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How to see Longevity through Astrology?

There was a request to write about the ways to see person’s longevity through astrology. Let’s cover this topic on following points –

Life and Death
8th House
3rd House
Maraka Houses
Ascendant and Ascendant Lord.

Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Life and Death – First of all, can we really know through astrology as to how much is someone’s longevity in his current incarnation or how long someone will live or when his soul is going to pass-away? In my considered opinion, it is not possible to know about these things with certainty. It is for the simple reason that if I can decode and decide when someone is going to pass-away then it is like I am placing myself as equal to God or Universe. Then what remains the difference between myself, as an individual, and Universe if I can decide who is going to live and who is going to die?

So, we need to understand this thing clearly that as a human being, we cannot decode someone’s longevity or death with certainty through astrology.

Then what we can know?

8th House – 8th house is the main house seen for knowing someone’s longevity but it is also house of death and re-birth or major transformation in life. So, 8th house not only can show about our probable longevity in this incarnation but it also shows the circumstances when we can go through some major changes in our lives. Now, these major events can include the physical death of someone but it is not the only event which can bring a transformation in your life.

For example, I have gone through many different changes in my career and if someone, who has seen me as a Lawyer, sees me now as Swami Premanand Bharti then they will find it difficult to believe that this is the same person. So, it is like I have gone through Death and Re-birth of some nature although it didn’t bring the physical death.

This introduction is necessary to understand that 8th house not only shows your longevity but it also shows major changes you can go through in life along with many other different things in life.
At the same time, planets in good dignity in 8th house and strong dignity of 8th house lord can indicate about possible good longevity of person. Gaj Kesari Yoga, Saraswati Yoga and Shubh Kartari Yoga involving 8th house also shows possibility of long life to someone.

Traditionally, it is considered that if there are too many planets in 8th house then person can be under threat of losing life very early but as I see, it all depends on the dignity of planets in 8th house and dignity of 8th house lord. If both of these dignities are strong then it shows that person can have good longevity though he can still go through many instabilities in his life which is nature of 8th house.

Osho himself had 5 planets in 8th house and still lived till 60 years of age as all those planets were in good dignity and 8th house lord Jupiter was exalted. Likewise, I have some friends/clients who have 3 to 5 planets in 8th house but they are living a good enough life so far. Many of them are in their 50s right now. One of my Uncle recently passed away at 70+ age and he had 4 planets in 8th house.

So, it cannot be said that just because someone has too many planets in 8th house then he is bound to be short-lived. Even with planets with weak dignity in 8th house and 8th house lord in weak dignity, we can’t make any judgment. At most, we can say that person can have many ups and downs in life and can suffer from critical ailments.

Deciding about someone’s life and death is beyond the scope of predictions made by human beings.

3rd House – 3rd house is 8th from 8th house. Hence, it becomes Bhavat Bhavam of 8th house. So, all the things we discussed about 8th house applies here as is. Only difference is that I consider Bhavat Bhavam House as the secondary house. So, I will first check the 8th house for longevity matters and then I will try to interpret 3rd house.

Maraka Houses – In an astrological chart, 2nd house and 7th house are known as Maraka Houses. Planets ruling these two houses and Planets placed in these houses can be called as Maraka Planets.

Why they are called Maraka Houses? – As discussed, we see 8th house as house of Death and Re-birth. But 8th house is also a house of Longevity. Now, 3rd house is 8th from 8th house. Hence, it becomes Bhavat Bhavam of 8th house, i.e. another house which can be seen for Longevity. Now -

7th house is 12th from 8th house. So, it becomes the house of Loss of Longevity, i.e. The Death.

Likewise, 2nd house is 12th from 3rd house. So, it becomes another house of Loss of Longevity, i.e. The Death.

Last year, I wrote a whole series of article on Maraka Houses and Maraka Dashas for each ascendant - https://www.astrosaxena.in/.../cat.../44/maraka-dasha-series. It might be a good help on this topic. These articles can again tell us that Maraka Houses can bring much more than only Death-like circumstances. Also, Maraka Houses not only indicate that when person can have difficulty in matters of life and health but it can also help us understand about the possible longevity.

Understand it like this, if Planets in Maraka Houses and Maraka Lords are strong then it shows that person will be able to recover from his health issues, even if they are of critical and fatal nature. So, it shows that person can have long life.

Also, if someone is not even starting his Maraka Dasha till very old age then it is also an indication that someone can have a very long life.

Ascendant and Ascendant Lord – Ascendant shows the person, his Physical Body and Immune System. If planets in Ascendant are strong and Ascendant Lord is strong then also it is indication towards good longevity.

Saturn – Among planets, Saturn is Time. Saturn is actually the time we are spending here in this life. Good dignity of Saturn can indicate long life for someone. Again, it is only one factor among many. So, if a person has weak dignity of Saturn then it is not that he is bound to have a short life.

Sun – Sun represents Overall Health. Sun’s good dignity also contributes towards someone’s good longevity.

Mahadasha/Antardasha – As always, results will be manifested in a dasha which is activating Maraka Houses or 8th house/3rd house. These are the times when someone should be careful about his overall health and take all necessary precautions.

Conclusion – This is how I see longevity in someone’s chart. Going through Maraka Dasha Series is going to help people further in this matter.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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