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Introvert Vs Extrovert

There was a request to write about planetary positions which can make someone Introvert Vs Extrovert.

Let’s find it out on base of following points –

Important Houses –

2nd house – It is the house of speech. 2nd house, 2nd house lord or planets in 2nd house are important for a person’s speech.

3rd house – It is the house of communication. 3rd house, 3rd house lord or planets in 3rd house can be important for someone’s communication.

The difference between 2nd house and 3rd house is that 2nd house only related with oral communications whereas 3rd house is related with written communications too as 3rd house also represents hands.

Important Signs –

Air Element Signs – Signs of Air Element; i.e. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, are important. If a person has very less planets in Air Signs or only planets like Saturn or Ketu are there then it can make someone very introvert and then person may need to work hard on improving communications.

Gemini – It is the main sign of communications as it has 3rd house energy. Wherever Gemini is falling in your chart, you can be inclined towards communications related with that house related things.

Important Planets –

Rahu-Ketu – They are the planets of illusion. So, Rahu-Ketu involvement with 2nd house or 3rd house can make a person lie a lot. Rahu is an expansive energy. It means that Rahu in 2nd house or 3rd house can make a big-mouth person and they may speak a lot. On the other hand, Ketu is headless. So, Ketu in 2nd house or 3rd house person may not have any idea what they are speaking. They just speak without any intent or proper idea. So, they both can cause extroversion but for different reasons.

Jupiter – Jupiter is another expansive planet which can make a person extrovert when it is in 2nd house or 3rd house.

2nd house lord – In my experience, whenever I saw 2nd house lord in weak dignity then also person hasn’t had clear idea of what to say or not to say. Also, it makes a person lie a lot. On the other hand, if 2nd house lord is strong, it can bring prophecy powers where a person may say things which come out to be true.

Mercury – Mercury involvement with 2nd house or 3rd house can also make someone an extrovert. Only exception can be Mercury in Virgo in these houses. In that case, person can be very precise and perfect with his communication.

Saturn – As always, Saturn has the last say. If Saturn is involved somewhere with 2nd house or 3rd house then it can make someone really introvert. It can be Saturn sitting in these houses or with these house lords or ruling these houses. Aspects of Saturn may not have that much impact. Saturn’s involvement can also show that someone has initial problems in speaking and they may start speaking with a certain delay. With time, they develop their communicative abilities but in later life also, they will never become an extrovert.

Venus – Venus in 2nd house or 3rd house can be a charmer with their speech and may have a very pleasant way of talking.

These planets in Gemini sign will also give similar results.

How to improve communications? – Well, it is by communicating itself. Communicate and pay attention to your mistakes in communication and work to improve on these communications. It is like Swimming that you can learn Swimming only after entering in Pool or River.

Conclusion – In this day and age of social media and extrovert life-style, being an introvert is seen as a negative trait but as I see, it is not. There are few things which I can easily relate with an introvert person. These are –

As they are not speaking much, they are observing you.

They are old souls. Been Here, Done This. They are not finding anything meaningful to talk about.

They can easily Meditate and go inwards. It can help them finding truth within.


You say that you don't find any real question to ask? This is a great insight. There are no real questions in existence. All questions are false, non-essential because life is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be lived.” - Osho


Swami Premanand Bharti

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