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Multiple Aspects on one House


There was a request for writing an article on multiple planetary aspects on 1 house. Like, what happens when many planets aspect at one house?


Let’s understand it –


Stellium – Before understanding multiple planets aspecting one house, it is important to understand Stellium of Planets in one house. As we know that when 3 or more planets are conjunct in 1 house, it is called Stellium of Planets. Wherever Stellium falls in your chart, things related with that house remains an area of life-focus. In any mahadasha or antardasha, person will be inclined towards things related with the house where Stellium falls in your chart. These articles may be helpful in understanding Stellium - https://www.astrosaxena.com/stellium and https://www.astrosaxena.com/Jim. If stellium is taking place during annual transits then during that transit period that house/sign related activities will become life focus as we had seen in last 2 years when Stellium was there in Sagittarius in 2019-end - https://www.astrosaxena.com/SagStellium and then Stellium was there in Capricorn in 2020-end - https://www.astrosaxena.com/CapriStel.


Aspects of Planets – First thing we should know that planet sitting in any house has more intensity in that house in comparison to planet aspecting another house. It is as simple as I will have more control over the room where I am sitting rather than over the room where I am aspecting/looking. I can change setting of room where I am sitting on my own but to change the setting of the room where I am looking at, I need support or help of other person sitting in that room. So, Planetary Positions are always stronger than Planetary Aspects.


Different Types of Aspects – Planetary Aspects can be divided in two parts –

  • Aspects of benefic planets – Aspects of benefic planets, especially gentle planets like Moon, Mercury and Venus, don’t hold much strength. They just show the desire of person towards the house they are aspecting. Now, if that desire will be accomplished or not depends on other planets who are either sitting in that aspected house or aspecting it too or that house lord position.
  • Among benefic planets, Jupiter’s aspect still holds much strength as it is heaviest and most expansive planet. Its aspect can bring some changes in the results of the houses where it is aspecting, especially when strong malefic like Saturn is not involved.
  • Aspects of Malefic Planets – Malefic Planets are always heavier and sterner energies than Benefic Planets, especially when benefic planets are also gentle planets like Moon, Mercury and Venus. So, Malefic Planets’ aspects will also have stronger impact than Benefic Planets’ aspects.


Hierarchy among Planets – To understand finally as to which planet is going to impact which planet in aspect (or in conjunctions too), we need to keep in mind the Hierarchy of Planets as follows –


Moon - As it remains the gentlest planet, it can't impact any other planet. It gets impacted by all other planets.


Mercury - It impacts Moon but gets impacted by other planets.

Venus - It impacts Moon & Mercury but gets impacted by other planets.


Sun - It impacts Moon, Mercury & Venus but gets impacted by Nodes and Saturn.


Mars - It impacts Moon, Mercury & Venus but gets impacted by Nodes and Saturn.


Jupiter - It impacts Moon, Mercury & Venus but gets impacted by Nodes and Saturn.


Exception - I would consider Sun, Mars and Jupiter equally strong and they can impact each other. Hence, end result depends on the chart and which planet among them is in better dignity in a particular chart.


Nodes - They impact everyone, except Saturn.


Saturn - As the Big Boss, it impacts everyone and no one impacts it.


Impact of Multiple Planets aspecting a House – Now, the main question - what happens when many planets aspect at one house?


Following things become important –

  • House/Sign – First of all, the things represented by the house or sign are important as the Planetary Aspects are impacting the results of that house or sign only.
  • Benefic Planets’ Aspects – Then we need to see if majority of planets aspecting are benefic or malefic by nature. If Benefic Planets are aspecting and no malefic planet is sitting or aspecting that aspected house then we can expect some beneficial results coming from this aspect.
  • If one of the aspecting planet is Jupiter and Jupiter is aspecting with its 5th house or 9th house aspect then person will gain only when he 1st educates himself about the matters related with that house.
  • Now, if benefic planets are aspecting and malefic planets are sitting in that aspected house then we have to follow the above Hierarchy Rule to find out which planet is having the higher say in giving the final results.
  • Needless to say that house lord’s position is also important.
  • Malefic Planets’ Aspects – Now, if many malefic planets are aspecting any house/sign then the results will be impacted by Malefic Planets only. No matter which benefic planet is sitting or aspecting the aspected house but malefics will have higher say, especially when Saturn is aspecting that house.
  • Among aspects, Mars’s 8th aspect and Saturn’s any aspect on a house is difficult one for results of that house.


Conclusion – So, there can’t be a short reply to this question as to what happens when many planets aspect at one house? But if those aspecting planets are malefic planets then results of the aspected house will certainly be impacted by malefic planets.


Hope this helps. Thanks,


Swami Premanand Bharti

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