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Transit of Mars in Pisces in May-June, 2022.


So, Mars is all set for its next transit of 45 days in the sign of Pisces. This transit will take place from 17th May, 2022 to 27th June, 2022. So, here are some results we can expect during this transit of Mars in Pisces –

  • First of all, Mars will be in friendly sign in Pisces. So dignity-wise, we have a strong Mars in our support. Again, as Mars represents actions and efforts, a dignified Mars only shows that we are motivated to take right actions. Mars in Pisces will inspire us to be dignified in our actions and efforts.
  • Pisces is all about imagination, spirituality and creative pursuits. So, Mars transit in Pisces will make us inclined to put actions in the field of spirituality and imagination. We can follow our creative interests or imagination with higher intensity.
  • Mars is a Warrior and Pisces is Spirituality. So, this combination creates a spiritual warrior. This position in birth chart or in transit can make someone go towards Physical Exercise/Gymnasium, Meditation, Yoga or Martial Arts etc. Any activity where Spirituality and Physical Actions are combined can be seen as action of Mars in Pisces.
  • Again, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and right now Jupiter is also in Pisces, all the above results will be more apparent. At the same time, Jupiter represents our belief systems and Mars represents a Warrior. So again, it can create a situation where people will be ready to fight for what they believe-in. Only thing is that none should become rigid or fundamentalist with their approach. We should always be receptive to listen to other’s point of view. Bigotry should have no place in our lives.
  • Then in whichever house Mars is transiting in your chart, you can find yourself more active or energetic in things related to that house. Like for me, it is transiting 5th house/Pisces, so I can be more involved with my creative work and counselling. Also, the people related with the house would feel that you are being dominating towards them during this transit. Like for Virgo ascendant people, Mars is transiting 7th house/Pisces and they will assert the aggression, dominance and control over their partner. Again, it is not a good trait to be controlling of others which is nothing but a sign of your own insecurities. So, we need to avoid any such situation.
  • As Mars represents bloodshed, injury, accidents and surgeries too, one should be careful against these events during this transit especially if Mars is transiting through Dushthana houses, 1st house, 3rd house or 4th house. In 1st house, person can feel angrier and may need to divert his anger and aggression in Physical activities.

Then there are a few joint impacts created by Mars’s transit in Pisces which are as follows –

  • First of all, Mars in Pisces will be hemmed by Saturn and Rahu on either side. Saturn in Aquarius and Rahu in Aries create Paap Kartari Yoga for Mars-Jupiter in Pisces. So, aforementioned results will be experienced by people but there will be sense of limitation and frustration due to this hemming.
  • Mars in Pisces will aspect Gemini with 4th aspect. This can create lots of stress, anger and frustration in house where Gemini is falling in chart as Mars Fiery and Gemini is sign of communication which can make people to exhibit their anger through communication. Again, anger and frustration needs to be redirected to positive activities with awareness. For about 10 days, from 15th June to 27th June, 2022, this result can be more apparent as another fiery planet Sun will be transiting in Gemini. Even Mars 7th aspect will be on another Mercury’s sign Virgo. So, we certainly need to be careful and cautious of our communications and travelling, as Mercury-Mars energy exchange can also bring anger.
  • But where I think that we need to be most careful is with Mars’ 8th aspect which is naturally most troublesome as it carries 8th house energy of sudden events and moreover, it is going on Ketu in Libra. Mars-Ketu energy exchange creates Scorpio energy as they co-rule Scorpio. So, wherever Libra falls in your chart, you can expect some sudden events and changes coming in that area of life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a negative event. In spiritual matters, it can also bring sudden awakening or any spiritual experience.

Final event will always depend on overall chart, dashas and transits.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti


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