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Spiritual Musings - 7

Let’s start this part of Spiritual Musings with one of Bhagwan’s wisdom from The Book of Secrets –

So nothing can be said; you are not predictable. No one can say what will happen, how you will manifest it. Whether you will sing, dance, paint or remain silent no one can say. And it is good that nothing can be said, nothing can be predicted. That is the beauty. If it is predictable that you will be like this or that, then you will become a mechanical thing.

Predictions are possible only about mechanical devices. Human consciousness is unpredictable; that is its freedom.”

My understanding of Astrology suggests that our astrological chart shows that how our life should be rather than showing that how our life would be?

Because in between this "should be" and "would be", WE are standing with whole of our ego, egoistic desires and resistance.

Now, it is absolutely impossible to predict as to what an alive Human Consciousness will do at the last moment. We can involve ourselves in doing some act or we can refrain ourselves from doing the same act. This final decision of Human Consciousness is completely unpredictable.

And as Bhagwan said, it is good that it is unpredictable because otherwise it only means that we are living a mechanical life. Someone pushed a button and we started acting. Human Consciousness should not be reduced to this level.


That’s why; I never claimed that my predictions are perfect or going to be perfect as I know that free will of individual has the highest say at the end of the day. Not only I have no control over anyone else’s free will but a person like me would never try to have any control over anyone’s free will.


It means that occult predictions can come true on the basis of either of two reasons – 

  1. When Human Efforts are in complete alignment with Existential Energy or Divine Plan; or 
  2. When we are living a highly mechanical life.


Let’s understand both points one after the other - 

Aligned Consciousness - There is a thought in spiritual world that this whole world or life is just a play and things/events are just manifesting as per the divine plan. As we follow astrology and try to predict future events in our lives, this thought looks much more trustworthy than anything else. Things or events in life must be pre-destined as per a divine plan then only we can see them coming before-hand and predict about them. Although, I follow the concept of Destiny and Pre-destined Life but under the light of this article - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Destiny.

Now, there are times when we can be aligned with existential energy or divine plan by mistake or by chance. It is like Universe has a plan in place and somehow our desires are also in alignment with that plan. In that case, the predictions done by an occultist can come true. For example, Universe wants to provide me a real estate property in a given time as per my chart and I also started putting efforts in the same direction of buying a real estate property in the same timeline. As I am aligned with existential energy, if any astrologer makes a prediction of buying a property in this time then it may come true.

Now, Ego wants to feel in this case that whatever I thought came out as true. So, in such cases, Ego gets the boost that see, things happen as per my wishes/desires/thoughts. But fortunately, this is not the case because Ego desired many other things in life but those things/events never took place.

So, the only difference here was that this time human desires were in alignment with existential desire. But as I said, this is one of the exceptional situation because otherwise, we like to go against the existential energy. That also satisfies human ego that I am trying to do something against divine energy.

This is why; in my articles, during sessions, teachings or consultations, I only suggest people to get aligned with energy and direction shown by the chart. This is our best bet to get some favorable results in life.

Conditioned Mind - Now, another situation of getting some predictions manifested is when we are living a highly mechanical life. As Bhagwan says in above quotation, “Predictions are possible only about mechanical devices…...”.

So, this is another possibility where predictions can come true that we are living a highly mechanical life. And if we see honestly then we will realize that majority of us are living a highly mechanical life, up to the extent that our behavior/action/reaction in a specific situation can be easily predicted beforehand.


The best example to understand this is to realize that we have made life a highly compartmentalize journey where we are supposed to get educated till 25 years of age, then we are supposed to settle in a job and get married till 30 and then till 35 we should have couple of kids and then by 40s, we should be over-burdened by all types of loans etc.


If you see impartially then majority of us are living this type of life. Exceptionally, we get to hear stories of college dropouts starting a new venture or a person quitting his job and starting in business etc. or someone deciding not to go into family life etc. Those are exceptional cases and we console ourselves by saying that they are odd-one or may be just the lucky or unlucky one.


And if it is really so that we are living such a mechanical life then how difficult it is going to be for any occultist to predict as to what X person will be doing at which age? It is easy, right? Unless he is that exceptional odd-one.


So again, the split is between a conscious mind or conditioned mind. Either we can be living at consciousness level or at conditioned mind level. We should try as much as possible to live at consciousness level and try to align that consciousness with the existential energy or divine plan rather than living at mundane level of conditioned mind and living a mechanical life.


Try to be as unpredictable as you can be.




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