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Relationship Synastry # 5

Relationship Synastry Post # 5.

Next one in the Ascendant Analysis is 5/9 relationship. It means X person’s ascendant is 5th to Y person’s ascendant, hence Y person’s ascendant is 9th to X person’s ascendant. It is like a relationship between Aries-Leo people or Scorpio-Pisces people.

Now, what will be the results?

1. 1st of all, first person is activating 5th house of other person and other person is activating 9th house of first person after they get into a relation. Now, what are these houses?

2. 5th house is house of education, creativity, happiness, children and counselling etc. 9th house is house of higher education, learning, religion, philosophy, literature and guiding etc.

3. From all the relationship synastries, this is the best combination you can have and most recommended one because of quite a few reasons which are as follows.

4. 5th house and 9th house are both dharma houses and considered as trikon houses. They bring fortune and luck in life. So, after their relation, couple can bring luck, fortune and happiness to each other.

5. Then sign lords in this 5/9 relation are always mutual best friends to each other. This makes 5/9 relationship as a harmonious one as both ascendant lords would co-operate with each other.

6. Also, the element of signs in 5/9 relation are same. Like, Cancer/Scorpio both are water signs and Aries/Leo both are fire signs. So, even element-wise, it is similar energy.

7. As 5th house and 9th house (5th from 5th house) both represent Love/Romance, there is a possibility of love between the two.

8. But thing which really sustains their relationship is their mutual interests and hobbies. As 5th house and 9th house would represent their interests, hobbies, passion and values, this relationship largely sustain due to these factors.

9. As all the ascendant lords in 5/9 relationship will be friendly to each other and all ascendants in this relation will be of same element, it is not necessary to go ascendant wise for this one. We can say that there will be harmonious connection between the 2 ascendants in this relationship.

Obviously, we need to look at whole chart of both persons involved and check their dashas to get the complete idea. From this analysis, we can only understand that if one sign or one planet can cause issues in relationship then how many issues can be seen through 12 signs and 9 planets. This is my intention behind writing this series to make people aware that there is no ideal relation, no ideal marriage and no perfect partner.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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