Occult, Meditation and Prevention of Crimes.

As there are lots of planets transiting in Scorpio and Sagittarius in recent times, I have been doing a kind of research on Cult Leaders, Mass Murderers and Psychopath/Sociopath Criminals. I have already covered couple of these cases with charts of Rev Jim Jones ( and Mark David Chapman (, but it was interesting to find out that majority of these criminals follow a common life pattern and they also have something common in their astrological charts. It also means that if these people can get help at right time and at very initial stages then not only we can guide them to live a better life but we can save lots of other people who end-up in becoming their victims. The main purpose behind this article is to see if we can reduce the possibilities of these crimes and create a better society around ourselves.

Let’s cover this short study on the basis of following points –

Individuals Involved

Social Life Pattern

Their Astrological Charts

Common Point

Steps to be taken at all levels


Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Individuals Involved – Here, I am taking following individuals as examples who have committed horrific and inhuman crimes. They will be remembered forever as horrible humans which no one wants to be. Let’s see the names and details here –

Social Life Pattern – Now, if you research about these people even little bit then you will find some common life patterns in their social life. These are –

  • Almost all of them belong to a dysfunctional family. Their parents either got divorced/separated or they had no idea about their biological parents while growing-up. Understand that childhood is foundation of life. Over that foundation only, we can hope to build a strong structure. If foundation itself is weak then it would be a miracle if child still is able to keep his life on track.
  • We all know that family is our first school and parents are our first teachers. So, if family environment in childhood is of stress and aggression then it is easy for a child to lose his track of life in absence of proper guidance.
  • Then in almost all cases, the parent/guardian with whom they lived, after separation/divorce of their parents, treated them in a very strict manner. The parent was not concerned with their development as a child and treated them as a burden of their broken marriage/relationship. Only exceptional case is of Jeffrey Dahmer. Although his parents separated but his father did all he could to guide Jeffrey on right path. His father tried to get him right education, treatment, healing, counselling, sessions with Psychologist, Jobs and timely advices to guide Jeffrey properly but Jeffrey didn’t respond. His Father even wrote and requested the Judge of one of Jeffrey’s Cases to not to release Jeffrey on easier terms as he doesn’t see Jeffrey showing any improvement in outside world.
  • Then as they don’t get proper family support, guidance, environment and societies are forever irresponsible towards everyone who needs any help, they become very introvert and not interact with other people around them. It is a sign of their insecurities, fear and lack of confidence which stops them from going outward. They have a certain inferiority complex but they don’t show it on other people because they realize that if they show it then they will be considered them as weak.
  • And from here, they start on the path of Crime because understand it psychologically that if I am feeling weak inside me then the only way-out of this feeling I may be able to think is to overpower someone physically. By doing that, at least I can convince myself that “I am not weak, see I just overpowered that guy”. So, fear, insecurity and inferiority complex is the main reason behind any crime.
  • Now, we may find it interesting that in many cases, their first victims are small animals. It is so because small animals can’t resist the human strength for a long time and animals also can’t complain about their suffering to others. So, by beating or killing animals, they find their 1st sense of strength. This action should be considered as one of the Red Flag by Societies because if someone is not feeling the pain while hitting an animal then it is a big possibility that this person can also hit another human being. Counselling and rehabilitation work must start from here only but often we ignore these incidents.
  • And then they finally commit some crime which gives them a sense of superiority over other’s life. In cases of cult leaders, the more followers they have, more powerful they feel about themselves. In matters of serial killers or inhuman crimes, the number of crimes they commit or number of victims they have give them similar ego satisfaction.
  • So, we can see that it is not one fine day someone gets up and decides to do a crime. There are many layers and steps which a person passes to become a criminal. None is born criminal. In 99.99% of cases, pathetic family environment, lack of support & guidance and irresponsible societies create criminals.
  • At the same time, societies and families get enough indications that something horrific is coming their way and they must start acting over the person to guide him properly to avoid the situation of committing any crime. This is why I feel that any crime committed is a collective failure of societies.

Their Astrological Charts – At the same time, it is interesting to note that there is something common in astrological charts of all these individuals. Let’s see, what it is –

  • Jim Jones - Born on May 13, 1931. Moon at the axis of Nodes and conjunct with 6th lord Venus.
  • David Koresh - Born on Aug 17, 1959. Moon in Capricorn with Rahu aspecting it.
  • Warren Jeffs - Born on Dec 3, 1955. Moon in Cancer with Rahu aspecting it.
  • Charles Manson - Born on Nov 12, 1934. Moon with Saturn-Rahu in Capricorn.
  • Ted Bundy - Born on Nov 24, 1946. Moon in Scorpio along with Sun-Mars-Ketu-Mercury.
  • Jeffrey Dahmer - Born on May 21, 1960. Moon in Pisces with 8th house lord Mars.
  • Ariel Castro - Born on July 10, 1960. Moon in Capricorn and in Paap Kartari Yoga between Saturn-Ketu.
  • Josef Fritzl - Born on April 9, 1935. Moon in Gemini and its lord Mercury is debilitated.
  • Wolfgang Přiklopil - Born on May 14, 1962. Moon in Virgo with Mars-Ketu aspect on it.
  • Mark David Chapman - Born on May 10, 1955. Moon in Sagittarius with Rahu and getting aspects of Mars-Saturn.

