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Chart for a Job/Service Oriented Career as per Astrology.

I think as majority of people are always in job oriented mindset, I think it is fair if we also see what can lead to a job oriented career.

Although, we are covering this series with an example chart but there can be so many types of jobs or services that we can’t take one chart as an example. So, I will just try to explain theoretically here.

So, let's begin with chart for a Job/Service Oriented Career -

Important Houses.

Important Signs.

Important Planets.

Important Nakshatras

Atma Karaka or Amatya Karaka


Let's cover all points one after the other -

Important Houses - Following are important houses -

  • 1st house - 1st house is always the most important house of any chart as it represents the person and his life path. Wherever 1st house lord is placed, it gives an indication related with life path the person is supposed to follow.
  • 6th house – 6th house is main house related with jobs/services. 
  • 10th house – 10th house is normally seen as house of career or work but it is house of Authorities. So, if you want to work under someone’s authority which normally happens in job setup then 10th house is important house. As it is also house of Govt, it needs to be looked for Govt Job.
  • 11th house – It is house of Large Organisations, Corporate or MNCs. As most of the people these days work in Corporate or MNCs, 11th house becomes important.
  • 12th house – 12th house is house of Foreign Lands or Foreign Companies. Again, these days people mainly work in foreign companies. Hence, we need to take this house also in consideration for jobs perspective.

Important Signs - Following are important signs -

  • Earth Signs – Earth Signs especially Virgo and Capricorn are important signs here as they represent the same energy of 6th house and 10th house respectively.
  • Leo – Along with Capricorn, Leo needs to be considered for matters of Govt Job as these two signs represent Govt.
  • Aquarius – A Sign of Large Organization and MNCs, same as 11th house energy.
  • Now, whichever sign falls in 10th house of work and wherever 10th house lord is positioned in chart, person can be involved in work related with that sign, sign lord or position of sign lord. This is always the most prominent indication related to anyone’s career or work.  

Important Planets -

  • Now as every planet represents truckload of things, it is impossible to categorise different jobs on the basis of one planet’s one representation. Like, Venus in 10th house can show someone in finance field, fashion industry, beauty industry, luxuries, convenience, software, movies, arts etc. So, we can’t make a generic rule here. But as I said, sign in 10th house, 10th house lord and its position and dignity can have a major say about the nature of job you are in.

Important Nakshatras - Following are important nakshatras -

  • Again, every nakshatra will represent a separate set of work. So again, we are dependent on overall chart to know the exact nature of job but any combination between above houses, and signs can create a career which is more a job oriented.

Atma Karaka or Amatya Karaka – Again, any planet becoming Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka can only indicate towards things related to that planet as possible job option but making a precise prediction about the nature of work or job depends on whole chart.

Here, we have to understand the change we have gone through since the time astrology was developed till now. In those days, there were only few professions and moreover every family used to follow the same profession/trade for generations. Like, a Carpenter’s son was supposed to become a Carpenter only. What is the big deal in predicting that? But with advancement of technology and variety of jobs available, now we have to look at many different things before making a precise prediction about job. These two articles will help you in finding the main things to be seen for making a precise career consultation - https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostsjuly1  and https://www.astrosaxena.com/tgb.

Mahadashas - But as always, dashas will activate houses or planets and person will have realization at that time to get the job or have a job change.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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