Transit of Rahu-Jupiter in Ashwini Nakshatra, 2023

As Jupiter is about to complete its transit in Pisces and about to enter in Aries, an important conjunction will take place for next six months or so when Jupiter-Rahu will be together in Ashwini Nakshatra. Please note that I have already written articles on Jupiter transit in Aries, Rahu-Jupiter transit in Aries and Rahu transit in Ashwini. So, this article should be read along with those articles.

Let’s look at important energies which are going to interact together during this transit -

Rahu - It represents Illusion, Foreign Lands, Foreign Things (foreign as in unknown things. So, for someone living in Punjab, culture and rituals of Kerala is also unknown and hence Foreign), Drugs, Medicines, any type of intoxication, Fame, Wealth, Success, Obsession, Past-life incomplete Desires, Movies, Television, Online World, Cheating, Imagined Fears, Unusual Things, Unique Things, Creativity, Rule breaker. Rahu also blows things out of proportions.

Jupiter - Jupiter is the most benefic planet and it represents all the auspicious things like Knowledge, Wisdom, Law, Guru, Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Expansion of Things and Elderly People. For a girl, Jupiter also represents Husband.

Ashwini – Ashwini is 1st nakshatra, so it comes with the nature of pro-activeness and be first everytime. It is also nakshatra of Healers or Doctors as its deity is Ashwini Kumars, the metaphysical healers. It is also nakshatra of illusion, cheating and confusion. For more info on Ashwini, please check this -

Now, here are my interpretations of Rahu-Jupiter in Ashwini Nakshatra (from April, 2023 to Oct, 2023) –

1. As Rahu-Jupiter are both expansive energies and they both enhance the results of a house/sign/nakshatra, we can see a huge enhancement in the results of Ashwini Nakshatra during this transit. Most of these results I have already talked in article of Transit of Rahu in Ashwini Nakshatra - . So, you can see the basic details like duration of this transit etc there. Results of Rahu-Jupiter in Ashwini will be very similar to results of Rahu in Ashwini with only difference that Jupiter will bring its knowledge and guidance factor. Also, Rahu-Jupiter together can expand or explode the results beyond imaginable limits.

2. When Rahu-Jupiter are in Ashwini Nakshatra, it can make a person too assertive or initiative. Remember that Ashwini is 1st nakshatra and it is part of the 1st sign Aries. As Rahu-Jupiter gravitates us towards those things in life where they are placed, Rahu-Jupiter in Ashwini can make us gravitate or even obsessed towards being number 1 in whatever we are doing. Jupiter’s presence can bring further knowledge and guidance to reach there.

3. So, we can see people becoming too active or too aggressive for achieving their ambitions in life. As long as being active is concerned, it is fine but we need to avoid aggressive behavior and divert the same energy in positive pursuits. This is where Jupiter’s presence can help us with knowledge and guidance again.

4. People can be highly competitive and as Rahu remains a malefic energy, they can even adopt wrong ways to win their competitions in life. Jupiter again can become a savior if we pay attention to Jupiter’s guidance and morals or values.

5. As Ashwini is nakshatra of metaphysical healers and Nodes represent alternate medication, it shows that this transit can make people inclined towards alternate healing profession or just to take its services. Rahu-Jupiter together can make a person feel obsessed about the healing or health care aspect of life. This transit can also make people extra health conscious.

6. As Ashwini is directly concerned with Horses or with Animals in general, this transit can also make people inclined towards Veterinary Profession. Or we can just see rise in general awareness around Animal Protection and Animal Care. People can be obsessively in love with animals and would love to adopt a few.

7. As Metaphysics also includes occult and mysticism, this transit can further increase interest of people in occult or mystical side of life. People can go for knowledge gain in these matters through any unconventional ways.

8. But in relationship matters, same assertiveness takes the form of aggressive or dominant nature which can be harmful. It can very easily turn into violent or abusive relation. As discussed, we need to divert this excess aggressive energy somewhere more creatively. We need to receive guidance and counselling again and again to handle this area of life

9. At the same time, this is also nakshatra of illusion/confusion/cheating based on its mythological story. As Rahu is also one which brings illusion in life, it shows this transit can cause utter illusions in life too. Jupiter’s presence can again be a savior if we are ready and receptive towards counselling and guidance from others.

10. In such circumstances, our job is to try our level best to be aware and conscious of our situations in life. As Osho says – “ignorance is nothing but capacity to remain ignorant”. Because otherwise information was available, why you didn’t make efforts to get it? Especially in this day and age when information is available at fingertips. So, all we need to do in any situation of illusion or confusion is to take all possible information and counselling available for us.

11. As mythological story also involves cheating or infidelity in relation, we can see such incidents increasing in the world. Also, as Sex is important part of this Nakshatra story, we can see people being sexually-deviant during this transit. Again, attention towards Jupiter can be the decisive factor as Jupiter represents morals and values in life.

