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Relationship Synastry and Human Ego.

As I was going through this Relationship Synastry Posts and Planetary Relationship Synastry Posts, I got this question quite a few times from people that "as other person had bad time or experiences after meeting me, so is it so that he is suffering because of me". This question made me realize again that how deep ego can sit inside all of us!!! So, let's understand this concept today if a person really suffers or prospers because of another person?

1. Let's begin with this joke from Osho that Mullah Nasruddin was a chain smoker. He used to smoke 50+ Cigarettes everyday. His friends/family used to advice him regularly that he should quit it. One day Mullah said that even he wants to quit it from today only but there is a big issue? His well-wishers asked, and what is that? Mullah replied, the last time I quit smoking and the same day 2nd World War broke-out.

2. Such is human ego. People feel that because of them not smoking a Cigarette, countries start fighting against each other and if they are smoking today then they are doing a big service to humanity by avoiding a world war.

3. So, when a person says that because of him, other person is prospering or suffering in life then it is a disguised or hidden way of saying that I am running the show and I can decide prosperity and suffering of others.

4. We have to remember that we all are working as an instrument or tool for each other. None of us is Doer in this world. We all are playing our roles in each others lives.

5. If someone is bound to prosper, no one can stop him and if someone is bound to suffer, no one can prevent him. None is savior and none is destroyer. If I am meant to suffer then other person will just become a tool or instrument for that suffering. If not he, Universe would have sent any other person in my life to cause same suffering.

6. Normally, we ask that how something is going to happen? Don't worry about it. Universe knows 1000s of ways to do one job. How is always a Universe domain and it can make anyone a medium.

7. And this is an important advice in relationship matters. Normally, people say that they are suffering in life because of their partner. Well, first of all, who chose your partner? You only. So, ask yourself how you chose that person as partner. Then if you are choosing any other person as your partner in same unconscious and foolish state then no matter how many persons you change as partner, you are bound to reach the same state in your life. Only way out is awareness or consciousness. More aware you are, better people you will attract in life.

8. So, this thought is nothing but ego assertion that X person is suffering in life because of me. Only ego feels hurt and only ego feels guilt. When God made you meet that person then blame it on God. It is as simple as this.

9. Again, the purpose behind these synastry posts is not to tell people that they are suffering or prospering because of some other person but to let you know that what good/bad things you can expect from a relationship and how you should prepare for any such bad event. Like, even if X person is supposed to lose his job after relation with Y then it only means that h should start thinking about business after their relation. He is certainly not supposed to curse himself or the other person for losing the job.

10. Finally, relationships are tough for everyone. So, you are not going to be any exception. You will have your share of relationship issues and you need to find out ways by which you can still sustain relationship, if it is sustainable.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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