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Rebellious Nature as per Astrology

There was a request to write about what causes rebellious nature in children/youth especially those who are born after 1990.

Here, I think 1st we have to differentiate between aggressive nature/anger issues and rebellious nature. I am all for rebellious nature when a child asks parents question and doesn't agree to them unless they are able to give perfect reply. I am not in favor of any child becoming subservient to his parents. It is easiest job to influence a kid because as a parent you are in powerful position. If your child is being rebellious under these situations then one should be proud of.

But if the child has unnecessary anger issues or aggressive nature, then it is cause of worry. Following things can be indicative of same in a chart -

Fire Signs - Anger is like Fire and represented by Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. If these signs are becoming ascendant, Sun or Moon sign then there is a possibility of child having a fiery nature.

Mars - Mars is main planet of aggression or anger. When Mars gets connected with fire signs, then aggression gets further fuel and person can have anger issues.

Actually, Mars association with any planet can cause anger to be expressed at things or people related with that planet. Like, Mars with Moon can show anger towards Mother, with Sun - towards Father, with Mercury - towards sibling etc. The only exception is Mars with Saturn. As Saturn limits things, it limits the ability of person to express anger. But this results in creating stress within as person is angry but unable to express it.

Mars in Cancer can have serious anger issues as Mars is weakest here. Mars with Rahu can be extremely angry too as Rahu explodes the results of Mars here. Mars with Ketu can be dangerously angry as Ketu is headless and they can have no idea where they are throwing their anger.

All these combinations are for conjunction, aspects and yogas etc. Anger can also be expressed towards the house Mars is sitting or towards the house which other planet is ruling. Like Mars in 7th house can be anger-prone towards relation and Mars in 5th house can be anger-prone towards love interest & child.

Mars in Capricorn is opposite where Mars is exalted and person can know where to express his anger and where not. The main difference between Mars in Cancer and Mars in Capricorn person is that a Mars in Cancer person doesn't know how to fight under the Law and fights emotionally. Mars in Capricorn person also fights but under the Law through Legal means.

Now the question of after 1990 and before 1990. Here, we need to understand the change in the society we live in compared to the society of before 1990. It is more liberal and free society where one is able to express himself freely. In these situations, if we try to suppress any child or youngster then he is bound to retaliate as the concept of suppression is unheard-of for him. So, besides the chart, it also depends on society and desh-kaal paristhiti of person. Like, if you are aware then before 9/11, the biggest terrorist attack on USA was done by Timothy McVeigh as the age of 27 years. The main reason was that he was naturally aggressive from childhood plus his family members gave him Gun as a gift in childhood and then he worked in Army for some time. So, all these surrounding factors came together in making him an aggressive personality. So, society you are in plays a big role in almost everything in life.




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