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Guidance on Career through Houses

So, let's have some tips today about career reading through houses in a chart -

1. 10th house is considered as main house related with Career but it is actually the house of authorities. It shows person's own authority in the world plus this house applies to career when person is working under someone else's authority, either Private or Govt. So, if you are in job setup then 10th house applies to you for career reading.

2. Then 6th house is also a house considered for service/jobs. But again, it is basically a house of your daily work life. It just shows what your daily work life should be? A Singer's daily work can be singing, A sportsperson daily work can be playing his sport and my daily work is reading charts. Just because 90% of population follows the daily work life of doing a job, they made it the house of jobs. But I consider 6th house and 6th house lord position to decide what should be someone's daily work?

3. Then if you are business person then your career will be seen from 3rd house, 7th house and 11th house.

4. 3rd house is seen for career for someonewho is sole proprietor and running his own business as it is house of self-efforts.

5. 7th house is seen for career for someone who is in partnership business as it is house of partnerships. 7th house is seen as house of business as it is about interacting and dealing with masses and other people who can be your current or potential customers. So, a strong 7th house shows person's ability to start his business and deal/interact with masses.

But 8th house is more important than 7th house to sustain that business. It is because 8th house is 2nd from 7th house, hence it represents wealth from business or as I call it business benefits. Any business can sustain itself over a long period of time, if it is able to make some money out of it. So, if we are looking for possibility of anyone running a successful business then along with 7th house, we must always check the 8th house condition. That would show if person would be able to sustain that business over a long period of time or not.

6. 11th house is seen for career for someone who is an entrepreneur, who is probably running a few businesses.

7. Besides this, Sun represents Career & Authority. Now, Sun gets debilitated in Libra which is its weakest dignity. It doesn't mean that people with Sun in Libra can't have any authority or career. As Libra is sign of business, Sun in Libra only means that they will find their career and authority through business. They can have some serious confidence issues which can only be removed by gaining confidence while dealing with challenges in life and career. Similarly, if Sun is eclipsed in chart, at axis of Rahu/Ketu, it can give delayed success in career and confidence issues which again can be dealt only through facing challenges in life and dealing with adversities.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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