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Timing of getting a Job.

Next request is to how to predict the timing of getting a Job. We can divide this request into 2 parts, such as timing of getting the 1st job and timing of job change. So, let’s see it on thebasis of following points – 

First Job

1st house – 1st house is the most important house of your chart as it represents Self. To do anything in this world, you have to involve yourself in that work. So, first of all we need to take 1st house, planets there and 1st house lord. 

10th house – 10th house is seen as the main house of Career and Work we do in this life. I agree that it is a house of Career and Work but because it is house of Father. In ancient times, everyone used to follow the profession of Father. That’s why, house of Father became house of Career. But it is not so now. That’s why, finding the right career of person is a tricky job. But 10th house is still a house of Fame, Status and Recognition. When a person gets a job, his living standard improves and so does his recognition in Society, i.e, a kind of Fame. So, we need to take into consideration 10th house, planets there and 10th house lord. 

11th house – 11th house is house of Gains and Income. As such, it is a profound indication that if 11th house is active then person’s gains will improve which means getting a Job. 11th house is also house of Rewards & Recognitions. So, 11th house related dasha can also be seen for Promotions & Pay-Hikes. So,11th house, planets there and 11th house lord become important. 

6th house – 6th house is house of Daily Work Life. It is seen for Jobs/Services but I feel it is all inclusive which means that any daily work can be a 6th house matter. Like, I see horoscopes daily. So, my 6th house indicates daily work of counselling. But as Jobs/Services can also be someone’s daily work, we need to consider 6th house, planets in 6th house and 6th house lord. 

Mahadasha/Antardasha (MD/AD) – As always, our lives move as per dasha we go through. So, to see any rise in status, career or gain of job, your MD/AD should activate any of these houses, i.e. 1st house, 6th house, 10th house or 11th house, most importantly 1st house and 10th house. It is not necessary that MD should be of these houses. Any AD activating these houses can also bring job opportunity but dasha should be of at least 10 to 12 months to make any meaningful impact or change in Career. Activation of 1st house through Dashas always gives rise in overall life. 

Transits – Then actual event of job can occur when dasha planets or lords of the houses discussed above transit through same houses specially 1st house, 10th house and 11th house. Like, if someone is under Mars dasha and Mars rules 10th house of career, then Mars transits will be very important for his/her career. Now, if Mars transits 10th house or 4th house, from where it aspects 10th house, it can bring job opportunities. But again, transit timeline should be big to make some profound prediction. If Moon is lord of 1st house or 10th house then there is no point in looking at Moon’s transit as it ends in 2 days’ time. Too short to make any meaningful prediction. In such cases, we are dependent upon transits of planets of longer orbit like Jupiter-Saturn-Rahu/Ketu and planets which are going retrograde in transit. When these planets during transit impact 1st house/1st house lord or 10th house/10th house lord, it is a big indication of some opportunities coming your way and living standard going up. Impact of these planets on 11th house shows that income/gains of person can improve during this time which is another indication of someone getting a job. 

Promotion – As I said, for Promotion/Hike related matters dasha of 11th house/11th house lord become important as it is house of R&R. Transits of planets with longer orbit impacting 11th house also shows the same. 

Transits to be careful about – But it is not always Rosy. If 1st house lord or 10th house lord is transiting in weak sign, then person should be careful during that transit as events like Firing/Lay-off can take place. Like, Mars ruling 10th house and transiting through Cancer, where it is debilitated. This transit can bring some real stress at work. But such transits impact a job oriented career more rather than business oriented one. 

So, these are few main ways a person can have some opportunities coming his way. Last but not the least, getting an opportunity or job doesn’t mean that you are going to have a dream career. If your overall chart supports you as an Entrepreneur and you are trying to find your luck in jobs then although you can get jobs but you may never be stable in job oriented career. You will continuously change jobs till you find your right career as an Entrepreneur. 

Job Change. 

9th house – 9th house is 12th from 10th house. 12th house is Loss, so 12th from 10th house means loss of Career. So, 9th house represents Resignations, Firing or Lay-Off. So, 9th house, planets there and 9th house lord are important here. 

5th house – 5th house is 8th from 10th house. 8th house represents Changes, so 8th from 10th house means Change in Career. 5th house, planets there and 5th house lord are important here. 

Mahadasha/Antardasha (MD/AD) – Now, if person is going through Dashas which are activating 5th house and 9th house both then it shows someone resigning or getting fired/laid-off and then getting a new job. If only 9th house is active as per dasha then it shows that either person loses a job and finds it hard to get another job or goes into Business. If 5th house and 9th house both areactive as per dasha then person leaves job at one place and joins at another.

Transits – Again, if transits of planets with longer duration jointly impact 5th house and 9th house, then also person can change jobs. Like, here is a prediction for Libra Ascendant people. Jupiter will be in Libra in 1st house from Sep, 2017 to Oct, 2018. During same time, Saturn will be in Sagittarius in 3rd house. Now, Jupiter-Saturn both will aspect 5th house and 9th house. Also, Rahu will be in Cancer in their 10th house. It shows that their focus will be on Career and they will change jobs. So, we will see lots of Libra Ascendant changing their jobs in this timeline. 

Another Way – Another way to see a change in Career or job is to see if 10th house lord is transiting through 8th house. 8th house is Changes and 10th house is Career. So, it brings some changes in Career. Now, if 10th lord is transiting in favourable sign in 8th house, then good change. Else not so good. Another important time for change will be the dasha of 8th house. During this time, not only Career but whole life path can change. Again, dignity of dasha planet shows us the quality of results. 

So, these are few combinations when someone can change his job, career or life path. As I said, these positions impact more in job oriented career, in Business, there is no fear of Firing/Lay-Off. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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  • Sir, I lost my job on 8.7.2021. DOB 13.12.1964.,6.30 AM Bangalore Karnataka. Pl suggest when I can get new job. Thanks

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  • My. Dob 28.11.1977, tob -12:50 pm, pob kolkata. Please let me know the suitable time to change my job for better prospect, is it possible in this year 2021. Kindly confirm

  • Thank you 🙏

  • V - it depends on a lot of things like chart, dasha and transit. 5th house will still be important as it is house of change of work environment

  • Nicely explained, Vishalji, If a person is applying for a job after a break due to some reasons... Which houses do we need to see? If dasha lord is transiting the 11th house does it indicate gains ? Thank you , Respects 🙏🕉️

  • So informative, thanks vishal sir

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  • U r awesome sir, ur analysis is too good. I also have keen interest in astrology. So I know due to strong mercury ur analysis is too good. Keep it up.

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