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Dreams in Astrology

There was another request to write about Dreams as per Astrology. Let’s cover this unique topic through this short analysis –

12th house – 12th house is the main house of Dreams as it is house of sleeping + sub-conscious mind. As Dreams are work of our sub-conscious mind, 12th house remains the main house of Dreams. It also means that planets in 12th house and 12th house lord are also important.

Moon – Moon represents Mind. As dream is work of sub-conscious mind, Moon is an important planet here.

Rahu and Ketu – Nodes (Rahu-Ketu) represent illusion. As Dreams are nothing but illusion, Nodes become important here.

Pisces and Revati – As Pisces and Revati exhibit the same energy of imagination and dreams which is exhibited by 12th house, they also become important.

Now, any combination between above houses/planets/nakshatras would indicate that what kind of dreams a person can have. In my experience, malefic planets impacting 12th house can represent violent dreams or nightmares etc. Planets like Venus can bring pleasant dreams. Also, I have seen Moon in Ardra Nakshatra people can have lots of issues with violent dreams or nightmares.

Happy to help. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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