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Jupiter-Saturn Conjunct in Capricorn

Jupiter-Saturn are coming together at exact degree now in Capricorn. Let's look at this conjunction and it's possible results -

1. 1st of all, there is much hype over this conjunction in astrological world where it is named as great conjunction or a rare conjunction which is happening after 20 years etc.

2. Well, just jog back in your memories and you will find Jupiter-Saturn sitting together in Sagittarius in March, 2019, then from Nov, 2019 to Jan, 2020. Then again they met in April to June, 2020 in Capricorn only. So, it is not as rare as it is projected and as always, people are ready to accept without asking questions.

3. Only thing we can say that this time, they are together for 5 months which is a substantial time period that can bring an important event. Hence, at the same time, we can't say that this conjunction means nothing for us.

5. Easiest way to understand what this conjunction can bring to us is to again go back in your memory and reflect back over events of April to June, 2020. You can have similar experiences again now in these 4-5 months.

6. Whenever Jupiter-Saturn come together in a house during transit, we finish pending things related with that house and then we start something new in matters related with that same house.

7. Here, finishing the pending work doesn't mean that you will be successfully completing those works. It only means that either you will complete or leave it. Either you will succeed or get exhausted. And in either case, you will then start something new related with that house.

8. Like for me, it is in my 3rd house of communication, efforts and business. From last couple of weeks, I am all about completing my pending writing work of articles. I just want to finish all the remaining articles writing and I am getting great energy for the same. It is with the view of focusing more on the books I am planning to write. If I finish article writing then I will have more time for completing the books. By the way, 1st book is almost ready. It is in editing process now.

9. Likewise, you can feel energised in matters of the house where it is falling in your chart in Capricorn sign. Some pending work will be over and some new beginnings will be there in that house.

10. As always, it is more useful for career matters rather than relationship because Jupiter is debilitated and getting neech bhang raaj yoga from Saturn. This yoga helps more in professional life rather than in personal life.

Good time for spiritual pursuits and meditation too.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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