12. At the end of the day, it again goes back to the same criteria of Gunas (Tamas, Rajas and Sattva) to decide where an individual will apply his energy during this transit. A Tamasic prominent person can be more inclined towards aggressive and destructive activities indicated by this transit. A Rajasic prominent person can be more inclined towards innovative or creative activities indicated by this transit. A Sattvic prominent person can be more inclined towards balancing both creative and destructive activities indicated by this transit.

13. It is very clear that again we will be given a few options to deal or work with. It again depends on consciousness level of person as to which activities person wants to deal with. A person at higher conscious level will be interested towards Metaphysics/Spirituality/Mysticism or towards creating something new whereas someone at lower evolution level will be more inclined towards destruction or crimes etc.

14. Now, in whichever house Rahu is transiting in your birth chart in Aries sign and Ashwini Nakshatra, things and people related to that house can become a reason behind activities or events during this transit.

Guru Chandal Yoga – Also, this conjunction in transit of Jupiter-Rahu creates a Guru Chandal Yoga for quite some time. First, Rahu-Jupiter will be together for 6 months until Oct, 2023 and then Rahu will be in Pisces ruled by Jupiter up to April, 2025. So, Rahu and Jupiter will have energy exchange will be there now for next couple of years. Last time it took place in transit in 2016. Let’s understand this yoga too –

Impact - Jupiter represents our faith, religious beliefs, rules and regulation of religion and like things. Rahu represents Obsessiveness. So, if someone is obsessive about getting something, then what he will do? He will break the rules and regulations to get it as he can't wait for it due to his obsession. So, that's what this yoga does. Person with this yoga breaks the rules of their religion, belief system, society etc; they go against the established principles of society. What this yoga also does is that these people try to learn about different religions and then do a comparison. It also makes someone gutsy enough to challenge a conventional philosophy or belief system. Basically, they go against the norms of society and set traditions.

Difference between ancient times and now - So, this kind of behaviour in ancient times was like a stigma and person used to get outcast. But as times have changed and our society has accepted many actions of going against the set traditions, like inter-caste and inter-religious marriages and even religious conversions, this is not such a bad yoga now. Another way of looking at this yoga is that these people break the set traditions, hence it is a yoga of people who have out of box thinking, which is very useful in today's competitive business world where you need new ideas almost every minute. So, with the change of time, this yoga has turned from a bad to good one.

This is my most favorite conjunction on which I can talk as much as anyone wants me to. This is because it shows a person who questions everything. The moment I saw this conjunction/yoga or Rahu-Jupiter mutual aspect in any chart, the 1st impression is always of a Rebel. This person will question every rule, regulation, ritual, principle and religion. This person can't be made to follow a set pattern. Gautama Buddha & Osho Rajneesh are best examples of this yoga. Actually, my inclination towards Osho Rajneesh, towards challenging/questioning every set pattern in Astrology and developing my own way of looking at chart also started when in 2016 Rahu-Jupiter got conjunct in Leo during transit and they were also transiting over my birth Rahu in Leo. So, this conjunction will always show someone who has the most weird views about Religion/God or any accepted Theory/Ritual/Principle. Give them a rule or philosophy and within few minutes they will screw every meaning of that philosophy. They will just prove to you that its all about how rich someone is with words and how he interprets same words in different meanings which is always possible. They can easily convert to any other religion or they can even create their own religion like Osho Rajneesh or Buddha. They are full of knowledge because Jupiter expands & Rahu explodes, so both together can explode person's knowledge beyond any limits. They will read about different religions and almost every possible readable thing in the world. They can be the most unusual type of Guru you can find. I don't see them working in jobs for long but even there they will have most unconventional ideas to make things work. They will have creative ideas to prosper their business. They can have huge wealth as Rahu is exploding the wealth of Jupiter. They can have fiery or courageous way of speaking. Spiritually, they will be seeker rather than believer. They won't believe in anything unless they experience it. So, in matters of God also, they want to know/experience God rather than merely believe in God. For them, "Belief" is a word without any foundation. So, when you see this conjunction, be ready for the most unusual discussion of your life. Also, the results of the house/sign they sit in can be exploded beyond imagination like, in Taurus/2nd house, person can be unimaginable wealthy, in Libra/7th house, he can be all about Relationship and can have many relations, likewise in Sagittarius/9th house, he can be all about gaining higher education & knowledge.

So, during this transit of Rahu-Jupiter in Aries, we can see similar results worldwide and people may experience them as per their chart; i.e. wherever Aries falls in chart. Also, this transit can bring an unconventional Guru in life.

If I am told to give a title to this Rahu-Jupiter conjunction then I will seek permission of Elif Shafak and give the title she used within her book “Forty Rules of Love” and that was “Sweet Blasphemy”,

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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