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Planet as House Lords - Scorpio Ascendant

As requested, we will see Scorpio ascendant today for the series where we will try to link houses with house lords for every ascendant. I won’t cover the basics as to what each house or each planets represent. Also, it is solely based on the houses involved and connection between them through house lords. We are not going to discuss planetary positions in chart.

Scorpio is the sign of mysteries and it has many mysteries inside it. Like, it is a Water Sign but it is fixed sign. So, water + fixed is a conflicting situation. Likewise, it is feminine sign but ruled by masculine Mars. Hence, again conflicting energies.

Just like no information can be enough for Saturn, likewise no amount of information is enough for Scorpions. They will still hold some secrets within them. It is difficult to understand how they are going to behave in a particular situation on a given day? This is the biggest mystery with these people. Only advice is that expect the unexpected because at least they won’t behave as you would normally expect them to behave.

We get attracted towards whatever is Secret or Hidden. This is the main reason behind Scorpions having this attractive or magnetic personality. Because they are secretive, it gives a natural curiosity towards them. They live a life of instability as Scorpio is natural 8th sign and has the energy of 8th house and their life-lesson is to realize that nothing is permanent and everything/everyone will be lost after certain time. The moment they realize and accept this fact and start living in a situation of letting go, they have won the battle of this life. As it is sign of control and insecurities, they need to learn how not to control others and feel secured within themselves and not to seek security from others. They are normally blessed with attractive eyes and people normally get attracted to them due to their eyes. As it is sign of changes, they go through major changes in their personality too. They may change their names, looks, professions and even nationality. Change is synonym for a Scorpio ascendant. They are natural occultists or psychologists of zodiac.

Also, the best way to understand them is through insect Scorpio. You can't kill it easily. No matter how much you beat it and you think that it is a small insect, it will fight till last breath. Likewise, you can't defeat a Scorpion easily. They will fight till very last. Surrender is not their way. They don't accept defeat easily. This also makes them most loyal among zodiacs where if they give you a word then they will keep it at their own loss and suffering.

Sun rules 10th house/Leo and Moon rules 9th house/Cancer. As they rule only one house, they don't link it with any other house. Still, we can get some indications from this. It shows that they can get authority, recognition and confidence in life by empowering others. The more they make others empowered, the better they will themselves grow in career. As 10th house is natural house of Saturn which is enemy of Sun, it shows difficulties in relation with father or other authority figures. They should be always sharing their knowledge with others and nourishing them. This is where their mind will find peace. The more they share their knowledge with others, more peaceful they will find themselves.

Mars – It is 1st house and 6th house lord. Never mess with them as they will be revengeful. Because they face so many obstacles or conflicts in life and they overpower so many enemies that they love an idea of anyone messing with them. Now, how they will deal with enemy depends on Mars position. Mars in good dignity will make them behave in a dignified way even while dealing with enemies but weak Mars shows that person can be violent. This is where the difference between Good Scorpio and Bad Scorpio lies. Good Scorpio won't initiate any fight and will take actions only to defend himself. Bad Scorpio can get into unnecessary mess. Hence, the dignity of Mars and Moon (Mind) is most important here. They can be very hard working in their daily work life.

Jupiter - It is 2nd house and 5th house lord. They can be highly learned with great knowledge base. They normally make money through their knowledge and education. As they go through many transformations in their own life, they can easily share the wisdom with others as to how to go through a transformative phase in life. They can easily be guide or counsellors to others and as it remains the sign of Occult, they can be an Occult Counsellor too.

Saturn - It is 3rd house and 4th house lord. It makes them start their own business sooner or later in life. They may have very limited happiness or success in their home land. They can work for the longest of hours and are almost workaholic as their efforts and home are getting connected. So, even at home they are working all the time. It makes them go away from home land. It also makes their relationship with their mother stressful.

Venus - It is 7th house and 12th house lord. It directly connects their relationship with people of foreign lands. Their partner will have one or the other connection with foreign lands or foreign culture. Their partner may add to their own spirituality. Their business can be in spiritual matters or things related to foreign lands. At the same time, as 7th house is house of relationship and 12th house is house of losses, they feel that their relationship life is a matter of loss.

Mercury - It is 8th house and 11th house lord. It shows gains from business, serving people, communications and research oriented matters. It also shows that their income can go through change means they can change their professions. Being a Scorpio, their life is all about change. So, last thing they are bothered in life is "CHANGE". The more they are receptive towards changes in life and career, better their gains and recognition will be. Problem will only come when they resist the change.

Again, planetary position, dignity and dashas can change many a things here but foundation will remain like this.

8 done. 4 left.



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