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FB Posts - July 2018 on Father, Consultations, 6th house, Siblings, Moon, Ascendant Vs Moon Sign.

So, I have again made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ . 

Post on 29th June, 2018

So, just wanted to clarify something here. 

After my last post on 10th house, the generic question asked if 10th house is house of Father or 9th house is house of Father? I am aware that many Astrologers consider 9th house as the house of Father. But here are my reasons for considering 10th house as house of Father -

1. 4th house is house of Mother. 10th house is 7th from 4th house, hence 10th house represents Spouse of Mother, i.e. Father. Just keep things simple. 

2. At no time we consider 3rd house as house of Mother which may make 9th house as house of Father (7th from 3rd house). 
3. The only logic that is given in favor of 9th house as the house of Father is that 9th house is house of Teachers and Father is our 1st Teacher in life.

4. I disagree with it because all people don't have relation with their Father like Teacher and Student. Father-Child Ego Clashes and even Conflicts/Fights are common. Hence, I don't think that everyone considers their Father as their Guru.

5. Also, 9th house is 12th from 10th house. So, it actually represents Loss of Father or Absence of Father. So, whenever people discuss charts of few individuals/celebrities and emphasize on 9th house a house of Father, pay attention that in most of those people lives, there was more a case of loss of Father or Absence of Father rather than getting guidance from Father as Guru. Of course, absence of Father is going to teach some lessons too but Father is not becoming Guru, it is circumstances that is teaching lessons.

6. I have seen people losing their Father when many malefic planets transit through 9th house which again is indication of 9th house as the house of loss/absence of Father. Actually, I know a kid who was born after his Father's death and I was curious to know how the child's chart will be once birth takes place? In the end, every malefic planet in child's birth chart was impacting 9th house, i.e. loss or absence of Father from birth itself.


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer


Post on 2nd July, 2018

So, this is what I was trying to tell towards the end of yesterday's FB Live session.

Steps followed by me for Career Consultation are as follows - 
1. Ascendant and position of Ascendant lord. 
2. Ascendant Nakshatra and position of Nakshatra lord. 
3. Position of 2nd house and 11th house lord. 
4. 10th house and position of 10th house lord. 
5. Bhrigu Bindu (Destiny Point).
6. Rahu's position.
7. Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka. 
8. Mahdashas/Antardasha. 
9. Your Questions.

Likewise, I have 6-8 steps for every consultation. so, when anyone posts a comment about his birth details or planetary position and asks about what career he should follow, I honestly can't help you as my response can't be limited in a comment box. My career consultation reports are normally 6-7 pages long and I can never summarize it in a small comment. Those who have taken consultation from me can attest to this fact here.

Please understand that Facebook, Whatsapp and YouTube are only information sharing platforms. They can't be consultation service forums. If someone is really facing some issues about some matter in life then he should follow the process for taking a proper consultation. Now, you can take consultation from anyone whom you feel that he can help you best but take a proper consultation if you really want to resolve the issue.

Also, I was always curious to know if people seriously take these comments made by any Astrologer. Like, if I reply on someone's comment that he should do business then I would love to know if he is really going to resign from job on the basis of that comment? Like, I remember when I switched from job to business then I consulted at least 3-4 Astrologers besides my own reading of my chart to confirm that whatever I am reading is correct or not?

So, if someone really has problem then proper place for guidance is through consultation page not through comments and response.

I know that few people may feel that I am being money-minded but I covered my views on Commercialization of Astrology here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/camm and you may find it helpful. After this article, I made health consultations free plus I criticized connection of Marriage & Astrology so much that people rarely come to me for marriage predictions. So, I have reduced my business through my own hands. Still, if anyone wants to feel that way then it is his wish. 

Through this post also, my concern is that you should get proper guidance, may it be through any one.


