rashi suggests that if a child takes birth on a specific Tithi then some Rashis/Zodiac Signs will become Shoonya or Zero for him. Again, unfortunately the meaning of Zero is taken by most people as Nothing/Useless/Empty but as I see, it is better if we interpret Zero as complete, whole or perfect.

There is another part of the same concept that if we start any new work in those Tithis which are considered as Shoonya in a particular Month or when Moon is transiting through Shoonya Nakshatras on a particular Tithi then that work may not be successful.

There are Tables given online for Shoonya Rashi, Shoonya Tithi and Shoonya Nakshatra. I don’t want to reproduce the same tables here.

My concern is if anything can actually be Shoonya or Zero as most people understand it as Useless or Empty or Nothing?

If it is really useless then why it is part of your chart or your panchanga? If something is completely useless then why we need to mention it? If we are mentioning something in chart and then we say that it is useless or nothing then what was the need to mention? We could have very well left it unmentioned completely, right?

Another thing is that can Zero or Shoonya be considered as “Nothing”? If you write Zero anywhere then it is also something. It can never be nothing.

Now, let’s understand through few examples if this concept is really working as it is understood by majority of people?

I was born at Dashami Tithi - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Astrologer. As per this rule or its popular understanding, Scorpio and Leo signs are Shoonya Tithi Rashi. Likewise, their lords Sun and Mars respectively are Shoonya Planets. It means that whichever house Scorpio and Leo falls in my chart and whichever houses Sun and Mars sit in, those houses will give me Zero result.

As I am Scorpio ascendant, Leo falls in my 10th house and Sun-Mars are sitting together in 3rd house/Capricorn, then as per this rule and its popular understanding, I should not have got any result of 1st house/Scorpio, 3rd house/Capricorn and 10th house/Leo. But if I see then my whole day revolves around these 3 houses only where I am able to help people through self-efforts, business and communications.

I accept that I have had issues with authority figures (10th house/Leo and Sun) in my life but that we can simply see from Rahu-Saturn in 10th house/Leo too and by giving those difficulties, planets were indicating me that I should become my own authority. This is what I always say that our chart is giving us some directions at every point of time. If you don’t get any good result of one house/sign/planet then actually that house/sign/planet is trying to tell you that focus on other areas of life.

So, even popular understanding of Zero can be helpful if we are receptive towards omen and indications. By giving you Zero result in one area of life, your chart is telling you where you should focus to get better results? So, Zero or Shoonya is equally useful.

As I see, I disagree with this “popular understanding” of concept of Shoonya Tithi Rashi that a particular house/sign/planet can be completely useless in chart. God doesn’t create garbage.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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  • I like to get the basic logic why certain rasis are considered burnt for certain thithis? Is it like certain planets in certain degrees of Sun becoming combust?

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