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Pallas-Athena in Astrology


As I am getting more and more interested in Asteroids of Western Astrology, Pallas-Athena is the next Asteroid I studied recently and would like to share information about it. As I am no expert in Western Astrology, or even in any other stream of Astrology, please don’t consider this article as authoritative view on Pallas-Athena and please research further for common benefit. If anyone has any better information on Pallas-Athena then please feel free to add the same through comments.

Now, let’s understand Pallas-Athena on the basis of following points –

1. Pallas-Athena in Mythology and Astrology.
2. Mythological Story of Pallas-Athena.
3. Representations from the Mythological Story.
4. Interpretation of Pallas-Athena.
5. How to find Pallas?

Let’s cover all points one after the other –

1. Pallas-Athena in Mythology and Astrology –– As per Greek Mythology, Pallas-Athena is the daughter of Jupiter. She is also sister of Ares/Mars and Vesta Asteroid.

2. Mythological Story of Pallas-Athena – Mythological Story of Pallas says that she was born out of the head of Jupiter. It is like she split-open the head of Jupiter and came into existence. Of course, this is metaphor and we need to understand metaphor in right sense. She is considered as feminine pole of Mars. There is another story of Pallas that she accidentally killed her friend Athena during practice of Martial Arts. Some versions of the story say that Actually Athena killed Pallas. Due to regret or remorse or with purpose of constant reminder of her mistake, Pallas carried the name of Athena with her throughout and was called Pallas-Athena.

3. Representations/Symbolism from the Mythological Story – From this story, we can understand that Pallas-Athena works very much like Mars but as I said, she is feminine pole of Mars. We will understand what it means? Also, she has symbolism of Spear over cross which again represents her as a feminine warrior.
Emperor angelfish

4. Interpretation of Pallas-Athena – Now, as per my little understanding of this mythological story, Pallas-Athena in Astrology shows –

a. The fact that she was born out of Head of Jupiter makes me feel that Pallas-Athena would represent intellect and intuition. Jupiter is knowledge and wisdom. Jupiter’s child has to be intellect and intuition.

b. It also represents the area where we can be very articulate, wise or good strategist. It also shows our skills and arts.

c. Pallas-Athena also shows strong-willed nature and determination. As she remained loyal or committed to her Father, Pallas-Athena association with any house or house lord may represent that person will remain loyal and committed towards that area of life in all conditions.

d. Ares/Mars shows the assertive/masculine side of warrior which is about going out and fighting. Pallas-Athena shows the receptive/feminine side of warrior which is about strategy and planning.

e. We can also say that Mars is offensive part of warrior and Pallas-Athena is defensive part of warrior. In mythology, Warriors used to worship and pray to Ares/Mars and Pallas-Athena for their favor in war, as per their situation; i.e. either offence or defense.

f. Pallas-Athena can be in a strong position in charts of girls who are tom-boyish as her traits are highly tom-boyish.

g. In Man’s chart, Pallas-Athena will show the feminine qualities of negotiation and skills.

h. Pallas association with Athena shows the level of commitment and attachment people can have with their friends or with people related with houses where Pallas Athena is falling in chart.

5. How to find Pallas-Athena? - Just like Chiron & Lilith, Vedic Astrology Softwares rarely give information of Pallas-Athena. We need to make chart at any Western Astrology Site or Software. There you will find Pallas-Athena position. Now, take that Pallas-Athena position in Western Astrology chart and subtract it by 23 degree. This will give you position of Pallas-Athena in your Vedic Astrology chart. For example, Western Astrology chart shows my Pallas-Athena at 1 degree Aquarius. So, I just need to subtract 23 degrees from 1 degree Aquarius and I will get my Ceres at 8 degree 3rd house/Capricorn as per Vedic Astrology Chart. If you have Kala Software then all Asteroid positions are directly mentioned in chart.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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