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Spiritual Musing - 15

Some generic questions I receive during consultations –

1. #WhyMe? – it is common to find this question from people who are going through rough time in life.

I understand their concern but I similarly understand that this question or complain is coming from egoistic point of view. Understand like this that we never ask #WhyMe when things go in life as per our desires. When someone gets married or has a child or gets promotion then he never asks #WhyMe but if the same person has a little bit of illness someday then automatically question comes #WhyMe.

What this shows is that we think that this existence can only do “good” to us. How dare this existence do anything wrong to me? Also, we never ask the same question when we see suffering of others. We never ask at that time as to #WhyHim or #WhyHer unless that person is somewhere connected with us in any relation or as a friend or even acquaintance which again shows that we complain only when egoistic connections are involved.

This reminds me of the beautiful story from Arthur Ashe (Wimbledon Winner) who was on death-bed due to infected blood transfusion by mistake. He was asked if he ever has this complain as to why this happened to him only.

Arthur Ashe replied – Millions of children start playing Tennis in their childhood but only a few thousands are able to play it professionally. Among those thousands, only a few hundreds get up to Grand Slams. Among those hundreds, only 128 enter Wimbledon and eventually only one player wins the Wimbledon. So, when I happened to win the Wimbledon I never asked the God as to #WhyMe. So, how can I ask now as to #WhyMe?

Reflecting over it may help us.

2. If everything is done by God then are Wars or Crimes also done by God?

Yes but only issue is that the person, who is committing a crime, or the politician, who is instigating a war, he is not aware while doing those acts that everything is done by God.

Try this for 24 hours. For 24 hours, have this continuous conscious thought while taking any action that everything is done by God. If you can be so conscious then you cannot take a damn wrong action during those 24 hours. Consciously, we can’t even shout at someone. Committing a crime or starting a War is too far a matter.

Everything is done by God in the sense that even to do some wrongful act, we need energy and that energy is coming from God itself. So eventually, God takes upon itself blame of our wrong actions but we could do the wrong act only because we were unconscious. That’s why; many Spiritual Gurus consider Consciousness as the only God or Godliness.

3. They say that this whole world and life is a God’s play or Maya or Illusion. So again, are crimes and wars also part of the same play or Maya?

Everything that has a beginning or an end is Maya or Illusion because the Truth is eternal. So, any activity which begins and ends is part of same Maya or Illusion.

Now again, everything is God’s play but the person who is committing a crime or instigating a war, he is not taking this world or life as a play. He is taking everything very seriously. Hence, the crimes and the wars. You cannot commit crimes or start a war if you are only playing as playing doesn’t even involving winning or losing or even competing. Playing means just enjoying the activity of play. When no winning or losing or competition is involved then a person who takes life as a play, can never even think of committing a wrong act as there is no need. Need of any wrong action arises only when we start taking life seriously.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

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