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Current Transits, June-2019

So, let's have a re-look at difficult transits we are going through right now, especially in terms of relationship matters, as I was discussing in last live session.

1. As we know that this whole year we have this difficult transit of Saturn-Ketu in Sagittarius. So, whichever house these two planets are roaming around in a chart, things related with that house may come in life after immense hard work and perseverance. Also, the results of that house will be very minimum. Needless to say that people and relations of that house would require to do lots of compromise to sustain the relationship. It can be the story of any relationship, not only husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend.

2. Then we discussed in detail about Mars transit in Cancer through a recent post which can lead to anger & aggressive behavior being thrown at people and leading to conflicts and even violence. We all can understand that such behavior is not good to sustain any long term and meaningful relationship. So, Mars transit for next 45 days is also not helping relations at any level.

3. And then the karaka of relationship Venus is about to have a transit from Gemini to Virgo (from June-end to mid-Oct) which looks like to be very troublesome in relationship matters. Normally every year, Venus transit from Cancer to Virgo is troublesome because Cancer and Leo are enemy signs of Venus and Virgo is debilitation sign for Venus but this year this trouble starts from Gemini itself, which is otherwise a friendly sign for Venus, and the reasons are as follows –

a. Venus is in Taurus and it is already within 15 degrees of Sun in Gemini which shows that it is getting closer to be combust which will continue till Sep-end. Combustion of Venus normally leads to ego clashes in relationship. Now, in relationship, you can either have ego or relationship. Normally, in this battle of Sun & Venus, Sun/Ego wins and Relationship/Venus loses.

b. Then Venus will be in Gemini sign which is although a friendly sign for Venus, but if we see the companions of Venus in Gemini this year then we may realise that there is nothing friendly about this Venus in Gemini. Venus will be with Sun-Rahu and it will get aspect of Saturn-Ketu from Sagittarius. So, gentle Venus will remain completely beaten-up in company with 4 malefic planets. During this time, 1st it will be closely combust with Sun then it will be between Sun-Rahu, i.e. within Paap Kartari Yoga (PKY). Then Venus will be with Rahu in Gemini. This is also eclipse month which anyways is an unstable time.

c. And then Venus will enter Cancer, an enemy sign. It will be within another PKY between Rahu-Mars. Cancer is sign of emotions and normally, when Venus is in Cancer, people like to adjust in relation due to emotions involved. But this year, as Mars is in Cancer which is all about aggressive behaviour, we can’t expect this emotional adjustment from both sides this year. Mars-Venus in Cancer can actually lead to physical/emotional abuse and violence in relation.

d. Then Venus-Mars will continue to be together in Leo, another enemy sign for Venus and a sign of ego. Relationship will again suffer due to aggression of Mars and ego of Leo. As Sun will also be there in Leo, it will keep Venus under combustion and ego conflicts will continue to trouble relations. Venus will also get aspect of Ketu from Sagittarius in Leo.

e. Then finally, Venus will be in Virgo where it is debilitated/weakest. Venus will also get Saturn’s aspect from Sagittarius which will only make things difficult for Venus. This can be the transit which can bring the culmination point after physical/emotional abuse of Cancer and ego clashes of Leo where people can consider breaking-up things.

f. As we can see that coming 3-4 months are not good for relationship and the way to sustain relationship in this time is to 1st of all be aware that it is not a favourable phase for relationship and then one should keep minimum to no expectations from relationship or partner. But the biggest difficulty is that it is very difficult to find two people with this same type of awareness in relationship. Even if one person is not willing to compromise, you can’t expect other person to compromise all the time. So, awareness from both sides is necessary.

Now, this applies to all types of relationship as Venus is karaka of any relationship but why it happens that biggest challenges are faced in husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend relation? It is because you can’t divorce or separate from your parents or siblings. You can’t divorce any other relative from your life. So, either willingly or unwillingly, you have to live your other relations. Only in this husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend relation, we see an option of moving out, which is very necessary in abusive relations or with uncompromising partners, which makes this relationship all the more difficult. Normally, people ask me how will be their married life? And I ask back if other relations in their life are perfect or ideal? If other relations have their own difficulties and challenges then how you can expect this one relationship to be perfect or ideal? So, main thing is to develop awareness regarding challenges in relationship and keep expectation level to reasonable level. It can help in sustaining these type of difficult transits.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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