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Mars Transit in Cancer, June-2019

So, Mars is all set for its next transit in Cancer from tomorrow for next 45 days. As 45 days is good enough time for an event to take place, I place more importance on Mars's transits among planets of shorter duration of transits. At the same time, I like to use Mars transit along with other planetary transits to see the kind of joint impact they are making for us.

So, here are the important points -

1. Mars transit in Cancer will be from 22nd June, 2019 to 7th Aug, 2019. 1st of all it will bring some relief to Gemini sign where 4 planets' energy is accumulated right now.

2. Mars is debilitated in Cancer which makes this transit more troublesome. Mars is weakest here. Now, what does it mean?

3. Mars represents our actions, efforts, anger, dominance, will-power, courage & ability to fight etc. Now, when Mars is debilitated or weak in transit then it shows that our actions and efforts can be in wrong directions. We can be spending our time and energy in useless pursuits.

4. Our anger or aggression can be ill-directed. We can throw our frustration or anger at people who don't deserve it. Anyways, I don't think anyone deserves anyone else's anger or frustration. But as Mars is in weakest dignity, our aggression can be misdirected.

5. As Mars is also karaka of violence or bloodshed, events like accidents, violent activities and surgeries can be on a high. People need to be careful while travelling or driving.

6. These negative events or activities can be more prominent if Mars is transiting through dushthana houses, i.e. 6th house, 8th house and 12th house in anyone's chart or losing its Dig Bala in 4th house. Such people need to take utmost care for their health and should not throw their frustration on others.

7. As Mars rules Aries and Scorpio signs, people of these 2 ascendants or Moon sign also need to take extra care regarding their physical health. They can feel an overall lethargy or no desire to make any effort whatsoever. Same thing can be seen for Cancer ascendant as Mars will be transiting their 1st house of physical body.

8. Now, every house represents some relations in our life. So, whichever house Mars is transiting in your chart, your aggression can be directed towards people represented by that house. Like, an Aries ascendant person can find relation with Mother or home environment charged up whereas a Gemini ascendant person will feel the pinch in family life and can have aggressive speech. So, we need to be careful while dealing with such people to maintain the cordial relation. Like, from Sagittarius to Pisces ascendant, Mars will be transiting in houses which represent romantic relationship or conflicts in relation. Hence, they need to show more patience to sustain their relationship.

9. As Venus enters in to Gemini towards the month-end we will revisit this analysis to know why coming 3-4 months can be very tough for relationship matters.

10. Now, these results can be more prominent if someone is under Mars dasha (MD/AD/PD) or someone is born with Mars in Cancer or in enemy sign. They can see the results apparently on the face.

11. Finally, there will be some joint impacts taking place during this transit -

a. Jupiter will be aspecting Mars in Cancer from Scorpio. So, the house where Cancer falls in your chart will have joint impact of Jupiter and Mars. As Mars rules Scorpio and it is debilitated in transit, it will weaken Jupiter in Scorpio for 45 days and then, as Jupiter expands things, its aspect on Mars in Cancer is going to expand anger and aggression of Mars. So, I won't like to think that Jupiter's aspect is saving grace here. At least not in Jeeva Karakas.

b. Rahu from Gemini and Mars from Cancer will aspect Libra sign. Rahu+Mars creates scene of over-aggressiveness. Hence, we can be over-aggressive, controlling or dominating related to the things of the house where Libra falls in chart. Like for me, it is 12th house of expenses. So, it can make me over-spend. So, I should keep my spending habits in check.

c. Then most importantly, Rahu from Gemini, Mars from Cancer and Saturn from Sagittarius will aspect Aquarius sign. Rahu-Saturn-Mars together can only create immense stress for things related with house where Aquarius falls and may require us to work really hard towards that house. So, whichever house Aquarius falls in your chart, you can see immense stress.

d. Last but not the least, from 17th July to 17th Aug, at least 3 planets will be transiting in Cancer at any given time. It will make us focus and deal with issues related with the house where Cancer falls in our chart.

Again, these results will be more prominent if you are under dasha of these planets and we need to become aware to take proactive measures against any such event. Final result or event always depend on overall chart, dashas and transits of all planets.



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