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer


Post on 6th July, 2018 

After 12th house and 8th house, the last of Dushthana House, the 6th house. It is house of obstacles, conflicts, disputes, litigation, debts, diseases, service, daily work life and also seen for service/jobs etc. Again, it shows your daily work life. So, it can be anything. For a person who is in job, daily work life is job. For a person like me, daily work life is looking at charts. Prominence of this house, means 2 or more planets there, can easily take someone in legal or medical field of work. But as 6th house is 12th from 7th house which represents loss of relationship, prominence of 6th house can also mean a troublesome relationship life. Relationship can be average if both the spouses are in same work and working together, like both are Lawyers or Doctors. Then focus shifts from relationship to service/work.

As 6th house is mainly about obstacles, whichever planet is there, person feels obstacles related with that planet. Like,

Sun - obstacles related with health, career, father. Father's life itself can be full of obstacles. 
Moon - Mind feels obstacles. Like this person will always feel that obstacles are always there in anything he does. Mother's life can be full of obstacles. 
Mars - Obstacles related with brother, male friends, real estate. Person can be a good lawyer. Else he himself can get into lots of disputes. Good position for competition and sports. Can be accident or injury prone. 
Mercury - Obstacles related with siblings, communication and friends. It can give diseases related with skin, speech or nervous system. They can work like activists, like RTI Activists. 
Jupiter - Relationship obstacles but good position for Legal or Medical career. Person can have disputes with teachers but he himself can be a learned person. Fat related diseases can occur. 
Venus - Clear relationship issues. Diseases related with sugar, kidney and urine can be seen. Person can be good in serving animals or down-trodden people. 
Saturn - Again good for legal or medical field of work. Long term disputes and obstacles. Health issues related with bone, joints or teeth. 
Rahu - Good for office job life and Law/Medical career. In matters of diseases. alternate medication will be more helpful to the person. 
Ketu - They can have confusion around what their work life should be and for most of their life, they may work without recognition. Better to work on their own.

As I said, the main effect of prominent 6th house is not seen in 6th house but in 7th house. They need to be extra adjusting in relation. A well positioned beneficial planet in 6th house can make person adjust more to safeguard relations from conflicts.


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer


Post on 8th July, 2018

11th house represents Elder Sibling and 3rd house represents Younger Sibling. Why?

11th house is house of Gains. When you take birth, your elder sibling is already there before you. They are there to guide you with their experiences of life. It is your "Gain" in life.

3rd house is house of Investment. When your Younger Sibling takes birth, you are supposed to invest your time in them. Hence, 3rd house is Younger Sibling.

Now, 3rd house is only 1st younger sibling. 5th house is 2nd younger sibling (3rd from 3rd house). 7th house is 3rd younger sibling (3rd from 5th house) and so on.

Likewise, 11th house is your immediate elder sibling. 9th house (11th from 11th house) is elder sibling of immediate elder sibling and so on.

That's why, a person can have good/bad relationship with his different siblings as different planets will be lord of these houses and placed in different dignity.


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer.


Post on 12th July, 2018 

For me, Moon remains the most important planet among all for the simple reason that Moon represents Mind. At the end of the day, we act as per our mind. Whatever mind directs us, we end up in doing. We have seen in Mark David Chapman's chart (https://www.astrosaxena.com/chapman) as to how 1 trashed Moon overpowered 4 exalted planets of his chart and he ended up in being murderer of John Lennon of Beatles Group. I have some sympathy with him because if you watch his interview here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUMJdkL0EnM&t=407s , he is seen talking as a very learned and responsible person exhibiting qualities of all his exalted planets. But in that moment of madness, Moon/Mind overpowered all the other auspicious placements of his chart.

