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Muhurt of C-Section.

I have some conflicting opinions on this topic and I have been reluctant to see the timing of C-Section muhurt requests. But with time, everything changes and my views have changed a little bit on this topic. Let's break this article on following points -

Destiny Prevails.
Muhurt is also within Destiny.
Moon Sign and things to avoid.
Further Precision.
Doctor's Advice.

Let's cover all the points one after the other -

Destiny Prevails - My opinion on this topic has always been and it remains till date that everything is pre-destined. You can't change anything in your life or life of anyone near or dear to you. The basic aim by which people look for C-Section timing through Astrology is that they somehow feel that if child takes birth in that timing given by any Astrologer then his life will be all great and fun with no sufferings. This is why I have been reluctant to take any such requests from people as at least I know that such a Utopian Life is impossible. Saturn-Mars-Rahu-Ketu-Sun will be somewhere in your chart no matter who decides your time of birth and they will screw that area of life wherever they fall. As discussed many a times, their only job is to give us challenges and hardship so that we can work hard and realize our true potential. That's why, when I used to see people requesting C-Section Muhurt with hope that child will be all fine if he takes birth in given hour, then my 1st advice was always to rely on Doctors and do as they say because they are the authority on medical subjects. It is also because that such an ideal birth time is not possible where child may not have to suffer anything in life. We all are aware of mythological story where Mahapundit Raavan tried to capture planets in particular positions at the time of Meghnath birth so that Meghnath can be immortal. But even his efforts didn't prove to be fruitful. So, when even Mahapundit Raavan could not find the rightest time of birth for his child then where do people like me stand. So, 1st advice is always to follow Doctors decide the time of birth and let destiny unfold itself.

Muhurt is also within Destiny - But something happened in recent time which made me reflect on this approach. My client/friend asked for C-Section Muhurt and as always, I advised to follow what Doctors say. When she asked Doctors, they gave her 2 dates and asked her to check with an Astrologer as to which date is better? So, she came back to me. I thought about it and realized that if everything is within destiny then finding a C-Section Muhurt is also within Destiny. May be some kids are destined to take birth like this where their family tries to get their right date & time of birth. If it is so then who I am to prevent that destiny to unfold. So, now my approach is that I will give primary advice to leave the matter in Doctors' hands but if parents insist then I will be happy to help them based on following rules.

Moon Sign and things to avoid - As always, Moon remains the most important for me in Astrology. It is our mind. Having Moon well placed in chart means that person will have a balanced mind. He will face troubles and problems in life but he will keep a balanced mind during all those troubles. He will not act crazy or do something desperately while facing problems of life. So, I will not look at anything else in chart but Moon. I won't be concerned about exalted planets or Yogas or Wealth or anything. I will only focus on Moon. I have already covered the importance of Moon in our chart through chart of Mark David Chapman (http://astrosaxena.com/chapman) where he was born with 4 exalted planets but a trashed Moon with all the malefic aspects made him killer of John Lennon. Another chart of this nature was of Rev. Jim Jones (http://astrosaxena.com/jonestown) who had 2 exalted and 1 planet in own sign but again Moon was at the axis of Rahu/Ketu with aspect of Saturn. So, I will only focus on Moon at the time of deciding the birth timing on the basic of following process -
  • Suppose we have 1 week time from Doctors to decide about the birth date.
  • Check on which days during this week Moon is in exalted/own/friendly signs and on which days Moon is in enemy signs. Leave those days where Moon is in enemy signs.
  • Now, suppose you have to choose between Moon in Pisces, Aries or Taurus. All 3 good signs for Moon. Preference should be given to Taurus where Moon is exalted, 2nd choice should be Pisces where Moon is in best friend's sign of Jupiter then last choice should be Moon in Aries more so because Moon in Aries shows an aggressive mind.
  • Are we done? Certainly not. Check which all malefic or enemy planets of Moon are in these 3 signs. If malefic planets are in Pisces or enemy planets are in Pisces, then leave Pisces. You are now left with only 2 signs, i.e. Aries and Taurus.
  • Then see what all malefic/enemy planets are aspecting Aries and Taurus. Suppose Mars-Saturn joint aspect is on Taurus then although Moon is exalted in Taurus but these malefic aspects will take away much of power of exalted Moon. So now, you are left with Aries sign where Moon is in friendly sign and not conjunct/aspected by any malefic/enemy planets.
  • Now, see the nakshatras. Avoid nakshatras of Rahu, Dhanishtha Nakshatra and all the 6 Gandamool Nakshatras (http://astrosaxena.com/gmn). So, in this case of Moon in Aries, we need to avoid Ashwini Nakshatra as it is one of Gandamool Nakshatra. Out of the two remaining nakshatras, Bharani is ruled by Venus which is enemy to Moon. Hence, we are left with Moon in Krittika Nakshatra as the only left-over option. Krittika is ruled by Moon's friend Sun and Moon is also exalted in Krittika only in Taurus sign. So, although we are taking Moon in Aries but that exalted effect will remain throughout Moon in Krittika Nakshatra.
  • So finally, we have a date where child can take birth and we can be sure of his balanced mind as Moon is in friendly sign Aries, friendly/exalted nakshatra Krittika and it is not conjunct/aspected by any malefic/enemy planet.
Further Precision - And please stop here. Don't even try to make it more precise to find the perfect time of birth. Just let the Doctors know of your choice of date and let them decide the time. Reason behind this is what I wrote in the beginning. Saturn-Mars-Rahu-Ketu-Sun will be there in one or the other sign/house of chart no matter what time child takes birth and they will be screwing over those areas of life. So, if you go on deciding the right time or ascendant of your child then it means that you are yourself deciding which areas of your child's life to screw. You rotate chart any ways, these planets will land somewhere in chart. All areas of life are equally important specially when it comes to our child's chart. If you try to make his career little better then his marriage may get spoiled. If you try to balance the marriage then relationship with parents/siblings may get screwed. If you try to make that better then possibility of health or children may be doomed. Just accept that there is no perfect chart. Only life is perfect. So, just let destiny take it over from here.

Doctor's Advice - Last but not the least, in matters of any grave emergency it is Doctor's word which is final. If they decide to have C-Section before or after your desired date due to some change in condition or emergency then you have no other choice but to let them do their work. Don't be stubborn with your Astrologer's advice. They are the final authority in this matter. They must have the final say. Let destiny take its course.

Conclusion - So, this is how we can decide the right date of any child's birth and help the destiny. Don't think that you are going to change the destiny of child in anyway. This article and story of Buddha & King Shuddhodhan may help you in understanding that in the end we only serve the destiny through our so-called Free Will - http://astrosaxena.com/ffwse.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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