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Retrograde Planets and results of preceding house

So, time to cover some points raised during yesterday's live session. Again, these are my views on some concepts of astrology. If you don't find logical then please feel free to disagree.

1. There is a concept going on that if a planet is retrograde in chart then during its dasha, it will give results of preceding house from its position. Also, they say that planet in initial degree gives the results of the preceding house and planets in higher degrees give the results of the next house from its position.

2. In my considered opinion, a planet gives the results of the house where it is placed in chart, neither the house before nor the house after. For me, if Sun is at 0.0 degree Aries then it is in Aries only, not in Pisces. Likewise, if it is at 29.59 degree at Pisces, then it is at Pisces only not in Aries. At the same time, I don't say that concept is wrong. So, from where this concept came?

3. To understand it, first please go through these 2 links 


and https://www.astrosaxena.com/hhouse .

4. After going through these 2 links, you may realize that every house of a chart is somewhere connected from other houses. So, if I am in Jupiter dasha and Jupiter is in 9th house for me then it is not that this MD will only give me result of 9th house. The same Jupiter is 8th from 2nd house, 7th from 3rd house, 6th from 4th house, 5th from 5th house and so on.

5. So, if I am under Jupiter MD then I will get some results of 2nd house also as Jupiter is placed 8th from 2nd house. It means I can leave my family lineage and go to far distant lands to earn my wealth which actually happened as I got my 1st job with beginning of Jupiter MD and I left Ujjain. Then it is 6th from 4th house, so same dasha created obstacles in staying at my home or home land.

6. Like this, one dasha gave me result of all 12 houses because Jupiter was at certain houses away from all other houses. Now, my Jupiter is retrograde and I started learning Astrology in this dasha. Someone will say that see, you got result of 8th house as Jupiter is retrograde in 9th house. But for me it is simple that Jupiter is 2nd from 8th house, so it was bound to give me wealth of knowledge of occult. Right?

7. So, what I am trying to say that we don't need any new concept to read this result from earlier or after houses, the basics of astrology, the inter-connection of houses and house to house links are enough to indicate the same results.

8. Now, the problem is that this concept is only applicable when planet is retrograde or in early degree or later degree and only for earlier and after houses. But what I am saying here is applicable for all planets in any degree, for any movement and for all 12 houses. So, it is covering more area.

9. Also, understand that there are 1000s of tricks and concepts which are developed in astrology to make predictions. All these concepts can have parallel existence and they have no conflicts with each other. We need to search which concepts is grasped quickly by our mind. If X person finds the concept of earlier/after house as easier to learn then he must follow that. Somehow I find this was as easier to learn and predict.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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