Transit of Rahu in Ashwini Nakshatra, 2023.

After completing transit in Bharani, Rahu is about to enter in the nakshatra of Ashwini. Actually, as per True Nodes, Rahu has already entered in Ashwini Nakshatra on 6th Feb, 2023 whereas as per Mean Nodes Rahu will enter in Ashwini Nakshatra on 21st Feb, 2023. This article is about understanding the kind of results we can expect with Rahu in Ashwini transit.

Before that, let’s first look at the results we experienced in Rahu in Bharani ( transit –

As we know that Bharani is mainly nakshatra of death and re-birth as its deity is Lord Yama. On the other hand, Rahu knows only one thing; i.e. blowing things out of proportion. So, Rahu in Bharani nakshatra transit had shown its true colour in Russia-Ukraine war where we have seen people facing death and re-birth and major transformations throughout this transit. It seems humanity saved itself from Covid to fight a probable world war, as the threat of world war was always looming over us. As it is nakshatra of conceiving and bearing children too, we have seen the rise in use of unconventional ways of child birth. Occult/Mystical ways of life and living are certainly on rise.  

So, we can see that we got results of Rahu in Bharani transit. Now, it becomes more meaningful that we should look at Rahu’s Transit in Ashwini Nakshatra and how it can impact our lives? As it is 7-8 months long transit, it is bound to bring its results.

Rahu - It represents Illusion, Foreign Lands, Foreign Things (foreign as in unknown things. So, for someone living in Punjab, culture and rituals of Kerala is also unknown and hence Foreign), Drugs, Medicines, any type of intoxication, Fame, Wealth, Success, Obsession, Past-life incomplete Desires, Movies, Television, Online World, Cheating, Imagined Fears, Unusual Things, Unique Things, Creativity, Rule breaker. Rahu also blows things out of proportions.


Ashwini – Ashwini is 1st nakshatra, so it comes with the nature of pro-activeness and be first everytime. It is also nakshatra of Healers or Doctors as its deity is Ashwini Kumars, the metaphysical healers. It is also nakshatra of illusion, cheating and confusion. For more info on Ashwini, please check this -


Aries – As Ashwini is part of Aries, Aries sign and its representations become important here. Aries is the 1st sign of zodiac belt, so it represents the things and energy of 1st house of horoscope like Self, Personality etc. Besides that, Aries is the sign of our individuality, our aggression, our actions, our competitive ability etc. Aries is ruled by Mars and it is consisted of 2 and half Nakshatras named Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika.


True Node Vs Mean Node – There are mainly 2 ways of calculating the transits of Rahu and Ketu. They are known as True Nodes and Mean Nodes. As per True Nodes calculations, Rahu has already moved into Ashwini Nakshatra on 6th Feb, 2023 but as per Mean Nodes it will change nakshatra on 21st Feb, 2023. I am not going into debate of which one is more correct as the difference between the two is less than 1 degree. So, follow whichever fits your understanding. If you want more info on it, then please search with “True Node Vs Mean Node” or like terms. You may also check these links - and

Actually, this gap of about 15 days can be a good time to ascertain if True Nodes work for you or Mean Nodes? If you are getting results of Rahu in Bharani within these 15 days then Mean Node suits you but if you are getting results of Rahu in Ashwini within these 15 days then True Node suits you. Earthquakes at Turkey/Syria indicate that Rahu is still in Bharani as per Mean Nodes. For me, Mean Nodes work better.


Now, here are my interpretations of Rahu in Ashwini Nakshatra (from Feb, 2023 to Oct, 2023) –


As I see, it is always easier to interpret malefic planets as they seldom change their basic nature. They are supposed to bring difficulties in our lives and bring situations where we are required to work hard. The end result is that after facing those difficult situations, we realize our true potential.



Even when Mars is exalted or Saturn is exalted then it is not that they are going to let-go of their basic nature which is malefic and which makes us work hard towards our ambitions with perseverance.


