Relationship Synastry.

This article can be treated like the part-2 of my article Why two horoscopes will never match? (, 
which disturbed quite a few people as it can be seen from the comments on the article. In this article, I will further explain why it is almost an impossible case to get 2 charts matched and to expect much dreamt about “happy married life”. The ways I am going to talk about today are known as relationship synastry. Although we can go to a great depth in analysing synastries of 2 charts but I will keep it precise up to only 2 points. Obviously, we have to keep in mind the benefic/malefic nature of planets, dignity, friendship/enmity and their relations with each other to understand this.

Let’s break this article on following points - 

Ascendant Relation. 
Planetary Impacts. 

Let’s cover all points one after the other – 

Ascendant Relation – This point is based on the factor that every ascendant has a particular relation with every another ascendant. Like, I am Scorpio ascendant person. If I have a friend who is Libra ascendant then as Libra is my 12th house, that friend is going to activate my 12th house as long as we are together. Likewise, every person with every other ascendant will activate some house for me if they come into my life. So, every ascendant sign activates some houses in your chart and if the houses activated are malefic houses or ascendant lords are enemies to each other then at least a long term happy relation may not be expected. People can remain friends or colleagues but if same people try to become partners, house or planets energies doesn’t support at all. So, main house to house relations are as follows –
  • 2/12 – 2nd house is of wealth and security. 12th house is of losses and foreign lands. In the example I gave, Scorpio ascendant person getting into relation with Libra ascendant person. Scorpio person will activate 2nd house of Libra ascendant person but Libra ascendant person is activating 12th house of Scorpio ascendant person. It means that for a Libra ascendant person it will be a relationship which can bring wealth and security (2nd house) but Scorpio ascendant person will feel loss in relation (12th house). It may also happen that Scorpio person can get opportunity to settle in foreign lands (12th house) due to this relation. Although, as lords Mars and Venus are neutrals, it is still going to be an average relation based on this point. We can apply this rule to any two set of successive ascendants like Aries/Taurus, Taurus/Gemini, Gemini/Cancer or Pisces/Aries etc. We need to keep in mind the mutual relationship of lords too. 
  • 3/11 – 3rd house is of efforts and 11th house is of gains. Now, if ascendants are in 3/11 relationship for two people like Aries/Gemini or Capricorn/Pisces then it shows that one person may have to work really hard (3rd house) to sustain the relation while other person will get gains of that relation. If ascendant lords are enemies then things can be really tough here. Like, if a Capricorn person is in relation with Pisces person, Capricorn person will have to put lots of efforts to make relation work while Pisces person will get the gains of all those efforts. We can apply it in any such ascendants like Aries/Gemini, Taurus/Cancer, Gemini/Leo where ascendants are 3rd house/11th house from each other. 
  • 4/10 – 4th house is of conveniences and 10th house is of responsibility or burden. If couple has 4/10 relation in ascendants like Aries/Cancer or Cancer/Libra then it shows that one person will be convenient or peaceful in relation while the other feel relation or spouse like a burden or responsibility. Again, if ascendant lords are enemies then things can be even harder for the person feeling burden or responsibilities. This relation can exist when two ascendants have gap of 4 or 10 signs, i.e. Aries/Cancer, Leo/Scorpio and Sagittarius/Pisces etc. 
  • 5/9 – 5th house is house of happiness and 9th house is house of fortune. This is one good combination to have if ascendants of a couple are in 5/9 relationship. It means if they are Aries/Leo or Cancer/Scorpio, i.e. ascendants at distance of 5 or 9 signs. This is always considered a harmonious synastry. Jupiter’s 5th and 9th aspects are also the most benefic aspects. Here, one person brings happiness to other and other person is bringing fortune in relation. 
  • 6/8 – 6th house is of conflicts and 8th house is of sudden changes. This is strictly avoidable in relationship. Especially if lords are enemies to each other like Gemini/Scorpio or Aries/Virgo (Mercury/Mars) and Leo/Capricorn (Sun/Saturn). Even if lords are friends to each other, some resistance, friction or sudden changes will keep coming into relationship. As long as possible, this combination must be avoided. This combination can happen when ascendants are 6 or 8 signs away like Aries/Virgo or Virgo/Aquarius etc. 
  • 1/7 – 1st house is self and 7th house is spouse. I think I should have started from this one. This one looks fine with the balance between self and spouse. So, Aries/Libra or Scorpio/Taurus is a good combination of ascendants in relation. 
As we can see that only 2 out of 6 combinations are positive for both sides, i.e. 5/9 and 1/7. So, if someone is Aries ascendant then relationship with only Pisces, Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius or Libra can bring benefits to both partners. All people of remaining 7 ascendants should not be considered. And here, we are not yet considering planets in chart, planets’ dignity or dashas or transits. 

Planetary Impacts – Now, another way to look at 2 charts and find if couple can be good to each other is to see what planets are imposing over what planets in both charts. Like, 
  • Suppose Guy has Saturn in Scorpio and Girl has Moon in Scorpio. So after marriage, it is like Moon-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio for both of them where their mind will be full of duties and responsibilities as soon as they got married. 
  • Suppose a person is quite economical in habits and doesn’t spend a lot. But this person has got married to someone who has planetary position of spendthrift. Then end result is going to be loss of wealth for both the people. 
  • Suppose a person is born with Venus in Taurus/7th house but ends up marrying someone with Ketu in Taurus. End result is that despite having a fantastic 7th house of marriage/relation/spouse, he/she will feel isolation/separation in relation as partner’s Ketu is right over person’s Venus. 
  • This can even be positive when couple’s Jupiter-Moon may join with each other and may create a Gaj Kesari Yoga for both of them. 
  • Last but not the least, there can be cases of empty houses too. Like a guy’s Saturn in Scorpio may fall over a girl’s Scorpio ascendant. So after marriage, this girl can become serious and dutiful in life. 
  • Here we need to remember that malefic planets are the one which impact gentle or benefic planets not vice-versa. 
Conclusion – As we can see that it is practically impossible to find two charts perfectly matching with each other if we put together all the relationship articles together 
and try to apply all those criteria while matching of two charts. People may feel that why every now and then, I come up with some article on Astrology & Marriage? All I want is a disconnection or delink between Astrology and Marriage as an institute. If people want to decide about marriage then that decision should be their own. It should not be based on your charts and it must never be based on any Astrologer’s advice. No chart is perfect for relation. This much I can assure you. As I say, Astrology & Marriage have no connection with each other. So, don’t look at Astrology/Astrologer to decide about your marriage. As I said, take your own decision. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 



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Quite an interesting read, thank you for making it simple to understand 🙏

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Your articles are really good. Can you please allow copy of the articles for the purpose of learning by students of astrology? This will be of great help. Otherwise we will be denied of an opportunity.


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KJ - pls explore further on site. I have written on synastry series.


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What if the guy and the girl has same ascendant?


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This is very well explained