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Mars Transit in Aquarius, 2018

So after spending 6 months in Capricorn and completing the conjunction with Ketu there, Mars is in Aquarius now. Following things become important for next 45 days or so.

1. Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius create a Paap Kartari Yoga for Capricorn in between. As Capricorn is sign of Govt and Authority, this may not be a good phase for people in Govt or in authoritative position. Especially now, when Sun (Govt and Authority) is also debilitated/weakest in Libra. Recent US mid-term pole and Democrats regaining the lost ground can be linked with this development in Sky. As India is heading towards assembly elections in 4-5 states later in month, the same story of losing power and authority by those who are in power can be repeated in India.

2. At personal level, the house, where Capricorn falls in your chart, can see a situation where things are completely stuck and no progress in next 45 days. It is more relevant for Jeeva Karakas of that house rather than Ajeeva Karakas.

3. Mars in Aquarius is also getting aspect of Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn-Mars together creates stress and environment where we have to work extra hard to get things moving. So, whichever house Aquarius is falling in your chart, you can see some extra stress and need to work hard in things related with that house.

4. Likewise, Ketu from Capricorn and Mars from Aquarius are aspecting Taurus sign. It again creates stress and environment where we have to work really hard and we can expect some transformative events in that house related things. So, whichever house Taurus is falling in your chart, you can see some changes and hard work in things related with that house.

5. Another thing that is happening now is Saturn-Ketu-Mars all are aspecting Virgo. As all these are malefic planets, again we can see some stress and need to work hard related to the things of the house where Virgo is falling.

6. So, there will be stress or frustration around houses where Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius are falling in your chart. Most of the stress will be related with living significance of these houses.

Avoid situations of getting into arguments, fights and conflicts with people related with these houses. Obvious care need to be taken to avoid accidents or injuries as all 3 are super-malefics. Again, Meditation and Awareness is the only remedy.



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