Spiritual Musing - 11

As we know that in astrology, one planet or one house or one sign represent multiple things. Sometimes they represent exactly opposite things too, like Mars represents Violence and Protection both and 12th house represents Meditation and Sex both. It is like our birth chart and planetary positions are offering us all the options to take actions and leaving upon us to choose our desired actions.

As I discussed before multiple times that these representations can be broadly categorized in 3 groups; Tamas, Rajas and Sattva level. Likewise, every individual can be either Tamas prominent or Rajas prominent or Sattva prominent. So, a Tamas prominent person will be more inclined towards Tamasic representations or actions of any house/planet/sign and likewise for other Rajasic and Sattvic prominent people where they will be inclined/attracted towards Rajasic and Sattvic representations or actions of any house/planet/sign respectively. Somehow, any meaningful discussion will always end into these 3 Gunas.

So, a Tamasic person will be inclined towards destructive representations of Mars, a Rajasic person will be inclined towards constructive representation of Mars and a Satvic person will be inclined towards protective representations of Mars. Again, although we all are at different levels of these 3 Gunas but these levels are not static. One can choose to move to the next level at any point of time. Existence has given this freedom to all.

That’s why; I never buy the logic of people who say that I did this because of my chart or planetary position because that chart or planetary position represents 1000s of other things too. Why you didn’t do those other actions? It is like, you wanted to do that particular activity because of your Guna Level, now you are seeking a refuge or excuse through your chart.

It is easy for me to understand this being an Osho Disciple. As we know that Osho is known as Sex Guru throughout, so you will easily find "SOME" Osho followers who engage in sexual activities and say that “Osho himself was Sex Guru, hence we are engaged in sexual activities”. As if Osho hadn’t been a Sex Guru then you wouldn’t have done Sex whole of your life. At least accept it honestly that you are Sexual and Osho is just becoming an excuse to flaunt that desire. Otherwise, there are 1000s of other preachings of Osho on different aspects of life. Why you don’t engage yourself in those activities?

I think that this is the best example to convey what I want to say here. I think it is high time that we should get rid of this approach that I committed this or that act because of my planets in my chart because same planetary position indicate 1000s of other activities but you chose that particular activity as per your nature or Guna.
So, if you are blessed with Mars in 7th house then please understand that it is not your obligation to beat your partner. Mars represents protection too and you can very well be protective towards your partner.

If Saturn is in your 5th house then you are not obligated to give cold treatment to child. You can very well try to humble your ego in raising your child.

If Ketu is in your 4th house or 10th house then it doesn’t become license to leave your parents in their old-age. You can very well perform all responsibilities towards them without any expectations of any return or keeping yourself detached from desire of any return from them.

With every life and every chart, existence provides us the opportunity to either Evolve or Devolve and leaves the eventual decision to either Evolve or Devolve on ourselves. With every choice which we make in life, we either evolve or devolve. Whenever we project our situations/sufferings/choices of life on others, we Devolve. Whenever we internalize our situations/sufferings/choices of life on ourselves and take full responsibility of our actions and behavior, we Evolve.

As Osho says, whatever is happening in your life, either good or bad, is either the result of your awareness + actions (good) or it is the result of your own ignorance + inactions (bad). Stop blaming others for your life as no evolution can take place by blaming others.

I add one more thing here that no evolution can take place by blaming planets or charts too. Internalizing, reflecting and resolving your issues deep within yourself are the ways to evolve. And whenever you look at planetary positions in your chart and try to choose any action as per those planetary positions then always look for the highest level of representations (Satva).

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