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Foreign Lands.

This has been a confusing question for me as in what we can treat as Foreign Lands in Astrology?

Normally, we treat 12th house as main house of Foreign Lands. Along with 12th house, 3rd house and 9th house also represent Foreign Lands or at least Far Distant Lands as these houses are house of travelling. Additionally, we can consider 11th house as house of going away from home land as it is 8th from 4th house of home land.

Rahu remains karaka of Foreign Things of any nature.

But can we really treat some land as Foreign Land? Or whenever we refer some land as Foreign Land then what do we really mean?

Land – As I understand, Universe or Existence is one. The whole Earth or Land is one. There are no lines drawn on Earth by Universe/Existence bifurcating the Land into Home Land and Foreign Land.

We Humans love to draw the lines everywhere and divide ourselves in name of Religions, Castes or Countries and then fight over those same lines. So, there is nothing like Foreign Land existentially.

Foreign – As I understand, Foreign simply means Unknown. Anything which is unknown to us is Foreign. Even in Medical Science, they use the term Foreign Substance which means Unknown Substance, as per my understanding.

So, Foreign Land will also mean a Land which is unknown to you. A Foreign Culture would mean a Culture which is unknown to you.

Hence, we can say that if we are travelling to a place which is totally unknown to us then it is like we are going to Foreign Lands or among people of Foreign Culture, regardless of the fact that that Land is in which man-made country.

Like, I was born in Central India but now I can say that bigger part of my life is spent in South India. As culture of South India and this place was completely unknown to me when I first came here in 1992, it was like coming to a Foreign Lands only, although I was travelling within India only. Same thing can be said for huge countries like USA where travelling from one coast to another coast is like crossing over multiple small countries but in actuality, people are still travelling within the same country.

We can take another example that most of the countries in Europe have similar culture and they don’t even have any travel restrictions, which may make people apply for Visas etc. Now, in this case, although they are travelling to a different country but they are not in unknown culture or lands.

So, we can safely say that concept of Foreign Lands is not based on Countries. Then how to understand it?

Now, to make it easy to understand –

1st house – As I see, this is the most important house for this concept as 1st house represents our place of birth.

4th house – 4th house is normally seen as house of Home but we can say that 4th house represents Home at or nearby your birth place. 4th house also represents home land which again represents places nearby your place of birth.

12th house – Now, 12th house is furthest away from 1st house. You cannot go beyond 12th house in an astrological chart as there are only 12 houses in it. Hence, 12th house represents places furthest away from your place of birth. 12th house also represents losses. Loss of the 1st house of Self or Place of birth. So, we can say that when you go very far away from their place of birth where they have total sense of loss (like people, culture and system etc is completely unknown) then it is like you have gone to Foreign/Unknown Lands.

3rd house – 3rd house is travelling but 3rd house is very close to 1st house. So, this travelling is not Far Distance Travel. This is also a travelling but a short distance one. 3rd house is 12th from 4th house which indicates loss of home land. So, a person is losing the environment of his home land by going in 3rd house but he is not very far away from birth place and home land as 3rd house is close to 1st house and 4th house both.

9th house – 9th house is opposite to 3rd house, hence it represents Far Distance Travel. Also, it is house of people of different ethnicity or culture. So, when you travel up to the distance where you start finding people of different culture then it is 9th house related travel. Also, 9th house is 6th from 4th house. So, 9th house represents obstacles for your home land. It means that once you reach in 9th house, it is like a major obstacle in coming back to your home land, for whatsoever reason. The one I had from Central India to South India can come under 9th house.

11th house – 11th house is also far away from 1st house and it is 8th from 4th house which shows transformation/change of your home land. Now, here also person is going away from home land but it shows a total disconnection from home land. In 9th house related matter, person was still having some connections left in his home land but finding it difficult to go back there due to obstacles involved. Here in 11th house related matter, person gets totally disconnected from his home land after moving to new place.

So, we can understand the difference between these houses as follows –

1st house – It is the place where we take birth.

4th house – It is place of birth and places surrounding it which makes our home land.

3rd house – It is leaving your place of birth and home land but not going far away in any different culture.

9th house – It is going far away from your place of birth and home land but keeping a connection with it, although coming back to home land will be a matter of great difficulty.

11th house - It is going far away from your place of birth and home land to never return again.

12th house – It is reaching at some place where you completely lose yourself. Just like a child starts learning and understanding things in 1st house after his birth. 12th house is like a person starting his life all over again and starting to understand new place or new culture from the scratch.

This is how I understood it. Feel free to comment if someone has any suggestion or addition.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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