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Transit of Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra

After completing transit in Mrigshira, Rahu is about to enter in the nakshatra of Rohini. This article is about understanding the kind of results we can expect with Rahu in Rohini transit.

Before that, let’s first look at the results we experienced in Rahu in Mrigshira transit –

As we know that world was in chaos when Rahu in Mrigshira transit started 7 months back as we were in total grip of Covid-19. Since then, in many parts of the world, we have come back to somewhat a normal life. Mrigshira represents research and research work was at the highest level for vaccine development in this time period. It also represents Land and we have seen lots of countries having conflicts over border issues. Few countries like China and India also had armed conflicts during this time. Privacy factor became an issue as Whatsapp faced criticism over security of its data and as people got access to others’ private chats. This was very much a Mrigshira activity as it is all about spying, chasing and stealthy actions.

So, we can see that we got results of Rahu in Mrigshira transit. Now, it becomes more meaningful that we look at Rahu’s Transit in Rohini Nakshatra and how it can impact our lives? As it is 7-8 months long transit, it is bound to bring give us its results.

Rahu - It represents Illusion, Foreign Lands, Foreign Things (foreign as in unknown things. So, for someone living in Punjab, culture and rituals of Kerala is also unknown and hence Foreign), Drugs, Medicines, any type of intoxication, Fame, Wealth, Success, Obsession, Past-life incomplete Desires, Movies, Television, Online World, Cheating, Imagined Fears, Unusual Things, Unique Things, Creativity, Rule breaker. Rahu also blows things out of proportions.


Rohini - It is nakshatra of growing, moving forward and being ambitious. It is a nakshatra of business people. Due to mythological story involved, it is also nakshatra connected with sexuality. For more information on Rohini Nakshatra - https://www.astrosaxena.com/rohnaksh .


Taurus - As Rohini falls into middle of Taurus sign, Taurus sign and its representations are also important. Taurus is the 2nd sign of zodiac belt, so it represents many things related with 2nd house of horoscope like, Hoarded Wealth, Assets, Savings, Finances, Luxuries and Liquid Money. All in all a sign related with luxuries and all the conveniences of life. Taurus is consisted of 2 and half Nakshatras, i.e. Krittika, Rohini and Mrigshira. Taurus' lord is Venus.

True Node Vs Mean Node – There are mainly 2 ways of calculating the transits of Rahu and Ketu. They are known as True Nodes and Mean Nodes. As per True Nodes calculations, Rahu will move into Rohini Nakshatra on 13th Feb, 2021 but as per Mean Nodes it will change nakshatra on 27th Jan, 2021. I am not going into debate of which one is more correct as the difference between the two is less than 1 degree. So, follow whichever fits your understanding. If you want more info on it, then please search with “True Node Vs Mean Node” or like terms.

Actually, this gap of 15 days can be a good time to ascertain if True Nodes work for you or Mean Nodes? If you are getting results of Rahu in Rohini within these 15 days then Mean Node suits you but if you are getting results of Rahu in Mrigshira within these 15 days then True Node suits you.


Now, here are my interpretations of Rahu in Rohi Nakshatra (from Jan, 2021 to Sep, 2021) –


As I see, it is always easier to interpret malefic planets as they seldom change their basic nature. They are supposed to bring difficulties in our lives and bring situations where we are required to work hard. The end result is that after facing those difficult situations, we realize our true potential.



Even when Mars is exalted or Saturn is exalted then it is not that they are going to let-go of their basic nature which is malefic and which makes us work hard towards our ambitions with perseverance.


Simplest way to interpret any planetary position or transit is by looking at the nature of sign or nakshatra and nature of planet involved. So, we need to combine Rahu’s nature with Rohini nature.


So, the most common result of this transit is that there will be lots of opportunity to gain wealth and assets during this transit. It may sound surprising under current situation of recession but if we think logically then there is only one way of coming out of recession and that is by infusing money into market, so that money can again circulate in market. So, sooner or later Govts would have to infuse money into market to come out of this situation.


So, there will be lots of opportunities to make money in coming 18 months. People can gain a lot of wealth if they are working in right area.


As Rahu represents unusual or alternate ways, people can find out new ways to earn money. And this is where the person’s evolution level will be at display where they will make a judgment between legal ways of making money or illegal ways of making money.


As Rahu represents online world, online ways of making money will become more popular.


As Rahu represents foreign lands, people may like to earn or shift their wealth and assets into foreign lands.

Digital Economy will be on a high. People will use more online ways to trade and market. Crypto-currency can get global recognition. Share trading can also become a good source of earning wealth.


But Rahu remains a malefic planet. It means that although there will be opportunities of money making in abundance but the biggest challenge for us will be to save that money. People can be equally spendthrift or they may need to spend money out of necessity. Here, those people will be able to actually benefit from these transits who are able to safeguard their money in right investment schemes. So, funds and investment schemes can see a boom during this transit.


People can spend their money on living a lavish/luxurious life and in acquiring assets, items of conveniences and properties.


Rohini is also nakshatra of Creativity. Creative Pursuits of people will be on a high. One of the Creativity is also child birth. People can opt for alternate ways of child birth.


Rohini is Beauty also. Rahu is illusion. Ways of enhancing fake beauty can be on a high. Fashion, Movies and Beauty industry can be on a high.


Now, some negative traits of these transits. Keep changing your passwords or Pins for internet banking, Cards, Banking and Digital Payment Apps else there can be a big chance that we may lose money due to online fraudulent activities.


An illusion of prosperity can be created by people in power.


Cases of financial embezzlements, money laundering and keeping Money in foreign accounts can be on a high.


Fake or Fraudulent schemes of making quick-money can be on a high. So, be careful about where you are putting your money.


Even at personal level, people can do frauds and cheating to get some money from their friends or family members. So, be careful about the transaction or deals you do.


Frauds and Cheating can be done with the help of beauty and sex.


Cases of Illicit Affairs, Sexual Abuse, Infidelity or Paedophilia can increase as that is the basic mythological story with Rohini Nakshatra.


Now, in whichever house Rahu is transiting in your birth chart in Taurus sign and Rohini Nakshatra, things and people related to that house can become a source of wealth or they can also become a source of fraud. So, as always with nodes, keep your sense organs functioning.


Hope this helps. Thanks,


Swami Premanand Bharti

Website - www.astrosaxena.com & www.astrosaxena.in .

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