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Counterparts Series - Chitra and Revati

So, this is going to be the final article in Counterparts Series for Nakshatras. As we have seen in Counterparts Series so far - https://www.astrosaxena.com/SignNakshatraCounter, every Zodiac Sign completes or supplements the zodiac Sign in front of it through some guidance, directions or indication. If it is happening consistently for all Zodiac Signs then the same can be happening for Nakshatras too; i.e. Nakshatras in front of each other can also complete/supplement each other and can provide some guidance, direction or indication to us to deal with their energy in more creative ways.

So, let’s understand the final set of Nakshatras which are in front of each other; i.e. Chitra and Revati.

ChitraChitra Nakshatra is from 23.20 degree of Virgo to 6.40 degree of Libra. So, Chitra Nakshatra is in front of Ashwini Nakshatra from 0.00 degree to 6.40 degree of Libra. Chitra is nakshatra of creativity, works related with pictures or images, real estate and relationship conflicts etc. For more information on Chitra Nakshatra, please read this - https://www.astrosaxena.com/citnaksh.

Revati Nakshatra – Revati spreads from 16.40 degrees to 30.00 degrees of Pisces. So, Revati is in front of Chitra from 23.20 degree to 30.00 degree of Pisces. It is final nakshatra, hence it represents closing of things. It is nakshatra of liberation and soul's final destination. It is also nakshatra of creativity and imagination. It also represents wealth as Revati actually means Wealth. Please check this link for more info on Revati Nakshatra - https://www.astrosaxena.com/revanaksh .

Why this is final article of this series?

Because after these two nakshatras, we will have same nakshatras coming in reverse order from where we started. Like, our first article of this Nakshatra Counterparts Series was Ashwini-Chitra-Swati and now after today’s article, next Counterparts Nakshatra Axis will be Chitra-Swati-Ashwini. So, the meaning and interpretations of this axis of Chitra-Swati-Ashwini will be identical to Ashwini-Chitra-Swati. Hence, writing any further in this series, after today’s article, will be a kind of repetition. So, this is the final article of this series of Nakshatras and Signs Counterparts.

As we have always seen that mythological stories always play an important role in interpretation of Nakshatras, so it will be worthy to reproduce the mythological story of Chitra Nakshatra here. Revati doesn’t have any specific mythological story around it.

Chitra Nakshatra - So, we are back to the story of Sun, Sandhya (Sanjnya) and Chhaya. This is the time when Sandhya returned to Sun but then again ran away in the form of Mare. Sun followed her and to search her Sun reached the home of Vishwakarma, who was father of Sandhya. Vishwakarma told Sun whereabouts of Sandhya but requested Sun to reduce his glare and heat as that was the main cause of Sandhya avoiding Sun throughout. Sun told that Heat & Fire is part of his nature and he can't do anything about it. Vishwakarma offers his help as divine architect and cuts off some of the Sun-rays to reduce Sun's heat. This is also the story behind Big-Bang Theory as the rays which were cut-off from Sun took shape of other planets.

As we have discussed many a times, mythological story of Ashwini/Chitra is mainly related with letting go of ego in relationship matters. It’s another significance is creation and creativity. Chitra literally means Picture which is obviously something which we can see. So, if we take majority of Chitra’s representation then they are somewhere connected with human ego, human desires and human efforts.


Ego clashes in relationships are obviously ego-assertions. Our creativity or creations are obviously results of assertions of our egoistic desires and other results related to Chitra are also results of the same human ego. Actually, Chitra word is coming from root word Chitta which means Consciousness. So, Chitra can be said as manifesting result of human consciousness.


But its counterpart Nakshatra is Revati which is all about spirituality, imagination, dream and hidden world.


So, Chitra is all that is manifested and Revati is all that is unmanifested. Then what is the connection between two?


Well, the manifested appears out of unmanifested only. All that is manifested is happening inside the unmanifested only. Whatever we want to achieve or create or manifest in this world, first of all we have to imagine or dream about it. Can we ever get something which we had no idea about? It doesn’t matter in which depth of unconscious mind that desire or imagination was lingering but to manifest anything, you have to have some thought of it in your mind.


So, we can say that Chitra results are coming from Revati only. As Revati is nakshatra of Spirituality too, another way of saying this would be that we can manifest only what God/Universe allows us to manifest.


Our main problems are two-fold.


First, we think that we have manifested it. Ego asserts here that I did it or I manifested it. Individual is not ready to believe that existence wanted that manifestation through him, so he could manifest it. Otherwise, the same individual tried to manifest many other things but he couldn’t do so because existence didn’t want those things to manifest.


As I say, the moment we start taking actions from this conscious perspective that we are acting on behalf of existence then we can never take any wrong action. We go into wrong path only when we feel that we can do anything we wish to do.


Second, the utilization of the things manifested. Nuclear Energy itself is not fatal but its fatal use as Nuclear Bombs make it fatal. Same Nuclear Energy can be and is used in creating electricity. This is again our problem that at the time of utilization of manifested things also we forget that we are utilizing on behalf of nature/existence. If we keep that we are just means to do some actions then we won’t be able to use Nuclear Energy to destroy the nature/existence.


As I always say, consciously we can never do something wrong. If we are doing anything wrong then it means we are unconscious.


Conclusion – So, this axis of Chitra and Revati again guides us to strike the balance between human efforts and existential wishes. It is about continuing your efforts with the conscious thought in mind that all these actions are taken on behalf of Universe.

Hope this helps.

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