Common Point – As we can see that in no chart Moon is in good position. Only in Warren Jeffs chart, Moon is in own sign but there also, it gets aspect of Rahu which creates emotional imbalance and mental instability. In the chart of Mark David Chapman (, we had seen how important is Moon’s position in chart because it represents Mind and in the end, we only do those actions which are permitted by our mind. So, it is of utmost importance to have a good Moon position in chart. This is also the reason why I pay most emphasis on Moon’s position when people ask me for Muhurt of C-Section - . We all go through good/bad times but good dignity and no affliction of Moon shows that person will keep a strong balanced mind during those times of instabilities. So, Moon remains the most important planet among all.

Steps to be taken at all levels – Now, it is important that such individuals must get help at all steps, especially when they are growing up. I also feel that basic awareness of Astrology should be created among people worldwide so that parents could at least know that there is a special kid at their home and they need to deal with him in a special way. Following steps must be taken by society, family and nations to prevent such people from going in wrong steps –

  • As we know that Family is first educational home and parents are first teachers for any kid. Hence, parents and families would have to take responsibilities upon themselves of ensuring a good childhood to the kids. Ensuring a convenient and luxurious life is important but they must also take the responsibilities of instilling moral values and teaching them to be sensitive towards others feelings.
  • If Parents and Families are not doing their job properly then responsibility falls on to the Society. Societies can’t just turn its blind eyes towards such neglected children because if they walk on to wrong path then they are going to hit the same irresponsible society hard. It is important to create healing, counselling and guiding centres in every city, so that these neglected and ignored children can be addressed on time and guided properly.
  • One thing which can definitely help in creating awareness and sensitivity towards others is Meditation. I might have written 1000 times that Meditation is the only remedy as it brings awareness of your situation. You become aware as to what you can do and what you cannot do? Just like Astrology, if we can create a general awareness around meditation then I can guaranty you that 90% of these crimes will not happen. Meditation should be part of Schools daily activity. Here important thing is that a Child only copies his parents. So, if you want your child to meditate then it is important that 1st you should start meditating. Within few days, your child will do the same.
  • Then pay attention to any activity which you normally don’t associate with children. That activity can be an indication about the possibility of being a criminal in future. If you see any such trait then all you need to do is to redirect that energy in a similar positive activity. For ex, Jeffrey Dahmer’s father was once cleaning home and Jeffrey happened to see some dead bodies of small animals during that cleaning. This triggered his interests in dead bodies and anatomy of humans & animals. His Father also feels that this event was probably the 1st trigger point which made him interested in first killing animals and then humans. Now, it was important to divert this energy and guide him towards studies related to Biology. Same curiosity could have actually made him a very good Doctor and Surgeon because activities are quite similar for a Surgeon or a Killer, i.e. they both cut a body but for vastly different reasons.
  • Likewise, in Ted Bundy case, he was a Law and Psychology Graduate and actually worked as a counsellor for quite a few years. He actually defended himself in court and didn’t take service of any Lawyer. Judge was impressed by his articulate defence and said that “You are a bright young man and I would have loved to see you practicing in this court as a Lawyer but unfortunately you chose to go on wrong path”. 
  • I genuinely feel sad for John Lennon and Mark David Chapman both because Chapman might have lost his senses for couple of weeks when he decided to and actually killed John Lennon because otherwise, he looked a very decent person before and after that incident.
  • All I am trying to say is that no one in this world is entirely useless. Everyone has some qualities and if we can make him focus on those qualities then there is no reason why we couldn’t avoid these unpleasant situations in life.
  • Then even if someone is found guilty of committing any offence for the 1st time then also it is not necessary that we have lost all hopes altogether with that person. The biggest mistake we can do in these cases is to lodge this first time offender with hardcore criminals in prison. If that happens then Prison which should work as correctional home or rehabilitation centre would turn out to be a University of Crime where any new criminal will enter and come out as Graduate in Crimes due to company of these hardcore criminals.
  • Then there is always a path of counselling opened where a person can be made aware about the wrong path he is following and he can be guided towards right path.
  • All I am trying to say that look at a criminal as a patient created by family, parents, society and nations. Then we can hope for some long time resolution of these problems. Locking someone in jail or hanging someone is a convenient face saving exercise for the same society which provides environment to create such criminals.
  • For me, imprisonment and locking someone away in isolation is the last resort and that should be done only when all other steps are followed and exhausted.
  • Also, Capital Punishment is something which I never endorse. Only God can give Life to someone. So, only God should take away that Life. Capital Punishment is nothing but Judicial Murder. If killing anyone is wrong then how can it be a right act for a Judge to kill someone?

Conclusion – So, these are the few ways which can help make our world more safe and peaceful. As I see, general awareness regarding meditation and astrology or any other occult science, which can guide us in matters of human behaviour, can be miraculous in this field. If whole world starts meditating 1 hour a day then we can have a much more peaceful existence.

Dedicated to all the victims of any crime happened anywhere in the world. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 



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Swami Premanand Bharti

2019-11-25 19:57:15

@ Raman - As I said, trashed Moon is common factor in all the cases.


2019-11-25 18:27:08

While I understand that there are no "planatery" connection to all of them, I think that they all are from dysfunctional family unites them? Right? Thanks.