Now, as Moon represents Mind wherever Moon is in chart, that's where our mind is. Like,

In 1st house - Mind is upon Self.They can be self-centered. All about their own needs in life. It is 99% true. The only exception can be if Moon is exalted in 1st house. 
In 2nd house - Mind is upon wealth, security and family. Again, it can make person money-minded and looking for his own safety and security. 
In 3rd house - Business oriented Mind. Mind which wants to communicate. 
In 4th house - Mind is on home, mother and home life. 
In 5th house - Mind is on Education, Children and Love Matters. 
In 6th house - Mind feels lots of obstacles and conflicts. It feels that all the obstacles of world are in my path only. 
In 7th house - Mind is on other people, again a business oriented mind. They are more concerned about other people. Again, Moon in Scorpio can be 1 of exception. Moon in 7th house can be one of the most important placement for getting fame as mind doesn't feel at peace unless and until it can connect with masses. 
In 8th house - It is marana karaka position. Mind remains fearful of changes and mind can be into occult and mystical side of life. 
In 9th house - Mind can be into travelling and meeting people of different culture. Mind can be into higher education, philosophy and religion. 
In 10th house - A Career or recognition/authority seeking mind. They may like people to know them. 
In 11th house - A mind looking to serve others plus looking to socialize and network with others. Mind feels peaceful when person can be an entrepreneur. 
In 12th house - Mind which is imaginative and creative. Can also be spiritual. It is a mind which will find peace in foreign lands or isolation.

So, Moon's position not only shows where our mind is but it also shows that what activities can bring peace to mind. Like, Moon in 3rd house, person has to communicate with others to feel peaceful. Moon in 2nd house, person has to have immense wealth to feel secured. Moon in 5th house, person naturally gravitates towards love/romance and children. Moon in 7th house, person has to connect with masses to feel peaceful.

Again, an inflicted Moon doesn't mean that you are doomed in this life. Meditation is the only way to stabilize, balance and calm down mind. Like, even Mark David Chapman in this interview said that he committed crime in those days when he stopped reading Bible. In Jail also, he spent most of his time in Library in reading books. It is because of Moon in Sagittarius. So, Moon's house and sign position indicates an anchor point where we can hook the mind to feel peaceful. It can be meditation or any other positive activity like your interests, hobbies and passion.


Post on 14th July, 2018

It remains the biggest concern whether to judge transit from Ascendant or Moon Sign. I judge it from Ascendant but if you are so concerned then how much time it will take to judge it from Moon sign too? You can very easily do it from both signs. Here are my reasons to judge from Ascendant -

Transits from the Ascendant show about the timing of an event in life. Like, relationship, job, foreign travel or child birth timing etc can be seen from Ascendant.

But transits from Moon will show how a person's mind will react after that event.

Let's take an example.

Suppose someone is Libra Ascendant and Taurus Moon Sign person. He is going through a dasha of job change and currently the transits of Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius also jointly impact his 5th house/Aquarius and 9th house/Gemini from Ascendant (two houses related with change in job/career). So, there is a strong possibility that he can get a new job and switch his work place.

Now, from Moon sign Taurus, Gemini is 2nd house of wealth and Aquarius is 10th house of Responsibility. So, as soon as he gets the new job, his mind will start feeling the burden of new responsibility at new work place plus he will be concerned about the fact as to how much wealth he is gaining due to this added responsibility?

Take another example. Same person going through dasha of child birth is looking for child birth timing. Jupiter-Saturn joint impact is again on 5th house/Aquarius of Child Birth. So, he can have a child birth from Ascendant during current transit of Jupiter-Saturn. But from Moon sign Taurus, Aquarius is 10th house. So, as soon as he becomes parent, he will start thinking in terms of responsibilities and duties he has towards child.

If Moon sign is also Libra here, then it is 5th house from both Ascendant & Moon sign. In this case, he will feel happiness about the child birth before worrying about responsibility factor.

So, event will always happen through ascendant but transits from Moon sign will show how your mind is reacting to the event? They say that if ascendant and Moon sign both show same event then it is more potential event to happen.

And this is why I consider transits from ascendant because at the end of the day we only want to know when an event is going to happen? Like, people only want to know when they are getting married? Do they think about happiness after marriage? Rarely someone cares about how he will feel after couple of months of his relation/marriage, job change or child birth? Hence, I look transits from ascendant but if you wish, you can see from both signs.


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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