Simplest way to interpret any planetary position or transit is by looking at the nature of sign or nakshatra and nature of planet involved. So, we need to combine Rahu’s nature with Ashwini nature.


Ashwini is 1st nakshatra, so it comes with the nature of pro-activeness and be first everytime. It is also nakshatra of Healers or Doctors as its deity is Ashwini Kumars, the metaphysical healers. It is also nakshatra of illusion, cheating and confusion. Now, Rahu represents expansion or amplifying things. Rahu is also illusion or unconventional things.


Now, combine both together –

1. When Rahu is in Ashwini Nakshatra, it can make a person too assertive or initiative. Remember that Ashwini is 1st nakshatra and it is part of the 1st sign Aries. As Rahu gravitates us towards those things in life where it is placed, Rahu in Ashwini can make us gravitate towards being number 1 in whatever we are doing.

2. So, we can see people becoming too active or too aggressive for achieving their ambitions in life. As long as being active is concerned, it is fine but we need to avoid aggressive behavior and divert the same energy in positive pursuits.

3. People can be highly competitive and as Rahu remains a malefic energy, they can even adopt wrong ways to win their competitions in life.

4. As Ashwini is nakshatra of metaphysical healers and Nodes represent alternate medication, it shows that this transit can make people inclined towards alternate healing profession or just to take its services.

5. As Ashwini is directly concerned with Horses or with Animals in general, this transit can also make people inclined towards Veterinary Profession. Or we can just see rise in general awareness around Animal Protection and Animal Care.

6. This transit can also make people extra health conscious.

7. As Metaphysics also includes occult and mysticism, this transit can further increase interest of people in occult or mystical side of life.

8. But in relationship matters, same assertiveness takes the form of aggressive or dominant nature which can be harmful. It can very easily turn into violent or abusive relation. As discussed, we need to divert this excess aggressive energy somewhere more creatively.

9. At the same time, this is also nakshatra of illusion/confusion/cheating based on its mythological story. As Rahu is also one which brings illusion in life, it shows this transit can cause utter illusions in life too.

10. In such circumstances, our job is to try our level best to be aware and conscious of our situations in life. As Osho says – “ignorance is nothing but capacity to remain ignorant”. Because otherwise information was available, why you didn’t make efforts to get it? Especially in this day and age where information is available at fingertips. So, all we need to do in any situation of illusion or confusion is to take all possible information and counselling available for us.

11. As mythological story also involves cheating or infidelity in relation, we can see such incidents increasing in the world. Also, as Sex is important part of this Nakshatra story, we can see people being sexually-deviant during this transit.

12. At the end of the day, it again goes back to the same criteria of Gunas (Tamas, Rajas and Sattva) to decide where an individual will apply his energy during this transit. A Tamasic prominent person can be more inclined towards aggressive and destructive activities indicated by this transit. A Rajasic prominent person can be more inclined towards innovative or creative activities indicated by this transit. A Sattvic prominent person can be more inclined towards balancing both creative and destructive activities indicated by this transit.

13. One useful way to guess the results of any upcoming transit is by going back in your memory around the time when identical transit took place in past. Last Rahu in Ashwini transit happened during July, 2004. It was Post Iraq war period when world was recovering from two Wars (Afghanistan and Iraq Wars) and trying to make some new beginnings. 

It seems that humanity never learns from its mistakes. All we know to do is a War. As Osho says, there are only two types of times for humanity; War Time or Preparation to War Time.

It is very clear that again we will be given a few options to deal or work with. It again depends on consciousness level of person as to which activities person wants to deal with. A person at higher conscious level will be interested towards Metaphysics/Spirituality/Mysticism or towards creating something new whereas someone at lower evolution level will be more inclined towards destruction or crimes etc.

Now, in whichever house Rahu is transiting in your birth chart in Aries sign and Ashwini Nakshatra, things and people related to that house can become a reason behind activities or events during this transit. 


Hope this helps. Thanks,





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