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Why Two Horoscopes will never match?

Time and again I have said in my articles and I have also posted in my Horoscope Matching Consultation Section that I don’t find any two horoscopes matching. For generations, we are just used to hear the terms like “horoscopes got matched”, that’s why me saying this thing comes as a surprise and big statement. I can understand if people are unable to accept this statement. Moreover, it is an ego thing as accepting my statement means that generations and generations of Astrologers & their Clients believed & followed a wrong process. So, I just thought about giving my views on why I feel that 2 horoscopes can never match. 

So, please give your precious time to read this concept on following points – 

Philosophical/Spiritual Approach behind my statement. 
Most Common Way of Matching Charts. 
Ascendants of both charts. 
Venus Position. 
Moon Position. 
7th house & 7th house lord. 
Mangalik Issue. 
Saturn Factor. 
6th house and 12th house. 
Mahadashas & Antardashas. 
Exceptional Cases. 
Social Change. 

Let’s cover all points one after the other in as detailed way as possible – 
  • Philosophical/Spiritual Approach behind my statement – Before we get into astrological concepts and details, let’s understand a spiritual facet of my statement. I think we all will agree at least to this point that every individual is born unique and he/she is here to serve his/her unique destiny. So, their horoscopes are meant and supportive for their unique destiny. Now, with social institutions like marriage we are forcing 2 totally different unique individuals to live a common destiny. In a way, we are trying to change their destiny or destined path which is just not possible. There are no so-called co-travellers for our destiny. Everyone has to tread his path alone. None can be your fellow-traveller or companion on this spiritual path. Hence, Matching of Charts is just not possible even spiritually but I know that many of us are not spiritually inclined. 
So, let’s look at some practical difficulties in matching of charts astrologically. 
  • Most Common Way of Matching Charts – Most common way of matching two charts is by feeding the birth details on some astrology site or software and checking the total score as per Astakoot System (http://astrosaxena.com/asmh2). Anything over 18 Guna match score is considered as good score and charts are considered as matched. Those who are little more aware worry about Mangalik or Nadi Dosha. Now, if it is so easy then why you even need an Astrologer? Anyone can do this much by himself/herself. I again say that Ashtakoot is not the wrong system but its application in such a mechanical way is harmful and we can see its harmful results in our society. 
Now, what all things I think must be seen while matching of charts. 
  • Ascendants of both charts – First of all ascendant of charts of Boy and Girl should not be same and ascendant lords should not be enemy to each other. The reason is that same ascendant means same basic nature of couple. Both Leo ascendant, it means both are aggressive or egoist. Both Cancer ascendant, means both are emotionally high. Both Scorpio ascendant, means both are controlling. In such cases, there is no balance between the basic nature of couple. Ideally, a Scorpio ascendant person should be in relation with a Libra ascendant person because Scorpios like to control and Libras like to be controlled. Likewise, Leo ascendant would need someone who can take their authoritative nature and treat them like a King or Queen. Also, same ascendant means that the transits will be same for both. Like if a couple is Gemini ascendant then currently Saturn is transiting 7th house/Sagittarius for both. So it is bad time in relationship for both. If ascendant is different then they can have good/bad transit alternatively and they can balance things out. So, if I got two charts for matching and I found that they both are same ascendant sign then matter is closed for me. There is a rare possibility that such charts will be found matched in subsequent steps. Even if Ascendants are not same but if ascendant lords are enemies to each other then it is a serious No for those charts matching. Like, if boy is Leo ascendant and girl is Capricorn or Aquarius ascendant then although ascendants are different but boy is ruled by Sun and girl is ruled by Saturn. Needless to tell that how much love Sun & Saturn share with each other. Likewise, Cancer ascendant person should not marry with Capricorn/Aquarius Ascendant because Cancer’s lord Moon is again Saturn’s enemy. Also, Mars ruled ascendants (Aries & Scorpio) should not marry Mercury ruled Ascendants (Gemini & Virgo). Another thing is that we have to keep into consideration house to house relation with ascendants. So, if boy is Aries ascendant and girl is Virgo ascendant then not only ascendant lords (Mars & Mercury respectively) are enemies but after relationship/marriage, they will activate 6th house and 8th house for each other. Virgo is 6th house for Aries Ascendant and Aries is 8th house for Virgo Ascendant. It means that girl is bringing disputes/conflicts/obstacles in boy’s life and boy is bringing sudden events/changes in her life. This is only one example of house to house relationship and we can go on analysing all 12 ascendants among each other as to what houses are activating. Basic thing is that both charts should not activate Dushthana Houses (6th house/8th house/12th house) for each other. Even with benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus & Mercury this enmity rule applies as is and even their relation/marriage can enter into conflicts and disputes. 
  • Venus Position – Venus remains main karaka of relationship. So, Venus should be well placed in both charts. It shows our ability to accommodate and adjust in relations. Now, if 1 person has a well placed Venus and other has a trashed one then it is unfair to say that they can have relation as the person with better Venus may be required to adjust more in relationship. Venus debilitated, in Scorpio, in Dushthana Houses & wrong dignity, hemmed in Paap Kartari Yoga is a serious No to relationship. All these positions show that person may have problem in sustaining a long term relation. 
  • Moon Position – Moon’s position and dignity shows our ability to be flexible and accommodate for others in any relation. When Moon is afflicted in chart, it shows person’s inability to adjust with others or take advice of others. In such cases, person going through a tough time in relation may not listen to the advice of partner and relation may break. So again, it is necessary that Moon should be in good position in both the charts. 
  • 7th house and 7th house lord – 7th house is main house of relationship. If person has strong malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Ketu and Sun in 7th house then relationship can be very tough for person or his partner. Likewise, if 7th house lord is in wrong dignity and in Dushthana Houses then person can have serious troubles in relation. In any such case, charts are seriously not matching. 
  • Darakaraka – Here, I am leaving Darakaraka aside as everyone can have different planet as darakaraka but even its strength will indicate a lot about the kind of relation one can have. 
  • Mangalik Issue – Now, if boy is mangalik and girl is non-mangalik or vice-versa then there is no point in looking at other points. It is again no for horoscope matching. 
  • Saturn Factor – Now, the biggest factor among all. Saturn represents delays in life. So, when Saturn is impacting 7th house, 7th house lord, Venus or Darakaraka by either ruling, sitting, conjuncting or aspecting them then marriage “must be” delayed till 32 years (Saturn Return age) at least. If it is delayed up to 35 years (Saturn’s maturity age) then it is best. But we are still a society where parents want their kids to marry by mid-20s. So, if such a kid has Saturn impacting his marriage by any ways (and in 99% charts it does impact) then there is no point in matching his/her chart for marriage by any means. If such a person gets married before 30 years of age then Saturn Return can be really troublesome for them. Among all the reasons for divorce in many charts which I saw, Saturn comes as the biggest party-spoiler in relationship. I don’t know why majority of people, in India specially, still don’t consider Saturn while matching the charts. Also, with Saturn it doesn’t matter how good or bad it is placed. Saturn is exalted in Libra and Saturn in Libra people go through most painful break-ups. 
  • 6th house and 12th house – Whenever a person has too many planets in 6th house or 12th house then relationship can be tough for him. So, there is no point in matching his chart with someone else and make them suffer in marriage. It is because 6th house is house of conflicts & disputes and 12th house is 6th from 7th house which means disputes in relations. So, either ways, it shows that marriage is landing in to conflicts.
  • Mahadashas & Antardashas – Finally, if someone’s dasha is not supporting marriage currently then no matter how good is his chart for marriage, he should not marry. Like, if someone is going through dasha of 6th house planet and that planet is a malefic planet or in wrong dignity, then no point in getting married till that planet’s dasha is on. It is because 6th house is active and anytime during that dasha conflicts and disputes can come up which can break the relation. 
  • Exceptional Cases – But there is always an exception to any general rule. So far, it happened only twice that I found two charts matching but in both cases the people involved were about 40 years of age. So, if you are ready to wait till mid-30+ then you can have good chance with me matching your horoscopes else it didn’t happen so far. 
  • Social Change – Now, you may be thinking that all these planetary positions would have been to so many people throughout generations then how come those people had their charts got matched? It is where Indian Society is going through a huge social change and it is standing on a crossroads. Marriages till 2000 used to survive because Women were not financially independent and they were dependent on husband for every big or small need. But thankfully now, girls are educated and earning which for the 1st time in this country brought a case of marriage between 2 equals which is leading to conflicts. It is something which I discussed in detail in these articles - http://astrosaxena.com/marriageissues and http://astrosaxena.com/divissues
  • Conclusion – As you can see that there are so many issues involved which decide the sustenance of marriage or not. So, there is no point in just checking few numbers from a software and decide about the fate of two persons. Ideally, an astrologer should have no say in final decision of marriage. It is extremely personal decision between two persons. How can an astrologer tell them if they should marry or not? At most, an astrologer can only tell if they have ability to be in meaningful relation or not. Final decision has to be theirs. 

Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any doubt, query or comment.


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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  • Thanks Vidya for sharing your opinion and life experiences.

  • I am of the opinion that relationship is about power struggle. One of the spouse gets their way and the other spouse has to adjust. It is better to wait till you are older and the have experience in dealing with people & situations so expectation can be tempered and you can hold your ground. I have a couple of these combinations and got married at 22 and had to struggle for 12 years until my saturn return. Now, whenever I have a problem situation I think, I have encountered worse situation than this, so the current one is not that bad, I can pass thru it.

  • @ gr - and if things can be matched by discussions then why u even need to match charts? thats what i am saying from beginning that marriage is a social and unnatural institution and marriage & horoscope matching should not even be part of predictive astrology. Thanks,

  • @ gr - ohh yah , charts will still match with illiterate ppl, financially dependent spouses and uneducated pundits. That is the desh kaal where charts can match. else bring any 2 charts of the world and i will tell 5 reasons at least why they should not marry or points on which their marriage can collapse. and i know very well wat these 50% talks and discussions are all about. dealing and bargains and checking who is getting better deal out of this selling/buying of bride and groom. thats all marriage is, especially in India. I loved that this article is hurting people. :P

  • you should consider desh kaal cleint edu status ,fam backgrd and discuss issues from chart for which they are ok or not .instead you people straight away tell that it is not matching holding those old slokas in ancient science.thats why you find no matching.see to that 50 percent matches by talking and discussing with clients instead of dumb report my email.

  • @ Hari Om - Thanks :)

  • Absolute junk you have written,

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