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Mars Transit in Aries in Aug-Oct, 2020

Mars will enter in Aries sign on 16th Aug, 2020. In many ways, this transit of Mars is different from normal 45 days of transits. Let's see the complexities involved during this transit of Mars -

1. As I said, Mars will enter in own sign Aries on 16th Aug, 2020. Mars represents our actions, efforts, aggression and courage etc. Aries represents almost same things. As Mars is in own sign, it should b considered as a very good transit to be assertive and active in life, especially in the area of life which is represented by the house where Aries falls in our chart. But here is the twist.

2. Mars is about to retrograde on 10th Sep, 2020. As such, its speed is very slow. We can get an idea of its speed from the fact that normally Mars travels 1 degree in 1.5 days. But during transit from 16th Aug to 10th Sep, it will cover only 4 degrees. This shows that Mars will be very slow during its transit into Aries sign.

3. Then on 3rd Oct, 2020, it will return back into Pisces sign. We will cover that transit when Mars comes back in Pisces. Let’s focus on Mars in Aries transit now to avoid confusion. So, Mars will remain in Aries from 16th Aug to 3rd Oct.

4. As I said, Mars & Aries represent almost similar things like, our actions, efforts, aggression and courage etc. So, when Mars is in Aries, we can be very active & action-driven in our overall life. We can be very active in matters related with houses ruled by Mars in our chart through its signs Aries & Scorpio and the house where it transits in our chart in Aries sign.

5. But now, as speed of Mars is very slow, it can be the case of person is only ambitious to put his best efforts and actions but he is unable to put those efforts and actions in reality.

6. So, this slow speed of Mars and then retrograde movement of Mars in Aries can bring lethargy, procrastination & laid-back attitude. End result would be that we won’t be able to achieve during this transit as much as we hope for and this can lead to utter frustration as person is ambitious to achieve big but he is unable to put efforts for that achievement.

7. So, to get rid of this situation, we have to overcome lethargy, procrastination & laid-back attitude. And there is only one way to overcome these things that we should put double efforts. Just like when we want to overcome any fear then we have to face that fear and go beyond it, likewise to overcome this situation of procrastination, we have to put double efforts in matters related with Mars & the houses it rules in our chart.

8. So, the biggest challenge during this transit will be to overcome this laid-back attitude and procrastination. Whosoever does it, he will gain during this transit. This is where we can understand Mars’ retrograde energy too. As it is closer to Earth, it is reaching us with more intensity and making us work harder. So, we need to push ourselves beyond our conceived limits.

9. Then other generic results of Mars retrograde will be there, like we will reflect back on our past actions and efforts. We should reflect back at those moments where anger overpowered us, as it is the biggest failure for an individual. We would reflect back at things related with houses which are ruled by Mars in our chart. Retrograde Mars can also bring confusion in matters of what actions we should take? This confusion can make us take actions in wrong direction.

10. If Mars is ruling or transiting in Dushthana houses or 3rd house/4th house, then we need to be careful against health issues and accidents.

11. Normally, dashas are seen for end-results but when a planet is transiting so slow in a sign then it is better to be inclusive and be careful.

Now, some joint impacts created through this transit of Mars in Aries –

a. For best part of this transit, Jupiter-Ketu will aspect at Mars from Sagittarius sign. Jupiter’s aspect on Mars shows that we need to learn and educate ourselves about the right directions of our actions and then we should put our actions. So, Jupiter’s aspect brings the need for awareness while taking actions.

b. Ketu aspect on Mars and then Mars aspect on Ketu when Ketu moves into Scorpio in Sep, 2020 shows the need to be careful against accidents, injuries or bloodshed. It can also be the time when person can be headless about his actions & aggression. Again, Jupiter and its aspect on Mars is the answer which brings the need for awareness while taking actions.

Overall, this can be time period where we may need to be very careful about our actions and be aware before taking any action.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

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