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Relationship Synastry # 1.

Relationship Synastry - Post # 1.

So, here we begin the posts related with relationship synastry which would give us an idea about why relationships are so tough and why there is no ideal/perfect relationship because every combination will have some drawback and some benefits.

Normally, we consider only a boy friend/girl friend or husband/wife relationship for such study but we can actually see these combinations for any relationship between two people to understand the challenges between them.

So, 1st way of looking at synastry is through ascendant analysis by studying the ascendants of both charts and what houses they are activating for each other. We can use the same study and results as is for study between Moon Signs or Venus Signs of people in relationship as these two are most important planets when it comes to relationship but we have to keep ourselves reminding that Moon signs would show the mind compatibility or lack of it between the two and Venus signs would show the relationship capacity or lack of it between the two. Venus Sign study would be more relevant in romantic relationship.

A good question was asked if we can see the synastry between Moon Sign of one person with Ascendant or Venus sign of another person. In my opinion, it may not be done as ascendant shows the life path or overall approach towards life and Moon shows the mindset of person. If we try to study them then we are trying to find link between two different aspects of life of two individuals. But we can certainly do a planetary synastry where one planet of a person can be in same sign to the other planet of other person. That shows some big karmic connections between the two. We will cover the same once we complete the ascendant analysis.

So, first of the ascendant analysis is the 1/1 relationship or we can say same ascendant people in any relationship.

1. Now, it can be termed as good or even best one as people may think that couple involved in relationship would have similar nature because they have identical ascendant, hence they can be very easily compatible with each other but this is sadly not the case.

2. Same ascendant people are actually considered as serious and capital NO for relationship and reason is the same that their basic nature can be exactly same and hence there is no balancing factor.

3. Like, just imagine two Aries people in relationship and you would see two people trying to dominate each other aggressively. Two Scorpio people in relationship would be all about controlling each other. Two Leo people would be like two Royals in relationship and two Cancer people would have more emotions and less practical approach.

4. Life is all about maintaining a balance between conflicting forces. Hence, there has to be a balance between the nature of couple involved in relationship. If both are emotional then who will take practical decisions of life and if both are aggressive then how long such a relationship will continue?

5. But more than this, there is another reason why relationship between same ascendant people can be challenging. That reason is Annual Transits. If two people have identical ascendant then it means that annual transits for them will be identical too. It means if one person is going through a troublesome transit in matters of relationship or finances then other person also has the same and they are suffering a double impact.

6. Like, right now, Saturn-Ketu are in Sagittarius ascendant for almost whole of this year. Now imagine a couple who are Gemini ascendant. For both of them, Saturn-Ketu are transiting their 7th house. Do I need to explain anything more as to how they would be feeling in relationship?

7. This is the main reason why people with same ascendant may not be in a strong long term relation.

8. We can see the same impacts in their nature and behavior if people have same Moon sign or Venus sign but that doesn’t make a case of serious NO for relationship as the annual transits are primarily seen from ascendant sign.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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