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Karmic Connection Series - Serial Killers and their parenting

This is next article in series of looking at Karmic Connection between two souls towards each other. Please go through the introductory article here 

https://www.astrosaxena.com/kcs. We all know the importance of right parenting of a child in making the good future of child. We all are also aware of damages which wrong parenting can cause to a child. 

In one of my earlier articles on criminals (https://www.astrosaxena.com/omc), I have tried to link their actions with the kind of childhood they had and we had seen how every criminal had a disturbed childhood and difficult experiences with their parents. 

Today, we will look at charts of Jeffrey Dahmer 


Ed Kemper (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmund_Kemper). 

The reason why I am choosing these two gentlemen is that despite all the chaos Jeffrey Dahmer created for himself and people around him, his father always tried his best to guide him and tried to show him the right path which is rare to see in cases of serial killers. On the other hand, the only major reason Ed Kemper feels behind him becoming a criminal was the difficult experiences he had from his Mother. We will try to understand their difficult relationship with their parents.  So, let’s begin –


Birth Details – Following are their birth details available online for both of them –

Jeffrey Dahmer was born on 21st May, 1960 at 16.34 pm at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

Ed Kemper was born on 18th Dec, 1948 at 23.04 pm at Burbank, California, USA.

Chart Introduction – Following are their chart details –

Jeffrey Dahmer was Virgo ascendant person with Saturn-Jupiter in 4th house/Sagittarius, Ketu in 6th house/Aquarius, Mars-Moon in 7th house/Pisces, Venus in 8th house/Aries, Sun-Mercury in 9th house/Taurus and Rahu in 12th house/Leo.

Ed Kemper was Leo ascendant person with Saturn in 1st house/Leo, Ketu in 3rd house/Scorpio, Venus in 4th house/Scorpio, Sun-Mercury-Jupiter-Mars in 5th house/Sagittarius, Rahu in 9th house/Aries and Moon in 12th house/Cancer.


a. Jeffrey Dahmer and his Father - Now, if someone doesn’t know about Jeffrey Dahmer. He was one of the most prolific serial killer of 20th Century. Besides that, he was a Necrophile and Cannibal too. His father’s name was Lionel Dahmer and this is where things were different between Jeffrey and other serial killers. Jeffrey Dahmer got a very good upbringing and support of caring parents. Although, his parents separated when he was around 10 and it had an impact on him as a child where he became very introvert and secluded but his Mother and Father never abandoned their joint responsibility of looking after Jeffrey. Also, they both were well-educated and knew the importance of right education, guidance and career for their Son. After divorce of his parents, Jeffrey 1st stayed with his Father and then with his Grandmother. A thing which really stands out in case of Jeffrey Dahmer was the role of his Father. Lionel Dahmer tried his level best to give Jeffrey best education at School and College level. When Jeffrey started showing very early signs of disturbed child then his father tried his best to guide him, first at personal level and then even through professional counsellors. He guided Jeffrey time and again about his career options and when Jeffrey didn’t show much interest then his Father was there to make him aware that his doors are closing down. I feel Lionel Dahmer realized very early as to the potential of Jeffrey for committing something terrible, that’s why when Jeffrey was once arrested on a minor offence, Lionel actually wrote a letter to Judge that Jeffrey should not be allowed to be free easily and should be given proper psychological treatment before he is again walking free.

So, we can see that although it was a very difficult Father-Son relationship but Lionel Dahmer tried his level best to guide his son and this is what it should be. I meant to say that all we can do is to guide and counsel others and try to get them on right track. If they continue to be on wrong track then it is their wish but at least no one should be in position to say that I didn’t get right guidance else I would have approached my life differently. After all these efforts from his Father, Jeffrey Dahmer has only himself to blame with respect to whatever he did with his life.

b. Ed Kemper and his Mother - On the other hand, Ed Kemper had a very difficult relation with his Mother. His parents never had a good relation and were separated. After separation, Ed stayed with his Mother and his Mother treated him as the burden of her marriage and ex-husband. She used to make fun of Ed on daily basis and used to taunt him as worthless and of no use whatsoever. Actually, I can’t even write all the tortures Ed had to face from his Mother. Please check the Wikipedia link and you will know that.

Result of all that torture was obvious. Ed had grown-up as a violent child. By age 15, he murdered his own grandparents. After releasing from prison at the age of 25, he killed 8 more. Last of his victim was his Mother and after that he surrendered himself to police.

So, we can see that it was a very difficult relation between Ed and his Mother.

Astrological Understanding - Here are important points in their charts which can be seen to understand their relationship with their parents –

Jeffrey Dahmer – Here are important points in Jeffrey’s chart related with his Father -

10th house represents Father and Sun represents Father.

10th house/Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Mercury also rules 1st house/Virgo. So, for every Virgo ascendant person, their Father is a big influence in their lives.

Mercury is with Sun in 9th house/Taurus. 9th house is the most auspicious house. Sun and 10th house lord Mercury both in 9th house shows that his Father was an auspicious presence in his life.

This also creates a Buddha-Aditya Yoga. As 9th house is house of guidance too, his Father was always there to guide him on right path. Mercury is in friendly sign there. Sun in enemy sign in 9th house/Taurus shows his Father’s frustration in not being able to bring Jeffrey on right track.

So, all these planetary positions show continuous support and guidance from Father but the frustration of Father as all those efforts went in vein.

Ed Kemper - Here are important points in Ed’s chart related with his Mother –

4th house represents Mother and Moon represents Mother

For every Leo ascendant person, relationship with Mother is difficult because 4th house of Mother has the most difficult sign Scorpio. It has 2 lords Mars and Ketu.

Ketu is in 3rd house and Mars is in 5th house. This creates a paap kartari yoga for 4th house and Venus in 4th house/Scorpio. This shows Ed’s desire to have a convenient home life and pleasant relation with Mother but what he got in return was one of the most terrible experiences ever.

There was another paap kartari yoga for 2nd house as it was surrounded by Saturn-Ketu on either side. This again shows very limited happiness from Family.

One can say that Moon is in own sign Cancer which should have supported his relation with Mother. True but it is in 12th house of losses. So, there was a need to work on this relation from both sides to gain from it. Unfortunately, Ed’s Mother didn’t want to work on it.

Mahadashas– Now, the important thing is their dashas -

Jeffrey Dahmer - Jeffrey committed most of his crimes in Venus MD and as Venus was in 8th house/Aries, he was not only involved in chaotic matters but he was able to keep them as secret but again, truth came to light with Sun MD in 1991.

Ed Kemper – 8 out of 10 of his murders took place after start of Ketu MD in 1972. As Ketu is, he became headless and went on killing spree.


Conclusion – We can see that there was some big karmic connection between these individuals. But at the end of the day, you are responsible for your actions. Going through some abuse or difficulty in life doesn’t mean that you have right to take someone’s life. It only means that you need some help through counselling or some other ways, just like Jeffrey’s Father tried to help him through all the ways available.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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