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Jupiter in Pushya Nakshatra

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Let’s look at important things here –

Jupiter - It is the most benefic planet and it represents all the auspicious things like Knowledge, Wisdom, Law, Guru, Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Elderly People and Children etc. For a girl, Jupiter also represents Husband.

Pushya - Pushya is nakshatra of nourishing and taking care of people without any selfish interests. It is closely connected with adoption and child care due to mythological story involved. For more information on Pushya Nakshatra, please check this link - https://www.astrosaxena.com/pushnaksh .

Cancer - As Pushya is a part of Cancer, Cancer sign and its representations become important. Cancer is 4th sign of Zodiac Belt, hence it represents the things represented by 4th house like Mother, Mother's Care, Emotions, Taking Care of Others and Nourishment etc. Cancer is consisted of 2 and half Nakshatras namely Punarvasu, Pushyami and Ashlesha. Cancer's lord is Moon, which again represents almost same things which Cancer and 4th house represents.

Moon - As Moon rules Cancer, Moon's position and dignity is important to know about the overall functioning of any planet in Pushya/Cancer.

Saturn - As Pushya is ruled by Saturn, Saturn's position and dignity will also have an important role in functioning and results of any planet in Pushya.

Houses Involved – Also, we can’t afford to forget the houses involved as a planet can be ruling different houses and sitting in different house for every person as per ascendant and planet’s position. To know overall affect, we have to consider the houses involved as those areas of life are being impacted.

Interpretation of Jupiter in Pushya Nakshatra – This is considered by many as best position of Jupiter as Jupiter hits its peak exaltation degree at 5 degree Cancer. Even otherwise, the nature of Pushya Nakshatra of serving others without any selfish interests clearly matches with Jupiter's nature of teaching or guiding others. So dignity-wise, there is no doubt that Jupiter is strongest here. As Cancer and Pushya both represent taking care and nourishing others, Jupiter here can easily make someone a guide, teacher or counselor. They can work even in medical field and be healers. The more they share their knowledge, the better they grow in life. But as always, nothing is all beautiful and easy at the same time. Jupiter is still in Saturn's nakshatra which means that first person needs to work really hard in matters of knowledge and education. Then only he will be ready to serve others by his knowledge from his 30s. Jupiter in Pushya Nakshatra can make someone highly morale and truthful too. They can be people of high values in life. They would prefer to suffer in life rather than compromising with their values and morale.

As Jupiter is in Saturn's nakshatra, they may still have to adjust a lot in relation/marriage matters. An important part of Pushya story is adoption of Mercury by Jupiter. Hence, there is a big possibility that when person has Jupiter in Pushya Nakshatra then he can be interested in adoption or surrogacy as a way of having a child.

Role of Moon – Moon's placement is important to guide Jupiter in right direction, being Cancer's lord.

Role of Saturn - Saturn's placement is important to guide Jupiter in right direction, being Pushya's lord.

Other Factors – And of course, we need to consider conjunction, aspects, house lordship, house position and dashas etc to know the exact results of Jupiter in Pushya. So, we always need to take a holistic view of chart rather than just 1 planetary position.

Conclusion – So, this is how I see Jupiter in Pushya can work in a chart.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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  • @ J - career determination needs detailed analysis,

  • Jupiter in 7th house in pushya at 8°, what are significance of spouse?

  • @ A - good gains from knowledge sharing business but with hard work, delay & perseverance.

  • What are the results if, Jupiter is in pushya in 7th house and exalted Saturn in Vishakha is aspecting it from 10th house?? Thanks for the article.

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