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Approach towards Relationship Astrology

I think this is high time now that whole approach towards Relationship Astrology and Horoscope Matching must change, especially in marriage crazy countries like India.

1. First of all, an Astrologer should not decide on your behalf that whom you are going to marry? It is decision of your personal life and you should be taking it. Likewise, an Astrologer should not decide if it is time to take divorce or not. Again, your own decision.

2. Approach towards horoscope matching should be completely changed and rather than looking at what number of points charts are matching, we should be focusing on what problems or issues couple may be facing after marriage and if their charts are supporting each other in those problematic times or not. There is no point in getting married in 1 antardasha and start having conflicts from next antardasha. Right now, I feel the whole approach of horoscope matching is that anyhow get the couple married and hope they adjust with each other in any situation.

3. Basically, if number of points are enough to decide the marriage then why you even need an Astrologer? Anyone can put birth details and decide it. Right?

4. Accept the fact that there is nothing like "Horoscope Matched", "Ideal Marriage" or "Perfect Partner". Get away from these dreams.

5. Always see the society & social conditions of couple, that is enough indication towards if marriage is going to sustain or not.

6. Accept Divorce as you have accepted Marriage. A Divorcee cannot be forced to live a life of stigma, just because of a wrong decision which again may have been taken by an Astrologer only.

7. If we can push the socially acceptable age for marriage beyond 35 (Saturn's maturity age) then we will see much better relationship between 2 matured people.

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